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I had two young girls come to my door selling magazines to earn points for a trip to Europe, they were very very pushy but it seemed they were honest at the time. I went ahead and made an order for one magazine and when I was going to write the check they pleaded with me to pay with cash! I foolishly wrote the check and now I know it was a scam as the magazine has not arrived. They were on my doorstep on 8/6/2008. The sales company was Kenmore and the one girl's name was Allie Rushing. The fact that they tried to insist on cash is what made me start to question the whole thing! They said they earned more points if they got cash...


  • Ts
    Tsheng Oct 16, 2008

    The same thing happend to me. Except it was two boys saying that it was for points for a trip to cancun. They asked for check, cash or debit, and i gave them debet. I checked up what RLA was and the site brought up this site after they left and now I dont know if i should wait or get my money back right away.

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  • Valerie Dec 02, 2008

    On 5/28/08 a young man, (Rich Poole) came around door to door selling magazines. He talked his way in and proceeded to sit on the floor and chat about his family and played with my dog, he was simply a very nice and polite young man. He showed me where my neighbors purchased magazines to help him win a trip overseas and started showing me the magazines and asking what I liked. I rattled off several magazines, none of which he had, but he was persistent. Finally I decided on 'Prevention'. I have seen the magazine in the doctors office and really like it, so I figured why not. Plus it was helping a young man win a nice prize.

    Well in 4 days it will be 160 days and I have yet to see any magazine. Granite the receipt does say allow 120-160 days for delivery, but dang are they going to wait until the exact day/hour/second to deliver the darn thing. The subscription was $38.00 which is not cheap. These days I could use that money for a lot more things than a silly magazine.

    What gets me is they ask you to allow 120-160 days for delivery but only give 3 DAYS to cancel IN WRITING. They don't even provide a phone number. This was totally out of my character to prepay for anything, especially from someone going door to door, but if they train these kids to be scam artists then they are doing an excellent job. Because this guy was so smooth and charming that it almost made me sick. The only reason I finally gave in was to get him out. He even gave me a little pink slip that said something like 'bug off Rich's got this one'. He asked that I tape it to my front door, because some girls would be coming around right behind him in a competition. I didn't post the note, but sure enough the next day there they were 2-girls going door to door too!

    Oh well live and learn!!! I guess I'll just go sit in my doctor's office and read his magazine to compensate for my loss, because I highly doubt I will ever see my magazine or my $38.00 again.

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  • St
    Stephanie Dec 02, 2008

    oh god. a few months ago i had a guy come up to me while i was bringing in groceries, and at the time i honestly had no money. had to turn him down. today i had a guy come to my door, and told me basically the same story as the last guy. not wanting to be rude and to actually just get this guy out of my hair i bought some magazines. it wasnt till after he left i realized i got basically the same story. they were both from my home state, and they were both in lead for the trip to wherever. and he did want me to take him to an atm. and pay in cash. i wrote him a check. and tomorrow first thing i'm going to cancel that check.

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  • Ru
    Russp Jan 15, 2009

    I also fell victim to one of this companies sales people. When trying to request a refund, I found both the address on their order form and their listed phone numbers were fictitious.

    I am writing both the city of Aubrey and the Texoma National Bank that clears RLA's checks to let them about the scam they are unwitting partners in and I urge others to do the same. Perhaps with a little pressure we can get these people shut down.

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  • Nw
    n_willis19 Jan 22, 2009


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  • Sa
    Sarah Shepherd Jan 24, 2009

    Great idea about writing to the city of Aubrey and the Texoma National Bank. After 5 months, I have not received my magazine order from "Holli" who was also earning points to Cancun. She had so much southern charm and was very outgoing. She had a great pitch and even left a clever note on our door so that no one else on her "team" would come to our house. She also got "stung" or something in her eye when she was with me and it makes me wonder if THAT was even part of her scam! Afer receiving a copy of my check from the bank, it is pay to the order of Wachovia Bank M.A ??

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  • Ro
    Robin Jan 29, 2009

    The same thing happened to me. The young man selling the mags was very personnable, and also left a note on the door to stop others on his team from visiting me. I decided to cancel my subscription within the allowed time. I have never received my refund, nor have I received any magazines. Their receipt has no phone numbers to contact the company, and only a PO Box address. Surely there is something that can be done!

