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I located the company ( on Amazon's web-site while searching for a gift watch. The company ad appeared at the bottom of an Amazon web page along with two other watch company ads. The '' advertisement stated that they would sell "luxury watch replicas at very low prices." I knew, of course, that such things existed but had always thought they were illegal. Now, with the underwriting of, I was encouraged to take a look. One of the Rolex watch replicas being offered for sale looked almost exactly like the genuine one which my wife had given to me many years before. I was tempted to order this 'knockoff' for everyday wear so that I could place my genuine Rolex watch into our safe deposit box at our bank. I was a little worried about ordering something directly from a foreign country (China) but since their advertisement had appeared on's web site I decided to deal with '' and to go ahead with the order. The replica cost $285.00 and was paid for using an Visa card. When the watch arrived I was amazed; It looked precisely like my own genuine Rolex watch... Only one problem, however; When I unscrewed one of the stems (a chronograph button) the entire stem assembly fell out of the watch. My wife, who had advised me "not to buy the darned thing" to begin with, enjoyed the scene immensely. Naturally I fired off an angry email to, demanding a new watch. In reply they told me to return the defective watch at my own expense ($30.00 postage) and they would "fix it". I, however, did not wish to pay $30.00 for the privilege of buying a "fixed" defective watch, and so I requested a pre-paid return postage voucher... "So sorry, " said Allen at but that is not our policy. The emails have been flying 'fast and furious', back and forth for the past week. I finally decided to complain to and spent almost an hour searching for a way to do this but have been unsuccessful. Any advice? Please don't repeat my wife's advice... I already feel like a fool for deciding to buy this crap.


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    the Nov 15, 2008
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    I think you should mail it back as this Allen says. It is very difficult for someone in China to arrange to pay reverse postage and he's probably right. Yes the watch broke, but maybe they'll be nice and give you a discount on the next one. The Chinese find it virtually impossible to refund money or pay for foreign postage for returns, but this outfit has some good feedback here and there on the Internet and they'll probably sort you out if you bite the bullet and return the watch at your expense.

    Remember, it's not actually a Rolex and all cheap watches might have crowns that pull out and pushers that stick etc. And they might stop working also. You never know.

    I just bought an Explorer from them today. I took a risk and will hope for the best.

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    Hisham Nov 19, 2008
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    I have just bought a Mont Blanc from, it arraived in 8 days and was as described in thier Web site, I also orderer 4 other watches since they have 20% of and buy 3 get one for free, I hope they will be as the first one with no problems, however, I will keep every one posted on the out come.


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    Jack Kuze Nov 21, 2008
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    I too have had a great deal of trouble with '' and I can tell you that the previous two commentsnts were written by '' employees. How else would they have known about someone who calls himself Allen? Yep, that's the name the guy used when he told me that they would give me a discount if I bought another watch from them.

    I just got an email from another 'sucker' (like me) telling me that her watch was also broken upon arrival and 'Allen' is making the same offer to her.

    I lnow it's not actually a Rolex, but $285.00 is not a "cheap watch" as our previous commenter says.

    I'm sorry that " the Chinese find it virtually impossible to refund money." They obviously have no trouble taking money. Perhaps in the future they will learn to change their ways.

    In the meantime do not be fooled by '' employees pretending to be satisfied customers.

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    the Nov 26, 2008
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    Well I got my Explorer within two weeks and it seems great. Looks real, feels real and no problems with communicating. I emailed them yesterday and they replied with a tracking number. But today, the watch arrived in the mail.

    Now this Jack guy above has for some reason convinced himself that I am working for these guys in China, but I'm just a guy in California who bought a watch on the Internet. His "female friend who emailed him" should return her broken item instead of resigning to the theory they have been ripped off and complaining away on here. So should Eric from the first post that I responded to. I found that post while Googling Rolex2U that's all. The comments I made to Eric above about the Chinese having difficulty with refunds and paying for reverse postage are true. They can give you new items and repair items if they are honorable, but foreign exchange monies are on a one way street for the Chinese and they cannot easily refund it or buy foreign services such as US Postage.

