Work Group Evaluation Services Complaints & Reviews

Work Group Evaluation ServicesI was ALMOST SCAMMED

I received a $2800 check to deposit into my bank account. I was to be a Customer Service Evaluator rep. I was supposed to send 2 moneygrams from walmart and Sears and send them to 2 people in Ontario, Canada. I was supposed to be paid $600. The company is Work Group Evaluation Services, out of Seattle, and claimed to be affiliated with Consumer Survey Specialists. However, I searched the company and found 4 different reports about this being a scam and to report this to the authorities right away. One report said that they used this to access their bank account. I did not comply with the request to be their rep.

Work Group Evaluation ServicesScam

This company sent me a check for $3750 written from the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts (????) and informed me that I had been chosen to be one of their representatives as a secret shopper. The letter included told me that there was a probationary training assignment where I was supposed to shop at any Wal-Mart and Sears Money Gram location. The objective of this assignment was to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of their customer service and payment system called "Money Gram." I was told to buy anything I wanted at Sears and Wal-Mart for $100 and then to send a Money Gram for $2670 to Diane Ross in Vancouver, BC Canada. Upon completion I was to fax the evaluation form and receipts to the company's customer service department. YEAH RIGHT! What do they think I'm stupid!! The training assignment needs to be completed within 48 hours. What do you think would happen to the check for $3750 in the mean time? I am quite sure it wouldn't clear and some woman in Vancouver would have my $2670! Called my local police department and they said just to shred the letter. I don't understand how these people get away with this.