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Forgive me for posting a new topic on this, but I only see Brandarama covered below. is the same company (phone, office, address). Same type of deal. I want to start a thread in case this doesn't work out.

Is anyone else out there trying to redeem their programs/offers? Their status page is not working (it worked Monday, 10/30, the day I signed up, but not since). This certainly is not a good sign.


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      Jun 30, 2009

    On June 13, 2007, I started a number of offer programs with There was a $1000 gift card and $250 gift card involved. After much persistence and unrelenting nagging, I finally got the $1000 card in September, 2008 (over 1yr-4months later). It was suppose to be a $1000 Visa gift card, it ended up being two $500 American Express cards. There are fewer places that allow you to use an Amex card, than Visa. Also Visa allows you to take ATM withdrawals, Amex does not. BUT, I was very glad to get it. On the other hand, the $250 gift card was started earlier and fulfilled sooner. But two of the vendor offers would not report. After the required 45 day waiting period and unrelenting nagging, it took an additional 7 months for it to post to my account. It finally posted and said, “Approved to ship” on March 17th, 2008, nearly nine months after the program started. Since then I have heard every cockamamie story you could imagine. i.e. The list is too long and we are running behind on getting the cards made. We have an overwhelming response to this gift offer and are experiencing delays in getting the cards made. It is always the card makers fault for not getting them out. We all know that’s crap as the government can put out how many million refund checks within a 4 month period. I, on my handy dandy typewriter could make 10, 000+ of these things a month without any problems. I highly doubt that they had that large of a list. Anyway, I continued to wait. Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.
    After I received word that they were about to pay, in January, 2009, I received a letter from mPell stating that they were handling getting the gift cards paid. What I was to do was buy an item or a gift card up to $250 and send them the receipt and they would reimburse the amount up to the receipt value. Here is another deal breaker… I had 30 days to respond or all gift cards were null and void. I went out and bought a $250 gift card and sent them the receipt. About 3 weeks later, they said that a lot of fraud evidently occurred and they were going to audit the entire program. Meanwhile, I am out the gift card and the reimbursement for the gift card (granted I have the gift card I bought.) It is such a crock that I have to buy my own card and send them the receipt to get a check back.) Anyway, here I sit …waiting, waiting, waiting and nothing. I believe that they did say that the audit is nearly complete. But here it is over 2 years after I started the program and I had to buy my own card and am waiting for the reimbursement check to be sent. I have done everything that they have requested and have it all documented. I have been removed from their list as expired a few times as well. Each time I have had to complain to get added back onto the list. I am wondering if they have run out of money and pay only those that they can afford. Anybody else’s option??

    Name withheld as I could eventually get the card. I will post after I finally get it.

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      Jul 15, 2009

    I am "highly skeptical" from above. I just found out that the $250 gift card is going to be a wash. Rewards Parade just filed for Bankruptcy or a company buyout. They are $10, 000, 000 in debt and do not have enough to cover the major loan holder of theirs. There is no way that they will get to the people that did the offers that they owe money to. We have been hosed. I was strung along for over a year and four months. I would basically say that this form of making money has gone down the crapper. There is no one spending money on advertising much anymore. I would say that most companies that are doing this type of thing now are probably not going to deliver. I have one other gift card on the line for $100 from I am guessing that they will stiff me as well. It has been 9 weeks and they are saying that they are delayed because the high volume of redemptions. Yeah right!!! We will see.

    Still highly skeptical.

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      Aug 19, 2009

    I am highly skeptical from above. Well it took 13-1/2 weeks but I finally got the card from The $100 Amex card arrived yesterday out of the blue. Was supposed to be a Visa card, but who cares. I am just glad I was not scammed. Could have been very easy to do it. Anyway, I am going to take any of these sites with a lot more than a grain of salt now.

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