Williams Online Credit Complaints & Reviews

Anybody reading this don't make the mistake I did

I recently went to a website named Williams Online Credit for a loan not only did I not get the loan I never was given an account manager or sent a decline notice.

I was trying to get some money for school clothes for my kid, the only thing I got was ripped off this company gives a number but when you call all you get is an automated message telling you to send an e-mail to check on status of your loan.

Or if you get the loan send an e-mail to find out what your payment is you never talk to a real person and they charge you 19.00 to run your credit and have you send them your bank statement, any pay stubs or award letters, and a voided check.

Anybody reading this don’t make the mistake I did I was trying to help my kid and got ripped off in the process please please don’t use this company.

  • Ch
    CHuk92 Feb 15, 2012

    I never used this company before, but they charged me for services I never got. These criminals must be in jail!

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  • Fo
    Forgode Jun 25, 2012

    I have not received any money from them and did not give them authorization to with draw and fees and wasn't told about and fees to be with drawn. my bank account is negative. I'm so mad this needs to stop.!

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  • Ca
    Casture Jul 11, 2012

    I think I was scammed. I applied for a payday loan and was told that a $19. process fee was needed and would only take it out of my checking if approved. I have not got a email or call from these people.

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  • Do
    dorisgaskill Mar 04, 2013

    i apply for a loan went to bank got it noticerisa got the bank to fax it then was told that they sent paper work back and would not get loan now they are trying to take money out of my account that is makeing me be over draw i get a ssi check i can not pay my bill now that williams onlinecredit is takeing money that does not belong to them

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  • Ja
    Jaseke Jun 03, 2016

    I received an offer for a cash advance from this company. Said first loan was free that is why I applied. My rent was due in a few days which I have never failed to pay, but I was not getting my check until after rent was due. They posted the 19.00 fee to my checking and a .06 deposit and then debited my checking in 3 payments to total the .06 cents so I thought they were just making sure my account was good and that was fine. I have tried 3 times to send them and email and have tried to get thru on the phone but the recording says the same as the email. So I had to wait for my regular paycheck which was 3 days later and had to pay a 15.00 late fee to my landlord which all totaled 34.00. Today is Friday and I applied last Sunday, 5 days later still nothing. Now I am really worried because this company has my bank account info.

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Williams Credit has debited by account for $44.00 dollars and I haven't seen any money

I applied for a loan with another company on Nov. 14, 2011 and this Williams Credit Online popped up on the screen. I immediately closed out of the Williams Credit website this day. Two days later I got in my e-mail an application for a loan it did't say for how much money but a charge for $19.00 will be taken out. I closed out of this e-mail did not put my signature on any forms because I thought how crazy is this I will have to pay for a loan before you get it. No way!!! This Saturday I checked my account on 11-26-2011 and Williams Credit has debited by account for $44.00 dollars and I haven't seen any money. I did not even fill out the form for this money. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!

  • Wi
    Wineka Aug 01, 2012

    I got an email stated that I was approved for a loan. They took the money out of my account and when I called the number all I get is an recording telling me to email them. What kind of business is this? They did not send me any money not the $200 that I was approved for. It is hard enough that times are rough now people are taking advantage of you.

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  • Ro
    Ronnie58 Aug 30, 2012

    How can we all join and make these damn people give our money back? I don't even know who they are. I have a savings account which is not supposed to be touched. Ronnie Vinson

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  • To
    TomRat Oct 17, 2012

    Go to your bank and complete an affidavit stating that you never approved the 19.00 fee, because you received nothing in return. Your bank should recharge their account and refund the 19.00 to you. Deny you approved the fee.

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  • To
    Toler Jul 26, 2016

    Just for reading their site (you had to put your information in first) $19.00 was charged to my already, empty(which is why I needed a loan) bank account. After reading about their complicated process I left their site without signing any forms, or agreeing to anything. After creating that overdraft charge for me, now, they hit me again for $44 today. These people are bad for the world; they don't care.

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  • Ri
    Rikholde Jul 26, 2016

    I had a medical emergency, and was trying to get some funds to handle that. I got something online from Williams Credit Online, and was called and told my funds were approved, but when I went looking, I saw that they had attempted to withdraw funds from my account, costing me $32.00 in NSF fees. I have not been able to reach anyone in person at this "company", and when I have been switched to voice mail, I get no return calls. I never got anything deposited to my account, only attempts to withdraw. DO NOT do business with them!

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