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M Dec 19, 2019

I recently baught a sample bottle of ricks hemp oil run by gary. It was great. I then ordered a supposedly stronger oil that was meant to be a 5000mg 100ml bottle. I paid 400bucks.
I have to use the same amount as the sample bottle. It took days longer to arrive. I assume Gary was meddling with it.
He sends you a strong bottle. Then sends one as strong or weaker. This also happened to my boyfriend.
It's dodgy. He does not even label the bottles so you can't know exactly what you are getting.
Be has a discount called which is "maria".
And I think if you use the discount code he rorts you cause you are not paying as much.

Don't be fooled.

  • Ricks Hemp Oil's response · Dec 19, 2019

    I mean seriously I have been on this planet 50 years and if I buy something that is faulty or wrong I do something really crazy Monica I contact the shop, site, seller and ask if them if they have perhaps mixed up the order and would they mind replacing? I would say you have received a bottle of 2000 that is the same as the sample rather than the 5000 and again if you simply contact us I will replace and you end up with a bottle of 2000mg free. It is your choice here run to a third party site and complain or contact the person and complain to them so they have the chance to correct. I am dumbfounded why you have not contacted us over a simple mistake rather than make a silly assumption???? PS the discount has been removed

  • Updated by Monicasandu · Dec 21, 2019

    Hi everyone.
    Just want to formally announce that I have been kindly refunded for receiving the wrong order. I asking anyone who knows how to remove old posts from the complaints page. I must have been wrong as it was an accident that I received the wrong bottle.

  • Resolution Statement

    Hi. Everyone. Just want to let you know that this message is not applicable any longer. Issue has been solved so please ignore all of it. The website will remove formally soon. Cheers

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