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  • Ch
    cherrychik121028 Mar 13, 2009

    i was walking the candy asile in Target as this guy "Scott Johnson" was like hey can i ask you something? and i, being skeptical said maaaybe? *but obviously i was not skeptical enough* he went on and on about random junk, talked way too quickly for me to fully understand everything. i kept questioning him OVER and OVER. he said he goes to UNT and its for his communication/marketing class? well. i came home, googled UNT+amsterdam+marketing and a bunch of different ways it could have been written down, ..annnd i got nothing. anyways. i ended up giving the guy $42 (IN CASH) after i had just questioned if i should buy 3 pairs of clothing for $50... he mentioned something $14 a year.. which once he suckered me into the whole thing and once i had written my info down on his form it said $42.. i was like so $42?? oh and let me mention, i was up at the cash counter while i was asking this guy this stuff. he mentioned there was an ATM machine around the corner which i thought was weird but then my sister said oh you can just get cash back. UGH! oh well. i'm done ranting and raving. this is not fun but this is what i get for being so freakin' "giving" if thats what you want to call it. fkjghdgfgd!! he has a smiley face inside a spiderweb tattoo on his left arm, and his left eye isn't quite straight. hes not too shady looking of a guy. he did keep mentioning how hott my sister and i were though and asked what kind of car i drove & what kind of music i listen to.. i feel so nieve & stupid for answering those kinds of questions. gosh dangit. okay well i'm done. just be smart, you guys! who knows what people can do with having your address. thankfully, i have a God that i trust will protect me.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Aaron Apr 08, 2009

    Last August 2008 I had two young college bound women come to my door selling magazines. Of course I bought a subscription. It is now April 2009 and NO magazine! When I called information for a phone number I was told no such company RLA, Inc. in Aubrey, TX existed. I am on disability and now scammed out of my money. Where can we turn to get justice on people like this. In the end they have to answer to the Lord.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Aaron Apr 08, 2009

    Last August 2008 I had two college age women come to my door selling magazine subscriptions. Of course I bought one. It is now April 2009 and I still have NO magazine!! I am on disability and now out much needed money. When I called information to get a phone number for RLA Inc in Aubrey, TX I was told no such company existed. What can be done to bring then to justice? Shame one everyone involved. In the end they will have to answer to the LORD.

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  • Sc
    screwedover Apr 29, 2009

    So me and my roommate got scammed earlier today. We live in Illinois, close to St. Louis. The guy Scott Johnson came to us, the one with the wierd eye. He told us the same thing about Amsterdam and his communication class. they seemed nice and we wanted espn magazines so we bought them. Like the other people at first he told us one price then when my roommate went to write it down he said it was like 3 times as much. He also said he would take his card to an ATM to get cash but we wouldnt give it to him. He dropped his hotel key in my other friends room, he gave it back. But we know he is staying in a hotel around this area and don't know how to find it. Sooo this sucks

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  • Sc
    screwedover Apr 29, 2009

    Also we go to a christian college and jw if anybody else goes to one too

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  • Rl
    RLAisFAKE May 07, 2009

    well today this "SCOTT JOHNSON" came to my apartment at my college. It must have been the same guy that the cherrychick and screwedover commenter encountered. He went on and on and talked really fast and kept talking about points for a trip to amsterdam and saying that we were his last customers. He pushed me into buyin a magazine and said it was only 15 dollars then when i was writing the check he said that will be 44. Then he left and my friend looked them up online and sure enough I got screwed! I am from a small town and I am used to being able to trust ppl and I only bought the mag. cuz i was pressured, couldnt say no, and felt bad. I feel so gullible and hope that nobody else has to go through that. We went to tell the manager of the apartments and saw another two guys doin the same thing! we asked for their cell number and neither of them happen to have cell phones..hmmm who DOESNT have a cell phone! I am a jobless broke college student, i guess that's what i get for trying be a helpful person. im so f-ing pissed. Dont fall for this fake BS!!!

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  • An
    antirla May 25, 2009

    i personally know scott johnson and worked with him. he is a real peice of work. anyone in need of getting ahold of him i can provide a phone number. he owes me money :-)

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  • Sh
    sharronnie May 26, 2009

    I had the EXACT same experience as cherrychik121028... only it was the toy aisle in Walmart on my son's birthday! I should have known better - he told me he grew up in the same state as me, I am so hot, I have beautiful kids, he needs this for college because he's a poor UNT student and blah blah blah blah blah. I was skeptical, but the magazine sounded cute and my daughter was excited about it. He wanted cash but I wrote him a check ($41) and gave him $3 in cash. After I left the store I thought, I should cancel that check. But then I told myself - no, I am a woman of my word and I said I would buy the stupid magazine. Wow - should have listened to myself. The receipt said it could take up to 120 days to deliver. Should have recognized the BS. This makes me very wary of buying anything from any young person, which is too bad, since I know there are legitimate sales activities for youth out there. RLA's scam is ruining it for honest kids trying to do honest things.

