Rooms to Goqn glengate, qn motion essentials iii, k52g qu/kg/cal kg frame with glides

Ma Oct 08, 2019

Your room includes sku no 5190284p
QN Glengate sku no [protected]
QN Motion Essentials III [protected] sku no [protected]
K52G QU/KG/Cal KG Frame with glides sku no [protected]

Amount of purchase: 1499.00

Salesman Mark Chesnick

My 80-year old mother needed a new mattress due to acid reflux and degenerative disc disease. She has purchased from Rooms To Go in the past and has been very satisfied with the purchase.
Upon delivery, I noticed that one side of the mattress was broken down and the other side looked normal. I told my mother what I noticed and said that it looked like it was used. My mother replied that she did not think that Rooms To Go would send out used merchandise.
After months of sleeping on it, it became very uncomfortable for my mother because lumps in the mattress covering began to develop and the side issue became more pronounced. It was very uncomfortable for my mother to sleep on.
My mother called the store to have someone come out and look at it. They would set up a time and then cancel saying that they did not have a service technician available in the area. This happened three times to her in total.
Finally, they sent a technician, who was of foreign descent, and was hard to understand because of his accent. He spent a very short time, maybe five minutes and from what my mother could understand said that the bed was crooked. He never took a picture of the mattress where the defect on the side was or the top of mattress with the lumps. He took a picture of the good side and not where the side was broken down.
After receiving a call from Rooms To Go, their reply was that the manufacturer, which is Serta, only covers sinking of the mattress and not the huge lumps or the broken side of the mattress.
When she purchased the mattress, the salesman, Mark Chesnick, said to sleep on it for awhile and the store will pick it up if not satisfied. I wonder how many mattresses are returned and sold as new to unsuspecting consumers, such as my mother. I think that my mother, because she is elderly, was taken advantage of by Rooms To Go and I plan to go on social media so that no other consumer is taken advantage of like my mother.

  • Rooms To Go Customer Care's Response, Oct 09, 2019

    We are truly sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction and would love to get more information. Please email us the details of your order to [protected] and we will be more than happy to look into this for you. We hope to hear from you soon!

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