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My hot tub was shipped from cal spa and said to arrive on Friday. I received a call to schedule delivery and requested the same Friday but this was not possible. Then Thursday since I work from home but then I would have to pay 3 x $80 for storage!!! I have to accept the spa in 48 hours they told me. Well how about Tuesday later in the day? Well that would be $80 storage charge since they officially received the shipment on Thursday but are calling me on Friday. Shouldn't the 48 office hours be as of the day they contact me?!

I told them I was not happy with this and a guy called Ron told me he would contact Cal spa and hung up on me!! After talking to Costco who I ordered the spa from they talked to R+L but came to no solution either. I called one last time and they agreed to drop it off Monday evening 6pm and hung up on me again!!

Rude and horrible company that is only there to make money and hang up on customers that don't accept crap.


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      Oct 22, 2010

    I hate R&L Carriers. They quote you a very competitive price and then months after the delivery they change the classification and add on additional charges. My last deal with them they quoted me $219.00 and three months later they charged my card an addtional $367.00. THEY SUCK!!!

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      Mar 23, 2011

    R&L shipment promised today. Kept calling the company; was told not to worry, that all shipments would be delivered from the truck today. Around 7 p.m., the "new" response was that, "the truck broke down; will deliver the shipment tomorrow."

    What about a refund or partial shipping credit? They told me that because I didn't purchase their "guaranteed delivery" option, nothing could be done (I guess that they can deliver it a MONTH LATE, if they like?)

    DO NOT USE R&L carriers. HORRIBLE service!

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      Feb 27, 2013

    It is a continuous struggle with this shady company.
    They keep charging for inside delivery even if they don't do it. In our first shipments they used to say that none told them not to deliver inside. At that point we started telling our customers NOT to request inside delivery and that pallets have to be left outside.
    R&L adjusted: They started telling customer "we can put the pallet inside, it's ok".
    So we now put it in writing to every customer's shipment and inside the BOL " NO inside deliver is authorized ".
    NOW, with the new charges they say "if we move the pallet more than 20 ft from the truck it's considered inside delivery". So all they have to do now is stop the truck more than 20ft away from the homes and still charge the us and the customer.
    Outrageous. Looking for other companies this week since their lower rates is just a gimmick used to get you later.

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