- Ed MagedsonDefamatory material and fake complaints and published such slander on their site, without checking of the legitimacy of such complaints.

J Review updated:

Ed Magedson of [redacted].com is a WANTED criminal that extorts individuals that have posted on [redacted].com and legitimate companies for money and he may be operating one of the biggest criminal enterprises ever created on the Internet and it is being perpetrated by a group of criminals with a track record of fraudulent activity. For more ground breaking information on how he operates his fraudulent scheme, please visit The Bureau of Ethical Internet Commerce, and

The public is being warned NOT to post anything on [redacted].com or Ed Magedson, founder of [redacted].com is a convicted criminal. DO NOT take part in his fraudulent activities. It is against the law for ANYONE to use and promote ANY company without the company's written permission. [redacted].com does not tell you that postings can't be deleted and YOU CAN BE SUED for doing it!!!

[redacted].com has received defamatory material and fake complaints and published such slander on their site, without checking of the legitimacy of such complaints. Ed Magedson is also known for adding fake complaints on his website at /link removed/ & He clearly likes to show his ways of editorial control and fraudulent activities. Consumers should not judge any company based on postings at [redacted].com because they are not checked for legitimacy & accuracy.

One company said in a statement last August that it sued Ed Magedson of [redacted].com and obtained a $10 million default judgment against him. Ed Magedson, however, has yet to pay them any money.(see news report click here)

The public is being warned NOT to post anything on [redacted].com or It is against the law for ANYONE to use and promote ANY company. [redacted].com does not tell you that postings can't be deleted and YOU CAN BE SUED for doing it!!!

There is a BIG financial reward for information being offered on the whereabouts of Ed Magedson of /link removed/ So far, he has been impossible to trace. According to information obtained from the Florida Department of Corrections, Edward Magedson, FDC offender #865906 and founder of /link removed/ & has been listed as a FUGITIVE. (see doc, click here)

As per detectives hired, the following information was obtained...


Ed Magedson was previously arrested on the following charges...

- Marijuana possession & paraphernalia, (see doc, click here)
- Check fraud (see doc, click here )
- Assault & Battery (see doc, click here)
- Default Judgment $30, 041.21, (see doc, click here)


  • La
    Laurie Oct 02, 2008

    ROR does state they do not delete postings I have seen it numerous times. I suggest you learn to read.

    The website you provided unprofessional and sleazy! And the links in them do not go anywhere. Nor do any of your click here references in your posting,

    It is a public forum for personal opinions as is this board. No one has to agree or disagree. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!

    I believe I know who you are too - I recall a complaint where the person who was the object of the complaint kept demanding the original poster remove the complaint or they would not pay up as agreed.


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  • Pa
    Patty Oct 03, 2008

    I agree with the original poster. Everything that he says is true, as I have been on [redacted].com. My competitor said things that were false, slanderous and ruined my website. I am now in court with him.

    When I contacted [redacted].com, they said that for $4, 000 that they would take down the post.

    What this means is that whoever wants to ruin a competitors business, a former spouse, or you name it their post will be up their for good unless you pay the extortion fee.

    As far as the previous poster, it appears that you are actually are this maggot Ed Magedson or you would have no knowledge of who has tried to get their post off of your board.

    Whether the links from the original post work or not, is not the point. The point is that /link removed/ should be taken down, as the owner Ed Magedson is a fugitive.

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  • La
    Laurie Oct 03, 2008

    To Patty - I am not Ed and I do not work for ROR in anyway shape of form.

    By the way - this board also allows people to post without authenticating the complaints. They allowed you to post your slanderous comments without checking them out.

    If you feel your "Competitors" are p0sting false complaints - then you need to blame them and not ROR.

    The OP's websites that he created to bash ROR show his level of unprofessionalism and immaturity.
    Most of the links that are supposed to prove GUILT do not work and the only ones that do work looks like something he threw together to create a legal looking document. Talk about slanderous!

    I thought the link to the BBB website where it says ROR is not registered with the BBB was absolutely hilarious.
    Since ROR is constantly stating how you cannot count on the BBB to do anything about a dues paying members.

    So Patty - its really James isn't it? The only person you can blame for your businesses failures is yourself.