    As for my watch, I know it was cheap ($87.05 including shipping) and it has a Chinese movement and I accept that if it breaks sooner or later it will probably have to be thrown away, but hey, it cost about as much as a Casio so it's worth the risk. I would definitely try another Rolex2U watch if I wanted to get the feel for some other expensive piece I can't afford.

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    Kris Nov 26, 2008
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    I have bought Rolex vintage Seadweller with ETA swiss movement for $225 on special from them 6 months ago. The watch looks amazing and is accurate to within 5 secs per day consistently. I do have a genuine one and resemblance is amazing. The watch arrived within 4 days to Australia. These guys have to commended

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    karin Dec 09, 2008

    I have just received my replica tag heuer replica from and believed I would receive a watch as per the picture. I have been very worried about purchasing a watch from such site, and giving over my credit card details...I should have listened to my inner voice...
    I received the record time...but it is NOTHING like the picture, it is very very obvious it is a fake. It is discoloured, the face is not the colour it is suppose to be, and to top it off... the date does not work.
    It is the biggest waste of $150... I am very upset that I got conned... Dont be as gullable as me... save your money up, and get yourself the real thing...
    I tried today [protected]), to find the site again, so I could make a complaint, and suprise suprise, the site is not there.
    I have no way of contacting
    Its only know that I have checked some forums, that I discover that I am not the first person to be scammed.



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    Eric Jan 14, 2009

    I have made about 18 orders from, by now, each order is just in perfect condition and there is nothing wrong, email response, communication, products, repairs, all are good. Maybe sometimes some customers got unlucky and their watches were broken on the way because of the severe transportation, but I do not think it happens very often, at least at some forums I usually go to, the members give very high apprasial. I think each replica watch dealer may have this or that problem from time to time, but at least is a lot better than other replica watch dealers, they offer a full refund, offer free repair, fast email respons. I do not think they intend to scam any buyer, just something we do not expect happen, but they will deal with this. Anyway, differnt person has different opinion about this. But so far, I really have had a very good experience with I will list as one of the top ten replica watch site.

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    L NIBLET Feb 02, 2009


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    Tim Feb 15, 2009

    Rolex2u is NOT a rip off company, and anyone who says they are, is an ill-informed slanderer.
    Some things for people to bear in mind:
    YOU ARE PURCHASING ILLEGAL ITEMS: Some are made from parts which have been produced for the parent company, but have made their way 'out the back door', others are made from parts which are just copied from the real thing. This brings with it certain issues which must be expected, namely, not always top quality parts, and, as these items are being drop-shipped, mistakes can occur. Also remember that these watches are being built in people's kitchens, not a Clean Room in Switzerland. Sometimes case backs might be loose, sometimes a crown might pull out. The answer to that? Take a pair of dishwashing gloves, and tighten the case back. Or, with the gloves, remove the case back entirely, put the crown back in place, and ensure it is properly fitted. It is no harder to do than changing a lightbulb.
    DON'T EXPECT FREE RETURN SHIPPING: That is simply not how these companies operate. You are not dealing with Western Businesses, but Chinese businesses, which means dealing with a very different set of ethics and practices.

    Almost all the watches I have bought have been from Rolex2u, and I would recommend them to ANYONE, providing the person has REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS and REMEMBERS that they are buying an ILLEGAL ITEM. You are NOT buying a 'real Rolex' at a 'discount price', so do not expect 'real Rolex' quality. If you have REASONABLE expectations, you will receive a watch which you can enjoy, and which only a true watch enthusiast will be able to tell is a replica. People in the street CANNOT tell a replica Rolex for a genuine one. They are simply SUSPICIOUS BECAUSE IT SAYS ROLEX. In everyone's mind, Rolex = FAKE!!! Wear a replica of any other watch, like Omega, and no one would even CONSIDER it as a fake, because all they know, is that ROLEXES are faked, and nothing else. Just because someone makes a lucky (and correct) guess that the watch is a fake, that does not mean that they KNEW it was a fake.
    Also, if someone ever does ask if a watch is real or fake, they are simply showing THEIR lack of manners and class, they are certainly not proving a point, as genuine Rolexes are a rip off, and not worth the retail price.

