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Worldwide Preferred PublishersDebt Collection

In November, 2006 this company contacted my Daughter at College in Wyoming and offered her a deal on magazines. My daughter said yes and signed up for 3 years of magazines at $49.90 per month. When she called me (her dad), I told her she shouldn't be getting magazines. She was in College and didn't have a job.
I called the company and offered to pay a cancellation fee and they said that the fee would be around $900. I told them we didn't want the magazines and they said too bad, pay the money or else. My daughter never received any magazines.
Why am I complaining ... we are getting calls and letters from Attorney Firms stating that my Daughter owes this debt and needs to be paid.

Pat Lafferty [protected]

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    MatthewCMurray Feb 14, 2010

    Pat: I was scammed by these charlatans in November 2008. The one thing I will say is don't give up. The so-called "collection agency" they've hired to go after me seems quite incompetent---I no longer have the school address or CC# as when I signed up but my phone number is still the same, and they keep sending threatening letters to my *OLD* address. You'd think with the area code they'd be able to figure out who I am but evidently not. ###. If they come after you with attorneys you hire an attorney yourself. Actually, I'd advise you ( but bear in mind, my advice isn't worth anything---I spent 7 months in law school before dropping out to go into education) to countersue for fraud, telephone harassment, and infliction of emotional distress, for starters. I honestly think if more people have the cajones to stand up to these hucksters then maybe Worldwide Preferred Publishers Service can be bankrupted or at least legally forced to close. Bear in mind that if she was first contacted on her cell phone, then the first call was illegal to begin with as telemarketing to cell phones is illegal. If you have any other questions, I probably don't have the answers but you can contact me at 740-649-4070.

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    jmtnurse91 Apr 14, 2010

    I too was scammed by these people. I was told my magaines would be $ 49.98 a month, but they started taking out $ 49. 98 the last of the month & then $ 39.98 the 1st part o the month. Not ot mention all the phone calls offering " deals " for a qick pay off. When called they told me they couldn't help me, but would put a block so no one else could get my information. Imay not be the smartest person, but how can they put a " block " on my account so no one else can get to it? Finally I had to go to my bank & put a stop payment on my account for the $ 39.98 payment. Now they have the ordasty to tell me I owe them $ 116.00. I am seriously considering reporting them to the BBB. Now when they call I just tell them " I'm not interested " & hang up. Last week they actually had the nerve to call me back after I hung up & stated, " This is not a sales call. " I told them I didn't care & hung up again. Now I receive letters.
    A word to everyone, beware ifyou get a call from Worlwide Preferred Publishers.

    J. Miller-Thobe

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Worldwide Preferred PublishersScam, Lies, Fake Phone Numbers, Harassment and takes you to COURT

This company, scams you and tells you that you are a finalist in a contest and possibly could win an even bigger cash payout and you could win free magazines for a year. All of a sudden they are calling trying to collect money for their SO CALLED FREE MAGAZINES I have checked their BBB record no surprise they have a "F" rating. We asked to cancel this service when they called us to tell us the real deal... the catch, oh whoops no can do! THERE IS ALWAYS A CAN DO.. for anyone that works in SERVICE there is ALWAYS a CAN DO. We told them they are not getting a DIME from us... mysteriously now they want to see us in court. The person calling us to ask us to appear in court calls from a UNAVAILABLE number.. again I am sure this is not a coincidence!!! I tried to go online to get a phone number to contact WORLD WIDE themselves all you can find is COMPLAINTS rip offs. Unfortunately we received a phone call too late in the afternoon today to do anything about this mysteriously their office shuts down at 5:00 pm in California... and over here on the East coast being 6:00 pm its after 5:00 pm there in California again its never been a 1 hour time difference from Florida to California... but yes yet again MYSTERIOUSLY today it is. So tomorrow I will be contacting my best buddy at Central Florida NEWS 13 and be letting them in on a fun little story. Sometimes you contact the wrong people and they will not be able to scam anyone else after me. Surely my Aunt over at CNN may get a kick out of this as well. Unfortunately I seem to have the right people in my family, and legally they are not allowed to withhold information (such as their recording evidence) from their clients when requested upon being the subject matter (WHICH I RECORDED our conversation with their representative, along with witness) they had stated. I am so glad I have done my homework, this will be a FUN court case. They can forget about court fees as well as again lucky family of mine we have two lawyers in my close knit family, who've already assisted me tonight with this wonderful tid bit of information. If they want to hear my recording by all means I won't hold out... from their LOVELY supervisor Ms. Susan :) OH by the way in case I forgot to mention it "I DO NOT RECOMMEND WORLD WIDE PREFERRED PUBLISHERS" however there are ALWAYS ways around such scams. They could do this the easy way.. but I almost am looking forward to their so called "hard way"!!!

Below I have attached a screen shot of my google search for their phone number... good luck getting a GOOD number for them!

Scam, Lies, Fake Phone Numbers, Harassment and takes you to COURT

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    Charles Kania Nov 25, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Continuous computer generated calls

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    Heather1360 Oct 08, 2009

    they scammed the hell out of me and I was wondering if you have had any luck with a law suit or getting anything resolved?

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    not_amused Dec 02, 2009

    They have done the same to me as well I have filed a complaint with BBB i get a call from this number(321)872-3210

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    caligirlexemployee Feb 22, 2011

    A owner of one of these companies Ziv Bender
    He has been doing this scam for nearly 28 years!!!
    His office is on 25th street in San Pedro, CA
    he is connected with the Worldwide preffered headquarters in Ohio

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    S L Dohogne Dec 22, 2014
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    Turned my name over to an obnoxious collection agency and I don't know what magazine subscription they are trying to charge me $196 for

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    Roberta Snyder Apr 08, 2015

    I have been charged $199.oo from my checking account for something I did not request or want.

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Worldwide Preferred PublishersMagazine Scam

Calls you from random and uses tricky sales pitches to fool you into agreeing to a magazine subscription, that you cannot cancel. It also seems that they will continue to send you more magazines, even after the subscription period has ended. Rates could go up, duplicate accounts could be created. But it seems they will never let you cancel your service.

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    R. Brandon Fallon Nov 21, 2008
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    This is not mags4cheap. We have no telemarketing division at all.

    Thank you,

    R. Brandon Fallon

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    Taz Nov 23, 2008
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    Verified customer

    This company created a duplicate account and wont allow me to cancel.

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    janner113 Dec 08, 2008

    They called my 87 year old hearing impaired father on his cell phone andtold him he won $25, 000.00. He just had to buy magazines. He thought the cost was $25.00 and really had no clue what he ordered. Today, he received a letter stating he would be billed $25.00 for 29 months for 5 magazines: Time, Oprah Mag, National Geographic, Country Living, Reader's Digest. I tried to call the number they provided to cancel this and received a message that the number dialed was not valid when dialed from our area. I was able to reach someone through the number connected to the charge on his bank card and was told that the money would be returned and was also given a confirmation number. However, it has been almost 1 week adn the money has not been returned. I am closing his bank account tomorrrow.

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