Roawe.comdelayed shipping and then refusal to cancel order / refund after several requests

T Aug 15, 2018

Exactly two months passed before getting a response to an order made. Several requests/inquiries were made to the email provided on the website (of course no phone number) regarding status. The web service was quick to process payment, but refused to respond until a second attempt to cancel the order. Suddenly I was getting informed the product was miraculously going to be shipped same day. I again explicitly requested the order be cancelled and money returned, only to receive email stating the product was "now shipped" and commentary indicating getting the product through customs could be a challenge and costly. NOT HAPPY AT ALL!!! The web provider totally disregarded my request despite claims on their page that "It is important that you are 100% happy with your purchase ". I am not happy with any of this and would like my money back! - NEVER AGAIN and recommend all other consumers to AVOID purchasing anything - bad business!!!

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