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    Richard Feb 15, 2009

    I have been purchasing replica watches from China for a few years now from many dealers . Occasionally I have received a broken watch which I have had to return. I have never had a problem with a watch being exchanged but it is a well known fact that a refund will not be given and that the return postage will never be covered by the dealer. No good getting on your high horse here - forget about Amazon, your buying illegal goods from a sweat shop in China!

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  • Ro Feb 25, 2009

    Our company will never ever try to do anything bad to our customers, we always try to offer the best quality products and best services to our customers, therefore we have quite a lot of returning customers, sometimes problems can not be avoided, but we will try our best to sort them out and do the right things, I am not advertising ourselves here, just want to tell everyone the truth. If you order a watch, we will try to send it to you ASAP, sometimes it is out of stock, so it may take a little longer, and when you receive the watch, if you are not happy with the quality, we can exchange it for you, but since our shipping is free, so it is reasonable to charge the shipping fee(not always like this, it depends on the specific situation) if someone needs to exchange or get it repaired. If our customers do not receive the watch, we will resend it until he gets what he wants. We always try our best to do the right thing. Sometimes things are not perfect due to all sorts of reasons, but please understand that we always try to do the right thing!

    A representative from

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    Alexander Mar 06, 2009

    I have purchased two watches from, the reason for purchsing two was that the first has a silver tone face, the hands are made of stainless steel making it a little difficult to tell the time in subdued light. The second watch has a white face. Back to the first watch, it kept quite good time for a few days, after about a week it started losing about two minutes a day, then it stopped completely. Even after giving it vigorous movement of several minutes to wind it, it ran for less than three hours. I decided to open the watch an take a look at its construction. Removing the back is not easy as it requires a special wrench, however I managed. At this point I should say that I am a precision Tool and Diemaker and have worked on tooling for watches and clocks.
    No one can tell me that I wasn't looking at genuine Rolex parts. Let me go into a little detail. First the watch case has been machined from solid stainless steel and not die cast base metal. Looking at the hands of the watch through a ten power glass I saw that they had been bevel formed and not simply stamped out and left flat. The sweep hand was made with spectacular tooling, created by experts in die making, and believe me, not in some back alley sweat shop in China. On looking at the interior I saw gears that could only be made from tooling with hundreds of years experience behind them. The gear wheels had obviously gone through a tumbling process using a very fine powder to remove any remaining sharp edges after being placed individually on what is called a "shave die". This is what I suspect... Rolex and other watch companies are shipping their parts into China, in this way they prevent the Chinese from making really terrible knock-offs. After tooling is made at a terribly high price, the running of production of parts from them is negligible, a hundred thousand parts costs as much to run as a thousand, the only difference being the cost of material. The only thing causing the inferiority of these rolex watches is the assembly, no doubt the poor creatures in China are grateful to get a job and have to turn out a given number each day to meet their quota, unlike in Switzerland where the wages are higher than those of the U.S. and the workers there have plenty of time to assemble the watches in dust free rooms: after assembly in Switzerland, the watches are checked and adjusted over a minimum period of two weeks.
    In conclusion, I put a little WD40 on a Q-tip and applied it to the pivot point of the winder weight...
    more than a month has passed since then and the watch is working quite well, losing only a minute in a week. I suppose that I could adjust it to keep perfect time, however removing the watch back is just too much trouble.

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  • Ha
    haly Mar 07, 2009 is the best replica watch site I have ever seen. I will be the life time customer of this site.

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  • Jo
    Joe Mar 19, 2009

    Name: Joe and I am not a plumber. Just ordered one for my wife's birthday coming up very soon. I hope it live s up to the expectations of the watch claims it has on their site. If not, I'm in deep poo poo and the honey due list will grow longer than my lifespan will allow to complete itself. Pray with me that this order helps me, not bury me in pooo!

