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xenonproject.comMISLEADING Advertising- JUNK Products

I had bought a voucher worth $59.99 value from KGB Deals. I wanted to buy a RC helicopter advertised on their site for $59.99. But the company refused to honor it. I was told that I can only buy a helicopter whose price they had inflated to $59.99, which was not worth more than $10. I do not want to waste my $59.99 voucher on some junk piece of crap. The company uses sites like groupon, kgbdeals to inflate price of their junk RC models and then sell vouchers for high amounts against it. This is clearly FRAUD! I will file complaint with FTC to investigate this company and its advertising. I called the company and manager confirmed and apologized for their misleading advertising but still failed to honor the voucher. The legal value as per company of the voucher is $59.99 which they refuse to honor. They want to give me $10 junk in return for it.

xenonproject.comlies and wrong product

After being told product will be delivered within a certain time window, several days passed after the later part of the window. So I called to see what was wrong only to discover that they never even shipped the product out yet because it was on back order (thanks for letting me know that when i ordered it)... While on the phone they tried to get me to purchase another product instead saying that this was in stock. Their sales method involved practically ridiculing me about the product that I had ordered not being available.

After 20 min’s of just trying to get them to give me a realistic time frame for delivery of the product I originally wanted, while they kept trying to have me spend more money and buy something I didn’t want, I told them I’m canceling my order with my credit card, then finally they started to give me answers. 6 days after the phone call I received my package, the product of course not being the color I ordered. I call them to see why this was and they then start to say it was my fault for not telling them when I called, even it was stated on the order. Then they changed to saying that is was my fault since I couldn’t wait for the product to arrive from “their” factory.

Of course the final salt in my wound was that the product broke after about 4 uses, true Chinese made junk.

Very shady and disreputable company, would not recommend to anyone to shop there.

  • Ke
    Kevin Apr 10, 2009

    If you could provide your order number, we'd be more than glad to issue you an RMA and a full refund for said product. You can find our contact information at our website. http://www.xenonproject.com

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  • Ta
    takenformymoney Jan 11, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Buyer beware. They sent me a bad rc unit and promised to send another one. This made me very happy because they didn't want to mess with sending a R.A. tag. They told me to just keep it. They even gave me a tracking number for the "supposed" replacement. It's been over a month and no response, they don't even answer their phones anymore. What I thought was a reputable company turned out to be very shady at best. There's better mail order out there.

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  • Xe
    XenonProjectInternational Mar 23, 2011

    This isn't true! We've revamped customer service and I can personally assure you that someone will answer the phone at 888-330-6936 or answer an email sent to [email protected]
    "takenformymoney", please email us your order number, and I can look into whatever happened with your order.
    Unhappy customers are rare over here, and we are very proud of our customer service standards. Go ahead, give us a call...see what happens. :)

    Customer Service Representative

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  • Ja
    jack faris Jul 17, 2015

    ordered my first heli on line the 9104 double horse which arrived super fast however found out my friend bou
    ght from amazon 13.00 cheaper plus i paid 11.99 for shipping.Boy do i feel like a fool.Never thought xenon would have so much mark up.It will never happen again.Foolish in KY.

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