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  • Ta
    Taken4fool May 27, 2009

    Same bs happened to me. The young man who encounted me on my doorstep was very convincing and extremely charming...I gave in. I was skeptical after he left, and almost canceled my check...I worked hard for that $50 and to know I was ripped off irritates me!! Never again will I let this happen to me. I actually called the number back in January and talked to "Tissa". She was so friendly I had to believe the magazines were "on their way!" Now it's May and the number is no longer in service. Go figure...

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  • Di
    Disgruntled in Scranton Pa Jul 27, 2009

    well this evening a young man came to my door very pushy telling me that he was selling magazines to earn points for a trip to europe actually amsterdam for milk and cookies and that this was a competition for a trip. His name on the paper he gave me is Dustin Woodsby told me he had adhd was from some town in ohio and was traveling all around the united states to sell these magazines. Well I fell for his story, purchased some magazines, gave the young man a soda and watched him leave. He entered a white van, driven by a black gentleman and they left i did not pay attention to the liscence plate, shame on me. I then got on line looked up the company and found all of these complaints. I of course stopped payment on the check, the account of course now has an alert placed on it as well as all three credit bureaus. I notified the local authorities who have had many complaints about these people gave complete discriptions of both the driver of the van and the young man who entered my house right down to his goddamn earring. I hope they are caught and something is done about them. I really cannot believe that this is the way people have to make money. It is really too bad. Hopefully they will find them and they will be prosecuted for doing things like this I work very hard for my money have alot of people dependent on me and i really don't like being ripped off. So Dustin, I hope you look this up and read my message I know what you look like and I take back wishing you the best. You really need to grow up and you should be ashamed of your self. The photos i took will work in a line up now wont they, ?

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  • Gi
    Giamsexy Aug 20, 2009

    My husband and I just fell for this same exact scam. A "Scott Johnson" came to our door, selling subscriptions to magazines for a trip to Amsterdam. This kid was very personable and had a great pitch. We ordered two subsctiptions from him and gave him a check for $88.00. I was a little leary... And we both trusted him. The very next day, my husband picked up the local paper and on the front page, there was a story about phony salespeople selling magazine subscriptions in our area. I immediately looked up this company, "RLA" and found complaint after complaint about it. And to add insult to injury, this kid "Scott Johnson" scammed other people as well. Same tattoos and everything... shame on us. I stopped payment on my check right away, made a phone call to the "RLA" company, to which I heard that they weren't "scam artists"... yeah right. This so called "Scott Johnson" seems like a very nice young man. He had loads of southern charm, and had a spiderweb tattoo on his right arm. At the time, he was very tan. And he will try to get you to give him cash instead of a check. DON'T FALL FOR IT! CALL THE POLICE RIGHT AWAY IF YOU SEE HIM!!!
    I just wish I could see the looks on these a-holes faces when they try to cash my check that I put a stop payment on. May even be worth the $88.00...

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  • Mi
    Michele M. Fitch Aug 24, 2009

    My husband and I are not usually "taken in" by people, but today a fast-talking young man came to the door (initially quite friendly), and talked his way into the house, supposedly selling magazines in order to win a trip to Europe (Amsterdam was his choice)...when we finally got down to business and learned the price of the magazines, I told him that I could get better magazines, cheaper, elsewhere...his response was that I was the first person he ever encountered who was actually interested in the magazine! Where was our spirit? He thought we wanted to help him win this trip!! My husband, more of a softie than I, gave the "go-ahead" sign to take a magazine...we encountered the cash/check problem detailed in other letters of complaint, but I ended up writing a check...as soon as the young man (Scott Johnson) left, my husband went on-line and found numerous complaints against this company...if we had given him cash, we'd be out a possible 33.00 dollars...because of the check, and worries over identity theft, we had to put a stop check on the check, change our checking account, and spend one long hour with our quite saavy financial bank advisor..and, oh yes, I put a hook on the front screen door...in this day and age, it's hard enough for honest individuals to find a way to make a buck...we don't need young scam artists making the rounds of small (or large) towns...I wrote to RLA - yes, an address, but no phone number, advising them of the stop check order...and yes, I've ordered things in the past from young people going door to door, but no longer...a lesson was taught to us today; I hope it's not being repeated throughout the nation, but I fear this is so...

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  • Th
    thegrammarcop Aug 24, 2009

    It warms my heart to know that your eyes were opened today; there are too many nefarious scams that try to make one part ways with their money.

