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yorkshire bankLottery Scam

I recieved an e-mail stating that I had won a Charity Lottery in the amount of 850000 GBP. Was given contact information but still feel that this is a scam. Have not tried to call bank but is this legite !!

  • Vi
    vilam santos Dec 03, 2008

    they said i won in the email lottery they open me an accoutnt no. to york shire bank they send it to me the account no. plus the account details how can i verify the account no. and account details if its true .where i should call or do before i ll pay the cost of transfering

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  • Ca
    cat/dog Dec 24, 2013

    Yes I received an e-mail from a couple who won millions in the lottery they even send me the newspaper clip they told me that each year they pick three lucky people that they can donate some of there winnings, they said 2000, 000, 000 was given to me they sent me information on themselves its a wife and husband I mean the newspaper clip could.be real.but it may be some one that really did win that lottery And there not the real people, any how they haven't asked me for any money but I dont know to good to be true so is this a scam or is there really a couple at this bank that own millions And are helping people they dont even know. I'm supposed to contact a man by the name of mr Kelvin page he's a accounts officer so is this real or a scam

    Sincerely Laura

    Sincerely, Laura

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yorkshire bankYorkshire Bank

Dear Sir/ Madam
This email is complains for UK Lottery and Yorkshire Bank in UK lottery company send me wining and contact information for yorkshire bank i contacted Bank and they say my fund is with them so send us to
open an suspense account you have to 420 pound so it is $820 US Dollars i do have all proof they send me all the certificates and all Bank documents if you help me i will send you all information. now they are saying that if i want to transfer fund in US bank i have to pay them $5320 in US Dollars but did not pay that but i pay $820 last week. They send me information about bank account on my name and log in id and Account information but i still think it is SCAM. Please find out.


Mr.Anthony Cope
International Transfer Unit,
Money Transfer Department (M.T.D)

All from Yorkshire Bank

Vanlila Patel

  • Co
    coca Nov 10, 2008

    You are very right about these people. Anthony cope and Andrew Clarke also a Robert W. Oldson. They are good con artist. They got this guy Robert W. Oldson to go on e-harmony, then I started speaking to him, he gets removed from e-harmony, he continued to speak to me, he tells you about his daughter and of course I feel sorry for him and her-- in the end I give him funds for his daughter and then he states, he is on his way to Canada and never shows up. He speaks about a business he has and sends pictures of his current location. The pictures are from different sites on the internet. He then woos you with a picture of a beautiful ring that is on a alibaba site. He Robert sends pictures of himself and this beautiful teenager ( who knows who these people are but I feel sorry for them ). These guys are so good. Robert sends pictures of himself with other people and who knows who all these people are. These people don't know someone is out there sharing theie pictures. They send copies of contracts and court documents and account info to get you to transfer money for them to a personal account. Anthony Clarke even called me and stated a phone number to have Robert call him. He did not realize I know the number is a cell number. This was some sort of lottery scam. They get you to see all this money and it is all attractive, but as someone not greedy, It was easy to see the untruth behind these people. They are all African. They try and front a British accent.. They use Yorkshire as there bank for usage. They use as much info about you and avoid themselves. The comparison is poor. The bank themselves don't even notice the scam because I have watched for warnings and info and it is only provided when you enter there site.

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  • Om
    Omer Akman Nov 19, 2008

    Dear Sir, I am asking your kind assist, is the address below is ture or not ? only, thank you very mach. Head Mr.Edward HillsYorkshire bank securities / RegistrarsYorkshire bank #14 Broadway BadfordWest YorkshirBD1 1EZUnited Kingdom.Tel: +44  703 1973065Fax: + 44  870 4795053Email: [email protected] truly, Omer Akman

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  • Bh
    Bhob Dec 15, 2011

    i just receive last week same letters.. is this true or not? thanks

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  • Bh
    Bhob Dec 15, 2011

    Yorkshire Bank.
    Location: United Kingdom
    Date: Thursday 15/12/2011

    Yorkshire Bank®: International Transfer Unit


    Dear Valued Customer,

    We would like to take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to our Bank (Yorkshire Bank) a trading name of Clydesdale Bank PIC. Registered in Scotland, United Kingdom.

    Registered Number:. SC001111

    Yorkshire Bank, is one of the most efficient commercial bank in the United Kingdom, we are aware that in today's changing world it is essential to stay ahead. And you will soon discover that our vision is clear.

    My name is Mr. Andy Meehan, the Manager of Yorkshire Bank (Bradford Office) United Kingdom and the transfer officer designated for International funds transfer department.

    More so, I will like to inform you that we are aware of your winnings grant deposited in our esteem bank by the COCA COLA COMPANY ENGLAND for claims, and to further this transactions, you are to provide the below requested information as soon as possible, this information's will enable us (Yorkshire Bank) identify you.


    *Full Names:

    *Full Contact Address:

    *Sex, Date of Birth, Occupation:

    *Private Phone Number:

    *Private Fax Number (if any):

    *Amount to be Transferred:

    *Your Bank account details in which we are to effect your fund transfer into:

    *Scan/faxed copy of any valid ID (Important):

    Note that you are required to provide us these details to confirm the authenticity of your claims and to further the remittance/transfer process of the award funds to your bank account which you will provide.

    As soon as you have completed the form, you would be required to return it to this office with a scanned copy of any photo identity (very important) and note that all detailed information's as given by you must be returned back to us by e-mail or fax. And be informed that your details will also have to undergo proper verification by our management team before we can proceed further on your claims transfer process.

    Thank you for banking with us.

    Dear Sir/Madam is this true or not? and that name the he is a Manager is that true also just to clarify.
    thank you very much.. i need your reply as soon as possible to my email [email protected]

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yorkshire banklost cheaque

put a cheque into yorkshire last wed the 9th july thought it would have been cleared went in today they couldnt find it told me that it could have been lost or thrown away as rubbish the clerk says it sometimes happens. got into touch with the solictor too c ancel that cheque and to make me a new one out which they say they will do when he comes off his holidays. but the problem is that ive gone over my over draft and they will charge me no fault of my own any advise please

  • Jo
    joanne Aug 22, 2008

    If you can prove your cheque was made out and it is the first time you have gone over, as a good will gesture the bank should dismiss or cancel any charges being incured!

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