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    Stevie Apr 23, 2009

    I purchased a replica Omega watch a few months ago. Great look and feel, just like the genuine thing. That was the only good thing!!! After the usual wearing of the watch, the little dial hands started falling off. I sent it back and it took almost a month to get my watch back! Two weeks later exactly the same thing happened and the watch ceased to work. I sent it back again. This time I received it back sooner due to my angry letters. A couple of weeks later...yes it stopped working again. Im now at the stage where they are refusing to swap this same useless watch for a new one. Instead they want me to pay half shipping costs in order for me to receive a new one. Now that to me is terrible customer service and I dont care what country its coming from, this should not be happening!!

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  • Ia
    ianwicks Apr 30, 2009

    I purchased a GMT with ceramic bezel back in july 2008, when it arrived it did not work ...AT ALL. After numerous e-mails back and forth to various people withing the organisation I was told to return it AT MY BLOODY expense. This was eventually done and when the "REPAIRED "watch finally arrived ...guess what ????? it didnt work .
    Firstly, on opening the returned watch package, the watch was rocked from side to side to wind ...nothing, no movement of the second hand. The crown was undone and an attempt to wind was made no avail. this was relayed to them ...the attitude ..."send it back AGAIN" expense of course.
    The problems, firstly the stem was cut too short so crown could not come out far enought to wind or adjust hands. Secondly, the reverser gears to this day still dont function so I have effectively an old mechanical watch ... no auto. Tese problems were repeatedly pointed out to, They dont care. I asked them to forward a stem plus new reverser gears ...the answer ...send the watch back ... not bloody likely

    By the way, I am a qualified watch maker.

    Ian W (Sydney, Australia )

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  • Ih
    I HATE ROLEX2U.COM May 11, 2009

    I purchased a Rolex replica from the con merchants at Rolex2u, and guess what?????
    Yup, after wearing a watch, which I paid $315 for and being assured that it was 10ATM waterproof from the factory, the crystal fell out in the local swimming pool. No contact, not banging, it just fell out.
    A (so called) representative of the company called Sarah (I doubt the real name very much) replied to my email, and urged me to send it back, like others at my own cost.
    I then received a link to pay $20 for return postage of my repaired watch. This I thought was just reasonable.
    Then I received another email, to tell me the watch was damaged (D'UH) and ANOTHER link to pay ANOTHER $30 to cover repairs. Like a sap, I did this.
    THEN today I receive this email

    The watch is total loss and cannot be repaired any more, and the
    movement is all rust.
    How about buy a new one, we can give you a discount.

    Best wishes,

    THE [censored]ING CHEEK of this mob. OF COURSE THERE IS RUST THE [censored]ING CRYSTAL FELL OUT IN THE POOL. They said it could be repaired, I paid the fee, and now its a total loss. The only thing TOTAL is the fact that this company is a TOTAL con.
    They are total scam merchants, and I would urge anyone considering dealing with this company to AVOID them at all costs.
    The whole dealing has been awful.

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  • Fl
    flagman May 14, 2009

    I have purchased 2 watches so far from and both have been great. They arrived quickly, were well packaged, and were in perfect condition. And the best part is they look exactly like the photos on the web site. And they also are good enough replicas to fool most people, even watch dealers. Last summer I was on a Caribbean cruise and we stopped at Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Belize. Lots of jewellery and watch shops. I was wearing my Omega Seamaster replica bought from Rolex2U. I had several sales people comment on what a nice watch it was. They were totally convinced it was a real Omega.

    And before anyone accuses me of being from Rolex2U, I live in Canada and have absolutely no connection to the company, other than being a satisfied customer who will surely buy more watches from them.

    Also, for those who complain their $100 replica watches eventually stop working, remember that you can buy 40 or 50 replicas for the price of the real thing, so who cares if you have to replace one very evrey couple of years. If you want it to last forever, then pony up the real dough, buy the real thing and stop whining.

