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I have purchased and installed their software once and I didn't have time to use it since then. Recently, I started preparing for the exam however, software didn't install. I have told that license expires in one year. They also told me that this software also registered to someone else. So far, I didn't get valuable support from the company.

It is very frustrating.


  • Su
    Sudheer Dec 19, 2008

    I am VERY unhappy as well with their customer service. I am stuck with a $299. software that I can NOT use. My company purchased and installed the PM fast track for $299. on my laptop. IT assigned the laptop to another staff so Fast Track was uninstalled and installed on another laptop. Well that laptop hard drive died, was reimaged and software was reinstalled but guess what ...I can't register it since RMC says I am not the registered user and that it has been installed on two pcs. While that is true, it no longer exists on either but they will not budge. Since it was purchased by our finance dept and installed by IT, I have no idea who the registered user is at this point since they say I am not the registered user and have gone back and forth with IT. Yes I agree that it is VERY frustrating to have a $299. piece of software that can never be used!!!

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  • Be
    Beverly Snow Jul 12, 2009
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    I actually work for a competitor of RMC Project, and I have no love for them, but I have to say your criticism of them is very unfair.

    All the terms and conditions of using this software are spelled out in the License Agreement posted on their web site (

    You probably through you were getting a great deal by buying their software from a third party, but you outsmarted yourself by not doing even a little homework first. You got what you deserved.

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  • St
    StuckinMichigan Jan 29, 2010

    Are you actually serious? You bought the software, copied it onto two PCs but never used it, failed to register it, and now want to complain that it is the company's fault?

    So, if I bought a car and never drove it (or changed the oil) for 10 years, is that really the dealership's fault?

    If you actually cared about the $299 you invested/forgot about you would have registered your product and USED IT!!!

    Next time do yourself a favor and read the EULA or TOS.

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