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I responded to an ad on Monster for a job. I was called the very same day and was told if I would like to come in for an interview for the position. I, of course, said yes and then started doing my due diligence on the company I would be 'interviewing' with. I see this company uses a bait and switch by posting fake positions on Monster (as the bait) then tell them they are going to 'coach' them in finding a job (the switch). Haldane was a company in Denver that did the same thing before they were forced to shut down.
Monster must have a policy about this; the posting of fake positions. Mine was for Operations Manager.
What about wanting me to spend money with them has anything to do with being an Operations Manager?
Upon further reading on this company they insist they are up front with everyone who answers their ads for jobs, when if fact, there is no job only a scam to fleece you out of your money. Most of their coaching involves sending you to free work seminars, if it is not free you are expected to pay for it, and telling you of upcoming job fairs.
Even the Denver Post has outted this scam but the AG is helpless to do anything since they never promise a job for the $5, 000 you fork over to them. I guess it is not illegal to fleece people as long as you tell them first you are going to do it.
If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck……..
Calling them and asking them to defend their tactics is met with being hung up on. They obviously know they can't defend what they do by posting fake job positions on job web-sites so why try and waste their time.
RMC International scamming the unemployed since 2003!

Fort Collins, Colorado


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    Barry May 24, 2009

    How funny to read this article. You clearly must be an uninformed competitor. There is no way you got a call on 5/9/2009 since RMC International closed its doors on March 23rd 2009! Its too bad you you are too busy trying to smear the competition. What you are really doing is ruining the reputation of a great industry.

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