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ZiggyMartNEver received orders and no replies

I placed an order with ZiggyMart in early November, and my credit card was debited accordingly. I never received the items. Because it was a Christmas gift, I decided to order the same item a second time, thinking I could return the first one when it eventually arrived, or get my credit card adjusted accordingly when I contacted them directly. I placed the second order, it never arrived, and my credit card was debited again. I have tried to FAX them and I get only a recording saying the message board is full, and to try again later. It doesn't matter when I try, the same recording is always there. I have tried calling repeatedly, morning and night, and get a message every time that says Circuits are busy, please try your call at a later time. I plan to write them today, but am not confident I will receive a reply. My advice is DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS STORE.


I ordered and paid for my goods. After a month with no goods I contacted them by email, the only option other than fax, and they said there was a storm and production had been interrupted, there would be a short delay.
Five months and several emails (which have all bounced back) I am A$220 out of pocket and no product. These people are charletons and theives. Under no circumstances do business with them. You may as well wipe your bum with the money and fllush it down the toilet. Do not believe any good press about them as this comes from ziggymart people. Warn your friends!!!

ZiggyMartNo delivery

In March this year ordered ten tins of chew at ziggymart. After one month asked when possibly the order would be shipped/arrive. Answer: backoder. One month later asked again: backorder. second, third, fourth month asked again: backorder.Meanwhile no more answers at my emails. Sent Mr. [censored]g Petrie to hell, even proposed him to end the whole story by sending to me a different product, even if not at the accordant amount of money - no answer, not even an answer that backorder in answers!!!
You may say that Germans are finical - but that's enough for me!!!
This Mr. German-roots sucks very much!!!

Don't youn buy from sickimart!!!

  • Ch
    Chad Bradley Oct 11, 2008

    You think thats bad??? Check this one out.

    If you read this you will NEVER use a maid service again!!

    First off, I had a hot date and hoped to take her back to my place..."you know, to have some milk and read the Bible".

    I can't believe I tried to use this service but I didn't have time to clean up myself. I needed maid service so I thought I would try someone that I found online. Big mistake!!! Even their website is down now. It's now just a bunch of lewd advertisements.


    I talked to them and they said they could come out the next day but it would cost me an extra $20 bucks. I guess I'm a sucker.

    I left the door of my apartment unlocked so they could get in.

    When I got back home, they had left a note on the door saying it was going to cost extra to clean my apartment. WTF!! I already paid an extra $20 bucks for same day service. When I went in they had not even cleaned and you will NEVER believe what I found in the bathroom. You have got to look at the pictures. Prepare to be disgusted. Warning!!! Graphic!!! Not for youth.

    I was really upset!! I am on a tight budget anyway. I save most of my money my cigarettes (Benson & Hedges) and I like to eat out once in a while. That's about all the pleasure I get out of life. (well, except for an occasion date)

    I have posted pictures of my apartment on this website. When you see these you're gonna see why I was disgusted.


    It wasn't all that dirty. I even left some cleaning supplies out and I took my cats to a friends so that they were not in the way.

    I'm really pissed!!! I want my $20 bucks back that I payed with my credit card.

    Thanks for listening.

    Cheers. Chad

    [email protected]

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ZiggyMartLies and Deceit: or the Tale of Blowing Smoke

I was assured that the product was "leaving here" in 4-5 days. After waiting over two months, and sending numerous emails about the status of the order, I asked that the order be canceled. I received no response. I tried to phone Mr. Peetree a number of times but no one answered the phone. I finally took it up with the card company, and they handily refunded my order. Received the order last week (9/15), four months after ordering and two months after requesting the order be canceled. I will never do business with John Peetree or Ziggymart again. I'll roll cigarettes from newspaper if I have to. I highly encourage you to go elsewhere. Pipe and Cigar is more expensive on many things, but they are reliable and honest.

ZiggyMart — Rip off

I have used ziggymart for a number of orders and always received them, some took longer than others to...

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ZiggyMartScam and cheating

In December 2007 we ordered and payed by visa tobacco for $ 185.77. We sent 5 e - mails to ask when tobacco will be sent to us.
We tried to call. No answer at all. On febr 9, 2008 we received e-mail from ziggymart, that they will send tobacco very shortly. We are still waiting and believe that this is ripoff.

P.S. The first time we ordered and paid in summer 2007 was without problems.

Very upset and angry about that.

  • Jo
    joe b Jul 14, 2008

    same thing happened to me orderd and waited and waited email after email they said they had a dely and would ship the next monday never happened finally had to call myt cc company and dispute the charges

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  • La
    LaDeana Spitler Jul 24, 2008

    I placed my 1st order June 20, '08, $122. I got one e-mail from Mr. Petrie confirming my order and payment. I have not received my product 5 wks now. I have tried calling and e-mailing - his mailbox is always full, not accepting any more calls and he does NOT respond to e-mail! My opinion - payment dept is always open BUT- customer service is always closed. He claims to have a massive warehouse, my guess is, (we) trusting customers have paid for it!

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  • La
    LaDeana Spitler Jul 28, 2008

    The FTC Rules for Business http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/buspubs/mailorder.shtm

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  • Zi
    Ziggymart Aug 25, 2008

    LaDeana Spitler order was delivered as promised. I have prove of it through a United States Postal Service Signature Confirmation Tag. #2305 0270 0001 4812 1899. The parcel was shipped on June 21st, 2008. It was signed for by someone with a similar name but not exact. The parcel was shipped to the address LaDeana provided. A complaint to the FTC and on this website is unwarranted.

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