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  • Ja
    James Cuzo Oct 03, 2008

    Listen Ed Magedson or whoever you are, I am sure that you are working for [redacted]

    Listen everyone, just go to Google, and in the search space type in: /link removed/ You will be amazed what you will see and that this well known extortion outfit is allowed on Google at all! Most of what is written about them is the same as what I am saying. [redacted].com is an extortion outfit, period and the owner is a fugitive. is a clean, reputable website that DOES let people post their own opinions freely, which is great! The differance is that they do not extort anyone to remove posts for thousands of dollars like /link removed/ Thank you

    Also you ask why don't I sue the person who lied and ruined my business? I AM suing him thanks to /link removed/ telling me that I had to pay $4, 000 to have this false post taken down. If the owner of /link removed/ wasn't a fugitive, I would also sue him too.

    Again, go to Google and in the space where you would do a search type in [redacted] You will not believe that such extortion can be allowed on Google. I am only the tip of the iceberg of what you will see.

    I hope that this helps everyone see how serious a situation this is.
    And to the previous poster, my name is Patty but yours is not Laurie I am sure of that.

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  • An
    anonymous Oct 03, 2008

    Patty, you are one angry character, but your anger is misplaced. As Laurie stated, because of the CDA, no site is responsible for the material that a commenter posts, like here. And, you obviously could not have had Ed Magedson offer to take money to remove a post. ROR does not and has not ever taken down any posts (/URL removed/), so your claim is false, making all your other claims suspect. The information you copied and pasted from a website that is probably under investigation for defamation of Ed's character is also FALSE, and all charges ever filed against him were dropped. HE IS NOT A FUGITIVE, and to suggest so is slander.

    Under the ROR CAP program (all readily available at /URL removed/) he offers to investigate all reports, work as a go-between to resolve customer complaints, and post an editorial comment stating that a company who joins is doing everything it takes to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Most people would expect to pay a substantive fee for this service. Apparently you think you deserve it for free. Frankly, that's immature, ignorant and naive.

    If you were educated enough to understand that publicity costs money, you would realize that $4000 is a tiny amount to pay for what he was offering you. Instead, you chose to see it as "extortion." Would you call all advertising and PR "extortion?" Probably.

    James' (original poster's) comment that defamatory material COULD be posted there without checking the legitimacy of the claims is POSSIBLY true, but that is true of ALL websites where commentary is allowed. Because of the CDA it's not the site owner's responsibility to check every comment for defamatory or false content. And, with over 1000 reports a day, Magedson would have to hire an army to fact-check everything. Besides, he's not proclaiming to be an investigative journalist or judge and jury for everyone's issues. He provides a forum and only a forum, like any other forum online.

    So, your claims are false and unfounded. And now that I've said that, I expect you'll claim I work for ROR, too...because if you can't beat someone, he/she must be "working for the enemy, " right? It would never occur to you that I actually find the site are too biased.

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  • Ja
    James Cuzo Oct 04, 2008

    Lets make this simple so that everyone can see.


    You will not believe that such extortion can be allowed on Google. The pages are endless. Mugshots are also provided for you on one site of Ed Magedson the owner.

    I will let Google do all of the the talking for me. I don't have to say another thing. I promise, that you will be shocked with pages and pages of what I have already said.

    I hope that I have been helpful to a lot of people.

    -1 Votes
  • An
    Anonymous Oct 04, 2008

    I fully agree with Patty.

    I sent a rebuttal about a fellow breeder on /link removed/ and then... my life a changed as well as my business. Ed Madedson the owner started emailing me personally telling me I was a LIAR and then attacked me on his site and slandered my name and company, when all I ever did was defend a fellow breeder by leaving a comment.

    He has ruined my business and GREAT reputation as a breeder by posting lies and claiming to be some one named MINDY, which is a friend of mine. Anyone that posts a rebuttal he flames them back by taking on their name and lying about the breeder in question or MYSELF...

    HOW do I get my life back and my good name, I have a great reputation and he has ruined it with lies nad FAKE postings! I have reviews and guesbook comments as well as my vets testimony I am a GREAT responsible breeder of top notch quality dogs... everyone who knows me knows THIS about me.

    But new puppy buyers see the [redacted] on the google and yahoo search and either run the other way OR tell me they would buy, but this is pretty scary for them.