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  • Tb
    Tbone Jun 07, 2009

    I just bought a watch from rolex2U. The watch was good, except the minute marker and the hands of the watch were not the correct ones for this watch. They look like they are supposed to be on different style of watch. Allen returned my e-mail and said their QC department missed it and he would make sure the next watch I bought would be correct. I had 2 other watches I wanted to purchase from rolex2u, but since the first one was not what was shown on the site, I saw no reason to think the second or third one would be either. In my business, I have had dealing with China companies and that is standard procedure from what I can tell. I think you just need to lower your expectation and assume you will not get what you think you are buying.

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  • Jo
    John Jun 09, 2009

    I have had nothing but trouble ever since purchasing faulty watches from this company. No matter how significant my complaint is, I am greeted with cheap excuses. I guess thats what its all service!!


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  • Be
    Beejutz Jun 20, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Some of the positive comments on Rolex2u are OBVIOUSLY sent from representatives of the company. You can tell from the quality of the language used and how they word things. I should know since I have been in contact with them numerous times to try to resolve a problem to no avail. I have several issues with Rolex2u as listed below:

    1. They sent me the wrong item and will do nothing to correct it even after repeated contacts from me to their "customer service". I even sent them a picture of the product I received along with a pic of the product I ordered and they still will do nothing.
    2. They indicate "100% satisfaction guaranteed" on their website but those are meaningless words because they do not honor them.
    3. They indicate 5 - 7 business days express shipping but fail to disclose that this is only AFTER they actually ship the product which can take more than a week. The total time it took to receive my product, which as indicated above was the wrong item, was 2.5 weeks or 13 business days. It was pure joy to wait 2.5 weeks to receive the wrong item...

    Note that they also do business as and They probably have other websites too. I just haven't found them yet. But even though the colors of each of the websites are different, the layouts are the same as well as the products and the links to their so-called "customer service" (or lack there of).

    Stay away, far away, from this company and all of their associated websites!

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  • Fl
    flagman Jun 20, 2009

    I just bought my 3rd watch from Rolex2U (a TAg Heuer Mercedes Benz SLR sport watch). It arrived withing 6 days (not bad for shipping from China to Canada). It is exactly as shown on their web site - I have no complaints whatsoever. The quality is good enough to fool almost anyone except perhaps a real TAG dealer)
    See photo (sorry for the crappy quality of the photo - it's from the webcam on my computer).
    I suspect that some of the complaints on here are posted by their competitors to steer customers away.


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  • Mi
    Mick C Jun 20, 2009

    If we were competitors you would see our websites or links to our business littered all over our complaints. As you can see there isnt. You have just been fortunate enough to have received watches that werent faulty like we all wished we had. If one of them does break down then you will see what a painful uphill battle it is to get your watch fixed or replaced.
    We are genuienly frustrated customers fighting poor service.

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  • Md
    MDAB Jul 02, 2009

    Really people. The watches ARE FAKES!. I just ordered a nice Omega 007 edition planet ocean Seamaster from them. They have been nice and speedy with service so far, always reply to my emails in a timely fashion and even switched my order for me after I paid because i wanted a different watch that was the same price.

    So far service has been good, if i get it and the watch breaks after a few days i mean oh well, at least you have the option to send it back to be fixed, where as buying it off some guy in a trench coach on the street you do not have that option.

    Bottom line, its fake, its china, if it breaks im out 93 bucks oh well. Im saving up for a real one anyways i just can't take waiting ;p

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  • Md
    MDAB Jul 02, 2009

    www.luxurolex site looks pretty terrible and wants double the price for the same omega i bought for $93 bucks from Also has the replica pictures and even videos of the replica in most cases.

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  • Fl
    flagman Jul 03, 2009

    OK, maybe I've been lucky so far, but I have bought 3 watches and am very happy with all 3. I feel I got what I paid for, which is a watch for under $100 that looks almost exactly like a $3 to $4, 000 watch and keeps good time.

