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My laptop froze and a message appeared on the screen to say my computor was infected and to save all memory i had to purchase a Spyware antivrus product...I did this and it shutdown but within minutes of the $130.85 going from my account the icon dissapeared and so did all information i checked my credit card and the money was taken by World-wide-software, Baku (who do not exist..!

  • Jo
    Joanne Pellow Feb 22, 2010

    I ordered and paid for your softwear (anti virus) and it has not worked I would therefore like to cancel it and ask for my money back.

    Many thanks

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  • Na
    natvarsinh gohil Feb 22, 2010

    Your software is not useful to me. Please refund my payment of $ 129.85. Also I am goin to call creditcard company to stop payment. I am waiting for your reply. Thank you.

    natvarsinh gohil

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  • Ve
    Venita Hinkle Oct 05, 2010

    We downloaded this program, paid for it and it never downloaded onto the computer, but we were charged for it and still have the same problems as before. We want a refund of our money and have filed a dispute with our credit card company. Our email is: [email protected], Venita Hinkle

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  • Ja
    James Boyias Jun 20, 2011

    i also got a message about virus on my laptop, saying in order to save any information and get back on internet i had to purchase this antivirus software. I NEED TO HAVE MY CARD REFUNDED IF I STILL HAVE SAME PROBLEMS AS BEFORE...please respond immediately.. [email protected]

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  • Ja
    James Boyias Jun 20, 2011

    A message showed on my laptop of problem with no internet protection and to purchase this antivirus baku. I kapersky antivirud and spyware. I have not seen any improvements as of yet, this message still pops up.. I am exteremely unhappy that this could happen and most of all thry took my 69.95 in a heart beat...Iam demanding refund immeditely...

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Resolved World-Wide-Software BakuTHEY ARE A FRAWD.

Well i'm glad i'm not the only sucker, from what i've see on here about this place WORLD-WIDE-SOFTWARE-BAKU ...yep same thing happened to me, first got some porn pictures popping up then within 10 minutes it said I had 23 viruses and someone was taking my identity. then my screen turned colors and went off yep just a blue screen. I said dear Lord what is happening. then it rebooted and came back on but all I had was purchase this virus protection now( looked to be coming from my AVG which I trust, well it made it look like it was my Avg but wasn't (didn't know that then, so stupid me purchased it I never got anything downloaded checked everywhere to find it, so figured it didn't download. well computer was running great . Got my credit card bill and was charged $100.85 AND $1.00 FOR FOREIGN CURRENCY TRANSFER FEE. for getting ripped off, WORLD-WIDE-SOFTWARE BAKU IS phony fake, a fraud it is out of the UK. AND AS I believe it said Avg virus protection they were using that name( which I feel very safe with and will til the cows come home, there should be a real punishment for what they are doing. amd AVG should lock them up and through away the key. I WAS SO MAD couldn't believe i'd be so stupid. Thank God I got a good credit card co. they removed it from my bill and will be doing all they can to get these frauds. thanks for listening .

  • Dy
    dyeables Feb 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I also agree with the compliant submitted here on this website. I too bought this online service to find out that it didnt work and now my computer is infected again less then a month later and I want my money back also.

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  • Gy
    gypcrn Feb 05, 2010

    I also purchased this because it said I had x number of viruses and trojan and one of my programs was trying to send my credit card info out into cyber space for everyone to see. So after purchasing and supposedly "downloading" the Security Tool then the real trouble started. My computer started freezing up, I couldn't run a lot of my other programs, my .dll and .exe files were corrupted. I couldn't find where this download had gone so that I could uninstall it. Lo and behold there wasn't anyway to remove this from my computer except with a system restore. Now I'm hoping to get my money back from my bank and let them chase this fraud.

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