RICH Chilleri/Jena Sadlerpersonal slander

H Aug 05, 2018 Review updated:

Good afternoon,
Attorney Jeffery Roberts here,
I have been hired to represent Ms. Jena Sadler in a case involving your site.
My client has been falsely accused of speaking to her ex husband whom she holds a restraining order against.
Two individuals are being personally degraded and threatened on this complaint board that is NOT intended for personal slander. All complaints involving Jena Sadler and Rich Chilleri located in Austin TX and San Angelo TX must be removed immediately.
This situation violates protective order laws.


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      Sep 10, 2018

    Lol really. You mispelled your own name. I personally want Sadler to stay away from me, but after checking with my lawyer, i have no restraining order against me, Sadler is lying again as usual. Tell your client to hit resolve, that removes her trash talk and lies she has posted the last year! Id get another client unless you enjoy being lied to!!

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      Aug 14, 2019

    @Rich Chilleri Jena Sadler is a human pig. She steals, physically and emotionally abuses her children, family, friends and any human she can latch on to like a bacteria! She absolutely sucks as a person! Run away from this beast. She's far and phony and will back stab anyone that gets in her way
    Arrest records, police reports, hitting other woman, getting her ass kicked at Guitars and Cadillacs in Abilene, scar on her face says it all! A real piece of [censored], Lucifers direct descendant, the blood of Satan runs through her veins!!

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      Aug 23, 2019

    Jena Sadler, violent domestic abuser, violent emotional abuser. Jena is a real piece of [censored]! Below are her texts to me stating she never knew about the complaintsboard posts yet she hired a lawyer last Sept which that comment is on, so another lie exposed. Look how this piece if crap ends her text by asking to see me. Jena is the devil on planet earth. Stay away, she is a human bacteria, a thief, scumbag, has stds. I could go on but just beware human beings, Jena Sadler is a LOSER, A FAT ASS LOSER!!

    We were married for God’s sake. I loved you. Still have love for you. I would NEVER write anything about you. I don’t wish harm or bad on you.
    I’m not your enemy.

    Figure out who Is using all these “child like” usernames and squash it.

    I had no clue about any of this until a few days ago.

    In fact I will prosecute whom ever we find typing all this. About you and I.
    Its absolutely a punishable crime.
    Defamation of character and slander. Punishable by heavy fines and seven to ten years jail time.

    I have a wealth of information for you.
    Like to see your face as well! ❤️
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