    Really, those who are complaining need to take a step back and think for a minute. You are buying FAKE Swiss watches from China for 2 to 5% of the cost of a real one. I understand you might be upset if the watch has problems when you receive it, but after all, you are taking a risk in ordering it. Don't expect someone in China selling you an illegal copy of a Swiss watch for $100 bucks to jump through hoops for you.

    The bottom line is if you aren't prepared to accept the risk, don't order from them. Forget about buying a fake Swiss watch, and buy a Timex from your local Wal-Mart instead.

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  • Ra
    rarebear Jul 09, 2009

    I am looking at a Google Ad under your complaint for who I know have an issue with and my payment when to and thats how I found this site :(

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  • Ru
    Rus_G Jul 10, 2009

    Rarebear, what kind of the issue you've had with Just curious... I've placed the order today and got "payment failed" email from them. However my credit card was charged! Sent email to asking clarification but not answer yet.

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  • Md
    MDAB Jul 11, 2009

    Well i'm back! I got my watch on Friday. I took about 12 days, which considering i ordered it around july 4th weekend the small delay was ok.

    the watch came packaged extremely well, 4 layers of bubble wrap in a over sized card board box. The watch works perfect and keeps perfect time. The second hand 'sweeping' is a little jaggy sometimes but other then that, you can't tell the fake from the real.

    The only difference between mine and the real thing is the Helium release valve on the real says "He" on it but the fake has the Omega symbol. Other then that the watch has all the engravings on the back of the watch, and wrist band and looks 100% like it did in the video and pictures.

    Rus_G the same thing happened to me. it said payment failed but then the money came out. I mailed them and 24 hours later they said payment came through and it was all good.

    I am going to order another watch from these fools i'm quite happy with my Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 300 Co-ax 007 edition.

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  • Md
    MDAB Jul 11, 2009


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  • 25
    25min2go Sep 13, 2009

    I have purchases a watch from Rolex2U and have owned it for over a year. It runs great and look 99% like the original Breitling SuperOcean Steelfish Xplus. As previous people have posted, this is a fake watch company. You always run the risk of it breaking right out of the box. If you want the thing to be perfect, spend the 5 grand (I have done that too) but if you would like to check out a new watch to bang around and have fun looking at then go for it.

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  • An
    andrew120963 Dec 01, 2009

    i ordered from them 2 weeks ago, paid by VISA, watch arrived to UK today, looks totally like the real thing, works so far perfect. we will see if it lasts. the site and particularly the credit card payment page looks dogy but all worked very well without any nasty surprises. so far totally happy. if the watch breaks down as seems to be happening to people on this board, i will come back and report.. defo... andrew

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  • Wa
    Watchfreak Dec 19, 2009

    I've bought two watches from these guys over the last year and just placed an order for another. My experience has been pretty good with them, even though I have a couple of minor gripes.
    On the plus side, the watches, a Breitling Avenger and a Rolex Daytona, were exactly as pictured/described and still work a year later. I will say that I dont wear them much, so they havent had much use. They both keep good time, the Brietling is a quartz so kind of hard to screw that up, the Daytona is an automatic and keeps within perhaps a couple of minutes a week.
    As far as drawbacks, communication is not all that professional, when emailing to ask if a watch had been shipped and to request a tracking number, it took a couple of days for a response and then all they had to say was that the watch had been shipped, no tracking number or any other info was included. This last time I ordered the charge was declined by my credit card company because apparently ordering from China is classified as a high risk transaction, which is understandable. Had to resubmit the order and tell the card company to authorized only one charge. Both watches I've received took a couple of weeks, we're talking a slow boat from China.
    I think you have to remember we're dealing with an overseas business that deals in illegal counterfeits here. This is not an above board industry and the watches, while being pretty good these days at replicating the real thing, are still cheap knockoffs with sometimes questionable quaility control. I've been lucky so far myself, but I'm sure you run the risk of getting something crappy when buying this kind of stuff. I'd sure hate to have to return something and dont know if I'd be worth the hassle. At any rate, these guys have been around for a little while anyway, unlike some replica sites, and its been my experience that they are not scammers. I think thats not to say that this kind of purchase will always be as hassle free as most of the online ordering that we are used to and it might not be everyones cup of tea.

