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6:38 am EST Scam!!

I bought two bottles from and paid the full amount. After I received my order they charged me again for who knows what and when I tried to contact them about these charges they simply did not reply. I never allowed them to take my money and I can't understand how was that even possible?
Not only I got stolen from, but I was also disappointed with their product. It simply did not work! Beware, BuyGarciniaPlus is a very bad company to deal with. Their support service is beyond ridiculous and they are real thieves. I will not give up until I get all my money back. This site should be out of business!

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7:04 pm EDT
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I bought both garcinia and green coffee bean extract (same company as prices are the same --
on a $4.95 trial offer. Within a month they sent me a bottle more of each for more than $79 each. I complained to my credit card company of the charges but eventually the card company found in their favor. They submitted something like eight pages (most of which were not what I saw on their site. For instance, they claim the automatic renewal is in their "rules and regulations" but I never saw this or the picture of the disclaimer when ordering that you would automatically be charged. Just as a reminder to people, I later bought something like five bottles from Puritan's Pride for under $6 each with more potency. Someone should do something to stop these internet scams. Who, to his knowledge, would order something on a trial basis and at the same time order the product?

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, US
May 27, 2014 12:41 pm EDT
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They did the same to me, except they would not take the time to verify that I sent back the product.

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