www.goldtradingacademy.com Complaints & Reviews

www.goldtradingacademy.comFake charges and they didn't want to stop them

Scam, scam, scam. I bought gold from the company www.goldtradingacademy.com, but I didn’t know that the company was so dishonest. I wired them money and of course they have saved my data, but I didn’t think that they would start to charge me for something else. They took $10.99 from my card within 3 months. I noticed it and emailed them, because I hoped to stop these charges. But the first thing what they wrote me that I wouldn’t get any money back. So, better avoid them and don’t give your card details.

www.goldtradingacademy.comDon't buy from them – they didn't communicate and provide ordered stuff

I bought currency from the company www.goldtradingacademy.com. These bluffers overcharged me, but I noticed it too late. They took higher price from my account, but prices for this currency were completely opposite. I tried to return money back, which they took from me, but it was impossible. The rep didn’t reply. I still haven’t got currency, but I paid them 17 days ago already. I think that they decided to fool me, so I need any advice of how to get anything from these dishonest people.

www.goldtradingacademy.comI didn't get any profit and all their strategies suck

People, avoid company www.goldtradingacademy.com. Their methods and strategies are total ###. I have listened for them and in result I lost only my money. I didn’t get any profit and the whole trading process was total rip off. These people don’t care about users and their convenience. They simply want your money and that’s all. Stay away from such traders and such shallow-hearted people.

www.goldtradingacademy.comThey took everything from me

People, be careful if you start to use the website www.goldtradingacademy.com. I recently bought some gold from them. After that the rep offered to sell it and get profit. I did as he told me, but I have no idea how, but I lost everything. The rep refused of course to help me or even to explain how the hell it has happened. I think that they fooled me and have got my money and my gold, but unfortunately I have no proofs of this theory. They are suspicious and dishonest people, so you need to be vigilant all the time.