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  • Da
    david burns Dec 31, 2009

    Excuse me but anyone who buys a cheap (anyting less than £800.00) Rolex so they can put the real one in a safe ?needs their head read. and WHY was the guy messing with a new working watch in the first place . he dosent deserve a refund! I have just bought a GENUINE Breitling that needs repair for £750 ( still megga cheap) the problem I had was the bracelet was only 6inches and my wrist is nearly 8 the replacement one on this site looks great and better than the originaland YES I will be wearing it EVERY day

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  • Ed
    Edgar NYC Jul 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchase a few watches from in the last 2 years . like what I expected... you pay for what you get... Its not the original watch.. you are buying replicas ... some come damaged and some came perfect... I have about 10 good working watces out of 12 .. not a bad record considerating that there replicas ... My advise ... buy the watches but don't go swimming with them... just wear them like if they are the real thing ...

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  • Am
    AMERICA34 Nov 20, 2010


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  • Te
    Ted L. Feb 22, 2011

    I ordered a replica Rolex and it was shipped quickly. Watch is beautiful with excellent finish and detail but did not run more than a couple months. Local Jeweller said it was the best replica case he had ever seen but wanted $275 to replace the inside works.

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  • Ba
    Bangkok Sep 09, 2011

    Their site is so dodgy that you cannot even place an order via CC nor log out... the only way to log out is to clear all your cookies related to this site ... I won't bother buying from this dodgy bunch!

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  • Fi
    firooz matini Nov 29, 2011

    hi i bought a watch from they are ### when i recived my brm watch it was diferent to the one i ordered also even that wrong watch dosnt work at all, so i sent an e mail to a girl called tracy after 5 e mail she says this one is a new version and the one you wanted is old one and we dont sell anymore, but when i ordered she asked me to send the picture of the watch to make surethey send the right watch. so look at the reson for sending a wrong watch, my advise is first of all to talk to cc company and ask for your money back also now they are working with pay pal and if pay pal company find out they are selling fake watch with their facility they cut their co operation imidietly therefor when they ask you to pay the name of the seller is a computer battry company. i am going to report them today

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  • To
    TonyCorleone Apr 23, 2012

    I ordered 2 watches from Rolex2u, and I had no illusions that it would be a straight forward transaction, I knew there was a risk involved.
    Firstly, one of the watches wasn't in stock, and it took them about a week to tell me that, so I had to choose an alternative, which also wasn't in stock, and it took another 3 days to tell me that, eventually I was informed that the watches I'd chosen we're in stock and would be dispatched soon, and I would be sent a tracking number. I did have to e mail again for my tracking number.
    Whilst tracking them, I noticed that they had been 'handed over to customs' and on looking at what that meant, I found that firstly, the goods could be confiscated and destroyed, as they aren't exactly legal! Or I may have to pay duty etc on them if they did get through, I think that if they don't get through then rolex2u will re send, obviously taking all the time all over again! Mine were in customs for 2 days, then released, and delivered without any further charges, rolex2u are quite smart in that respect.
    I have to say that I am very pleased with my watches, I've got a tag heuer Mercedes Benz slr, spot on copy, and the strap is worth what I paid for it, and an omega sea master planet ocean with a funky orange strap, again spot on replica, quite unbelievable actually. It's taken a few weeks, and it was a worry if I would get them at all, but in my case I'm delighted with the watches and it was worth the wait, though I can see the potential for problems and can believe the people that weren't quite so happy.
    All in all, luck of the draw I guess, you pays your money, you take your chance, so good luck! I'll definately take a risk again, probably best to only order 1 or 2 at a time though, as I really think you could get in a bit of trouble if caught ordering a lot at once!!

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