Disclaimer: If you get insulted easy, can’t take criticism,
broke and unwilling to change or you are flat out a ###
then please close out this letter now. Otherwise, read and
take action. We are sick of virtually giving away what
took us 3 years, 3000+ man hours and losses that exceed
$570, 000! Oh yea, there might be a curse word or two.

Firstname, Maybe you forgot that we have given you the
opportunity to retire this time next year. Or perhaps, you
lost the link. Then again, you probably are one of the 97%
who will fail miserably, work a job 40+ hours a week while
your kids get raised by someone else, get divorced due to
financial strains and then blame everyone else but yourself.

Is that you, Mike?

I hope not, because that’s a real $hit*ty way to live.

Mike, did you know that since we released our findings,
Thousands have purchased and 387 are already months away
from retirement. We have made our RoboRiches members
well over a Million Dollars, yes that’s REALLY true.

Some of them have really pushed it into
High gear and will be Filthy Rich by the end of this year.

Where are you at? Let me guess, you are in the exact same
position as you were when you first heard of us…

and probably worse.

You know, I used to be a broke loser just like you…I’m sure
glad that I became so destitute, on the verge of a divorce
due to money, lived in a $**** hole neighborhood and
a wife on bed rest with my first child.

That sure is an awesome feeling knowing that I had
no money, a wife that couldn’t work and my daughter
on the way that I couldn’t feed.

Have you ever had your kid ask you for something
that the neighbor’s kid has and you can’t buy it
because it’s too expensive? Sucks doesn’t it.

Here’s what will happen now, I’ll get about 300
broke piece of crap losers send me hate mail and
even call my office because I’ve insulted them.

Boo Hoo…Go find your mommy who’ll give you a
big hug, a pat on the back and a glass of warm milk.

It’s not me that’s going to be broke…it’s YOU.

Mike, you are the only one that can make a change.

Sorry for being so blunt, but its Thursday, I just got off
the Private Golf Course that I live on (as I do almost every-
Day….unless I’m at the beach house fishing) and I played
Like crap and lost a ton of money to the other 3 A-Holes that
I was playing with.

Actually, I’m not sorry…you might need your head bashed in…
Just like I did a few years back. When you decide to change
your future, here’s the link.

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