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Rickenbacker Collections review: Harassment and credit damage!

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I owned a vehicle previously which was sold 5 years ago. I recently began receiving harassing calls from Rickenbacker Collections over an alleged debt owing for the vehicle having been towed and never picked up. They ended up selling the vehicle. The reason they are contacting me is that I didn't know I needed to remove my license plates from the vehicle when I sold it. When the vehicle was towed, they assumed it was my car because the new owner must have never gotten new plates of his own.

This company is harassing me for money I do not owe and that now is impacting my credit dramatically. I have tried repeatedly to get Rickenbacker Collections to send me paperwork to show me any details on this, but nothing has been received. No collection notices of any kind have been sent to me.

This company has a history for action such as this and it is invasion of my privacy for them to do this without providing any proof of a collection notice when requested. I just keep getting woken up early in the morning with demand for payment and need this to stop. Please advise smb!


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Rickenbacker Collections - Fraudulent company
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Sep 29, 2016 1:51 pm EDT

This is a phishing website. No idea who "Rickenbacker Collections" is but the ph number listed is bogus, incorrect, it belongs to a friend of mine.

Apr 28, 2011 2:38 am EDT

Four months ago i paid off debt due to Rickenbacker Collections.
Yet on my credit report it claims i still owe money, and now it seems the company has gone out of business!

is there anything i can do to get this off my credit?!

[email protected]

They won't update my credit report to be accurate no matter how many times I call, fax proof or mail proof. They are hurting my credit for something that was paid over six years ago. For $ 50 that wasn't even suppose to go to collections because I had a payment agreement and it wasn't due for another 3 weeks. They are rude and don't care they are hurting my credit.

Sep 11, 2008 1:54 pm EDT

This is happening to me, but I thought that since I am right, i could just avoid it until they left me alone- but they actually affected your credit? I did not think they can do that- you should call FTC or go to their website and look at the "FDCPA- Fair debt collection practices act"