    There is not one reference to the stupid claims or any proof... Mindy is a fiend of mine and I have never been in business with any breeder period - EVER! I have many things I have researched about Rip Off. com - This place is supposed to be used to post a TRUE lagitamit Rip off or Scam... but lies are posted, fauls posting by Rip Off is posted and NOTHING is researched to see if they are true - AND you can NOT EVER get anything removed, he has been sued and is a wanted man from MANY states.
    I am a small time dog breeder, what does he need with me? I don't have the $1000.00 to have him take down this crap and it says in many articles, even if you pay him, he still won't take it down!

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  • Ge
    George Oct 05, 2008

    Please find Ed Magedsons mugshot below.
    He is an internet exortionist who ruins businesses.
    Please Google /link removed/ He has ruined my good name as he has many others.


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  • La
    Laurie Oct 06, 2008

    For those who wish to check out the Anonymous breeder-Complaints 351608 and 360904

    Decide for yourself.

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  • La
    Laurie Oct 07, 2008

    To James, Patty and George

    Those sites you continously mention are NOT FACT based. They are articles and personal opinions (BLOGS) addressing unfounded rumors.

    I searched the actual court websites for the few doctored legal documents that were posted - and nothing is found in the courthouse records website.

    If all that were true as you so desperately want to believe it is- ROR would no longer be in business.

    To the Anonymous Dog Breeder-
    You expect us to believe that someone at ROR logged on as your friend MINDY -posting things deliberately to make YOU look bad -

    Exactly how does anyone at ROR even KNOW you are friends??

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  • Pa
    Patty Oct 10, 2008


    What are yuo talking about?

    Here is your proof, Ed Ed Magedson
    Your mugshot can be seen

    Please find Ed Magedsons mugshot below.
    He is an internet exortionist who ruins honest businesses and charges them thouSands of dollars to remove their posts.
    Please Google /link removed/ He has ruined my good name as he has many others.

    Here is your proof, Ed Ed Magedson
    Your mugshot can be seen

    As I have said, just Google about this piece of garbage.

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  • Pa
    Patty Oct 10, 2008

    Here is your proof, Ed Magedson
    Your mugshot can be seen


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  • Pa
    Patty Oct 10, 2008


    Just Google Ed Magedson to discover that the man has been accused by seemingly tens of thousands of people for extortion, RICO violations, criminal conspiracy, fraud, unlawfully evading service of process, ignoring default judgments against him of almost 20 million dollars, writing bad checks, (endless list).

    He appears to be the greatest National Security terrorist threats of our time, an economic Osama Bin Laden, by bankrupting, defaming, and killing tens of thousands of mom-and-pop stores, small businesses, and otherwise tax-paying, law-abiding citizens in the United States, all so he can raise money by forcing these people to pay money into his "Corporate Advocacy" program of $50, 000 per month?

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  • La
    Laurie Jan 07, 2009

    To Patty

    You CLAIMED were suing your so called competitor for posting false info on ROR - How about status on that case?

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  • "Ed Magedson founded the Rip-off 11 years ago. He said he doesn't write the headlines or monitor the content, except for profanity and personal data. He said his staff only verifies the complainants' real names, which are kept confidential, and verifies that they have an actual email address."

    A class action lawsuit should be filed against MAGEDSON for willful negligence. Negligence “can be generally defined as conduct that is culpable because it falls short of what a reasonable person would do to protect another individual from foreseeable risks of harm.” [redacted]’s process of ascertaining the identity of a POSTER by checking that the POSTER uses a valid email address is simply and purely inadequate. Any reasonable person knows that a valid email address specially of a free email account can not ascertain the identity of the person posting in [redacted].

    This inadequate process used by Magedson is what results to so many diffamatory postings in [redacted] which in most cases are untrue and does not allow the harmed party to know the person that posted the diffamatory material and makes it almost impossible for the harmed party to obtain justice against the person that slandered him or her.

    If the identities of these people that slander businesses or other people are adequately ascertained and also posted then the slandered party can defend itself and fight back appropriately, instead of being harmed like this by MAGEDSON's [redacted].

    -1 Votes
  • Ma
    Mark Apr 06, 2009

    ROR is a joke now.

    Every business owner knows that ROR will purposely submit their URLs (complaint pages) directly to google
    with perfectly honed SEO to rank as high as possible just for the purpose of getting traffic and getting businesses
    to be affected by these links.

