Rona Plumbing Departments, Golden Mile and Sheppard Ave, North Yorkbathroom vanity and sink

S Aug 13, 2018

I was in the Rona Golden Mile store yesterday, August 12, 2018 looking for bathroom vanity, and I like SKU NO. 363988 YG600WL (Vanity 2 door 12x24x34" Euro White). The price was showing CAD146.00. I took a picture, as I need to talk to my contractor first.

After confirming with the contractor, today August 13, 2018, I went to Rona on Sheppard Avenue, North York to order and buy this same vanity, the Valencia shower box, and a toilet. I have taken photos of all three pieces with the prices the day before at Rona Golden Mile Store.

I was told by the sales person at Sheppard Store that the price on the vanity has just been changed today to $159 from $146 at the Sheppard Store. They refused to match $146. I requested that they called Golden Mile to check out their price. Golden Mile said they still have $146 price before the telephone call, and they will make the price change after receiving the phone call. They will not honor $146 even if I go to their store now.

$13.00 is not a big deal, but this is a matter of principle. If I have gone to Golden Mile to place the order, I would have to pay only $146 for the vanity, instead of $159.

In the end, the total order I purchased today from Rona comes to $989.88 including delivery. (Inv. No. 503-[protected]-00).

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