Risk Management AlternativesAwful company


American Express sold my $2000 account to RMA. I was broke in the fall and missed 3 payments. The calls have been bad, all day everyday. We set up a payment plan, which they reluctantly accepted, for $100 dollars to be sent every month. After the first $100 was taken out, the phone calls started again. But not just to us. A man named Joseph has called people with the same last name as us asking for me. One happened to be a person at my husband's work. She emailed him saying this man has called her at home and at work looking for me, and even after letting him know we were not related, he still persued. My husband is mortified because Joseph told her he was from Risk Management collecting a debt.

I went through the drive-through at my bank and the girl leaned out and said a man named Joseph had called looking for me. When they told him he had reached a bank, he told her I said I worked there. I never, ever, implied I worked anywhere. I am a stay at home mom, but I feel as though people think I am now lying about work. This man would have them think so.

I do not know how many others he has called, but the worst part is that he had our phone number, our address, and even our bank account number. We are actually making payments to him and he still did this. I called and asked for his last name, but he refused to give it to me. So why the calls to different people? I live in a small town where everyone knows eveyone. I forgot to mention he called my in-laws as well. I feel bullied and embarassed. Isn't there any justice? We are paying this bill!

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