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I find your rewards selection soooooo beneath your standards? The products you call rewards are at best, cheesy and out of control amount of points! they are eeeeeh, Decent at best.
Revamp the catalog. Also you might want to revisit the 30 code limit per month. Most people that smoke Marlboro smoke at least 1 1/2-2pks a day because of beggars..."got an extra cigarette?"10x a day adds up.
You should be able to combine clients points if a couple wants something big... that's going to take over a year to save! Step it up or ask to expand the catalog to really cool reward standards. And remember...they are called rewards and you've made billions...I think the higher end of your rewards need to be cut in half for god sake's really? This is not rewarding us...this is sucking us dry and it's not appreciated.
How bout get with the times and be realistic thinking like the consumer ...Millennials. A Stack of Lottery (win for life)Scratch offs, cell phone charging stations for your I watch iphone I pad MacBook Pro. Navigation nicer drones than that 1/2 points. Or it's just shopping...not being rewarded! $10 a pack? sorry but I'm very disappointed

Disappointed Loyal Customer

Oct 02, 2019

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