    The only problem for ROR now is that most consumers know that there are complaints on every business on the
    entire internet and no one can take it seriously anymore. It's kind of amusing that his plan backfired. Totally
    watered down.

    ROR is really not a big deal anymore. Anyone believing anything on that site
    is pretty sad. You would have to be stupid to think "oh ya.. that's a scam. There's a COMPLAINT on the INTERNET !
    Wow. It must be true. And a couple complaints mean for sure it's a scam !"

    Any thinking internet user knows there are complaints on EVERY business on the internet now.
    Complaint sites are dead.

    Real sites that actually let users post COMPLIMENTS and COMPLAINTS and make them even
    in importance and not leaning towards --- SCAM !! RIPOFF !! -- those are what count.

    What a waste of time for Ed. Total failure. No money and nowhere to go.
    Why would you want to create a nightmare like that for yourself ? Just shut it down
    and save yourself the trouble. ROR is useless now.

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  • Lo
    Louise Apr 12, 2009

    I have been harassed, threaten and slandered on [redacted] stalked and they will not do a thing to check that the person who is harassing me is making these things up. I am not a owner of a company nor was this a business complaint but a sick person who I have a court ordered protection order against but uses a phony name to file phony complaints calling me a con artist and then saying I am a f-- this and that. I have complained and am told to write a rebuttal for what? so this nut can keep posting slanderous garbage to harass me further? They do not check that these post are real my name and home address is posted for any loony to come to my door. They will not do a damm thing to remove this post but allow this person to use a phony name to keep posting and keep harassing my family because she is mental unbalance I offered to show proof of the harassment and the court order they still will not remove the post all it is is a bunch of filth and cursing calling me a fuc-- b and more filth.

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  • Br
    BRYSTARCEO Apr 26, 2009


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  • Ro
    ROR Fixer Jun 28, 2009

    Remove [redacted] once and for all:
    100% Guaranteed results FREE !!!

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  • Ro
    ROR Removal Tool Aug 05, 2009

    We have recently moved our [redacted] Removal tool to this URL:

    Many Government entities have already blocked [redacted] access and Symantic has been notified to include it in the hosts file block update.

    We have had close to 30 million downloads of our tool.

    There is no catch and no charge of any type.

    This was intended as a FREE public service.

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  • Nu
    nuview Oct 20, 2009

    to this laurie mettier and her comments defending ror, and her statements that businesses are hurt only by their own fault. i found a complaint about a business with same name and services as mine, but 500 miles away from my hometown. i simply responded to this complaint suggesting that the writer contact local authorities rather than posting on a national forum, where possibly a business with same name but not related could suffer. i used my actual name and hometown, as i have nothing to hide. what did ed magedson do with that info? he linked the complaint with my response, so that now when customers search my business name and location, up comes a link stating "[redacted]: (MY COMPANY NAME) CONTRACTOR RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN...terrible service, arrogant owner, RIPOFF..." it then lists my company name and location. some search engines even list my personal first and last name with this negative heading. guess what? when you click on this link to read it, nine times out of ten the website will not open, just freezes up. i imagine this is caused by ror not maintaining their servers in a manner that can handle the volume of people visiting the site. so its bad enough if my potential customers read the report, as there will always be some doubt in their mind as to whether or not my company is related to the one in the complaint, but they cant even open the website to read the report. the amount of business lost by me in the past three years is astonishing. my once very sucessful business is now on the verge of collapse, and the economic damage has affected every aspect of my personal life in a negative manner. i wrote ror asking that they remove the complaint. their response was no way. i then asked them to simply remove my response to the complaint so that it would not link unfairly to my business. twice they refused to even respond to that request. i then searched for companies willing to remove this info, and there are several willing to remove it if i pay $5000.00. i am willing to bet that these same companies are owned and operated by the ### ed magedson. so miss laurie, i am anxious to see how you defend ror in this case. what gives them the right to intentionally destroy the reputation of a company that is no way associated with a complaint????? if it isn't being done intentionally i would think that ror would be more than happy to remove my response to the complaint, therefore resolving the problem.

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  • Bi
    billbogart Jan 15, 2010

    Here is the /link removed/ phone number : 888-275-2211

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  • Dr
    Drew Thomas Sep 20, 2018

    I agree with the OP. The ROR website and the Ed Maggotson approve fake retaliatory "reports" and that should be illegal by any fair laws. Keep legit reports, remove fake ones.

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