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  • Mr
    MrzLucaz Sep 01, 2009

    the exact same happened to me today actually the guy put on a great show and of course I fell for it. I wrote him a check for $50.00 and he went on his way. I got online immediatly to check it out and see what it was about and found this website. I jumped in my truck and went looking for him didn't find him called my brother and he and my father came to look. To my suprise they found him at the bottom of the hill sitting waiting for a ride. He waved as i drove past then when i whipped around he stood up the same white van and black guy driving was there he quickly went to it they tried to get away, i pulled up to it with my truck and my brother told him to get out and i asked for my check back luckily he gave it to me and they sped away.

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  • Bu
    Bugs' gma Sep 10, 2009

    Sept 10, 2009
    Young man who came to my door on 4-20-09 was Dylan Heflin. Talked me out of a $44.00 check (wanted cash), for magazine for my grandkids, since he didn't have anything I actually read. I wanted to kick him off my porch cause he was so pushy, but this company sure trains these kids to be charming. I drew the line at letting him in to use my bathroom though. I might have been a sucker, but I'm not totally stupid...Good thing I didn't tell the grandkids about the surprise...that's the part that really pi--es me off, it was for the kids. I'd write another check today if I could get this thief in a room for 5 minutes...It'll never happen again, and I guess those lessons we learn that make us feel so foolish are often the ones we learn best...

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  • Js
    JSG Sep 23, 2009

    Agent of record for RLA Sales INC of Aubrey TX is:

    Michael Rigler
    316 W. Broadway
    Gainesville TX 76240

    Owner is Mr. Robert Kenmore

    I found all this through the State Department of Texas

    Michael Rigler is who you would have lawsuits delivered to according to Texas Laws.

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  • Te
    tempy69 Sep 30, 2009

    I agree, those sorry sob's took us also. with the trip to amsterdam and two mags later they hustled us also. I agree with the guy that said let me have that crazy eyed little ### in a room with me for five minutes. And for the record i think scott johnson needs to go f**ck himself . he just ruined us for real kids that are doing anything similar

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  • Sn
    sNOWBUNNY3441 Nov 11, 2009

    HEy i worked for RLA and every person who i sold a magazine got there magazines maybe the salepeople kept the money and did not turn the order in i know people who did that Also all your complaints about Scott johnson are true i hate him so much he stole my cell phone and when he wa asked by another sales rep where he got it and they said it was mine he tossed it out the window somewhere in Allentown /going toward the airport so people don't buy any ok Save your money and trees if you like here's the company cell number his name is robert kenmore don't be suprised if it is turned off it was 2 weeks ago but he always add's min name ? not giving it out 1888 596 OR 598 6989 if he don't answer leave a message like u want to work for him he will call back very soon don't leave a message about you being ripped off or he will never answer his phone I AM SORRY TO ALL WHO LOST OUT MONEY IT IS WRONG AND IF I KNEW IT WAS A SCAM I WOULD HAVE NEVER WOKED FOR HIM FROM A GIRL WHO MISS HER CELL PHONE

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  • Js
    JSG Mar 17, 2010

    they are closed now, owner is bankrupt

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  • Js
    JSG Mar 17, 2010

    they are closed now, the owner is bankrupt and that awful lady who answered the phone is unemployed!!!

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  • Io
    Iowa2010 Apr 20, 2010

    These scam artists are still out doing their thing. Isaiah tucker showed up on my doorstep yesterday trying to earn points for a trip to Amsterdam. He seemed like a nice college kid, very personable. After writing a check for the magazines I began to have second thoughts and decided to call the number on the invoice. There was no answer so the alarms went off. I did a search on the company selling the magazines from the information listed on the invoice:

    United Quality Publication, Inc.
    P.O. Box 36206
    Pensacola, FL 32516
    (850) 542-7087

    The company has an F rating at the BBB of NW Florida.


    The company contacts listed are Robert Kenmore and Melissa Luna.

    After seeing the rating and reading other posts I cancelled the check. I figure it was best to cut my losses at $30. With companies like this around, this will be the last time I buy anything from someone going door-to-door.

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  • Ma
    Marie1 May 16, 2010

    Not sure if it's the same company but the story sounds the same: two guys selling magazine subscriptions to gain points for a school trip to Cancun. One of the guys looked too old to be high school age, no prices listed by the mag titles, and unless times have really changed who gets a trip to Cancun in HS? And to top it off I don't have extra money for full price magazines so I declined. Chicago suburbs.

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