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A Jan 19, 2018 Review updated:

I completed all of the incentive offers plus a few and still have not received the card. They keep redirecting me to other offers. I have emailed them several times and still they do not respond to me. What can I do? I have had to pay out money to complete these offers that I really don't want or need. and are just a couple of RZU's websites.


  • Da
    Dawn Marie Richardson May 01, 2018

    I disagree! It's not a scam at all!!! I've received quite a few prizes just by following the instructions. I'm sorry you feel that way but, this site t isn't a scam at all!

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  • Je
    Jemsil Jan 22, 2019

    How do i claim my £100 asda voucher I've followed the right requirements

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  • Gr
    Graham Dunster Feb 15, 2019

    Hello I'm getting offered 1000 pound gift card, and your sending me a balance, what do you s have to do with PayPal, it was one of these things they stopped me using them saying they don't want my business but I never did anything.

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  • Ab
    Abubakir Mar 27, 2019

    A nice and very quicker i hop to every one using it.

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  • Jo
    JoseIvanZuniga Jul 24, 2019

    I try my best I can to negotiate with them.

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  • Ne
    Nellieb Simms Nov 08, 2019

    What if you take surveys everyday. Can you take them continually without rewards zone paying you ur checks.
    I haven't gotten the first one yet...

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  • Ma
    Mark Hamilton Dec 02, 2019

    How do I get my reward I've what you asked. Mark Hamilton 07803559264

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