Rodney J. Murphy & Associates Nanny positionsFraudulant Nanny Service


This company puts ads in local newspapers requesting a babysitter in the area for $700.00 weekly. There is a Georgia phone number listed to call. Upon calling this number you are instructed to go to : and register. There is a $10.00 registration fee. Then you can fill out the Nanny application. The ad advertises that the family has one three year old girl and a 13 month old boy and would like a fun, energetic Nanny. They list several criteria for this job. When you hit "submit" nothing comes back to tell you that they received your information. If you call the phone numbers on their web-site you get an answering machine. They do respond to e-mails, but does not look professional at all. I did notice that after the ad running in our local newspaper for three days, the ad was removed. I am concerned about the personal information that these people are getting I.E: social security numbers, etc. If they do in fact collect these applications, or is it just for the $10.00 fees ?
I did google the company and found that it is a scam.

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