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I have noticed that ever since West Marine became a huge nation-wide store, and started marketing their own branded products, their quality of both product and service have declined significantly, to the point that I will not purchase any West Marine Brand products anymore. Even their Port Supply arm has lost their competitive edge. I now purchase most of my gear and products from places such as: Hamilton Marine and Jamestown Distributors. I have found that their retail prices generally beat Port Supply's wholesale prices

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    Rhett7337 Dec 27, 2009

    I hate to burst your bubble, but West Marine has been a huge nationwide company for longer than you realize. My fiance worked at one for 8 years, and out of those 8 years, he spent 4 traveling the country doing rebuilds, remodels, teardowns, and set ups. They've also been selling their own brand products for a long time. What company besides West Marine will take a return of a product that was purchased 3 years earlier?

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West MarineTerrible place

I am so sick of my local West Marine. Everytime I go in their crappy store in Winter Haven, FL nobody can answer my questions... Not unless somebody calls the guy who used to manage the store, who they all have on speed dial evidently for when their current manager is not there.

Of course forget about the current manager, he doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground, can't answer a technical question to save his life and would rather talk to you till you can't breathe anymore about anything BUT what you just asked about...

Why do these places skimp on employees? I could do better talking boats with wal-mart employees. I'm a "port supply" customer, and am taking my business to Defender- I get better pricing at their retail price than I do for West Marine's "wholesale" price.

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    ProudWestmarineEmployee Jun 18, 2010

    Well consider this...there are lots of knowledgeable people out there, but not many that are willing to work for minimum wage so they can answer questions daily for impatient people. Maybe you should place yourself in their shoes before raging about their service. Atleast they are willing to try and find the answers to your questions rather than just blow you off. Working retail blows, espicially when you constantly deal with customers like you!

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    blutrank Apr 14, 2011

    My complaint is the fact that i boat a taylor made pontoon boat cover from West Marine after talking to them on the phone and was told is came woth every thing needed for the cover, even a bag to store it in. Well after driving 72 miles to get it and 72 miles back, i start to put the cover on and find their are not a strap for every hold down. So i call the store and am told they only come with 8 and you have to buy the rest. WHAT KIND OF CRAP IS THIS YOU SPEND $360.00 ON A COVER AND YOU HAVE TO BUY EXTRA STRAPS. I THEN TELL THE MANAGER THAT IF THEY DONT SEND ME THREE STRAPS I WILL RETURN THE COVER, AND WHAT DOES HE SAY, OK RETURN IT. WHAT KIND OF A JACKASS WOULD LOSE A SALE FOR $3.00 WORTH OF STRAPS. IT'S NOT THE MONEY IT THE ATTITUDE OF PEOPLE WORKING IN THE STORES THAT THEY DONT GIVE A CRAP IF YOU BUY OR DONT. AND WE WONDER WERE IN THE STATE WERE IN. I THEN CALL TAYLOR MADE AND AM TOLD THAT IT MUST BE A OPENED BOX BECAUSE THEY DO NOT PUT THEIR BELTS IN A PLASTIC ZIP LOCK BAG. SO IT LOOKD LIKE WEST RESTOCKS SOLD ITEMS AS NEW.

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    armadillo Jul 21, 2011

    Slidell west marine has about one person, a male, who knows anything. the others dont know the products and barely know how to operate the system. I took back a duffel bag, west marine logo sewn on it, supposed to be waterproof, vinyl liner had broken down and was sticky and flaking. get it on your hands and you could not wash it off with soap. tried to return it, got endless flack from two employees about where is your receipt and when did you buy it. when i bought it some years ago i pointed out that my high end omega wet weather jacket had such a lining and it peeled off in about 3 years, and why would the dufflle liner not peel off as well. west said, if it does, bring it back. Well it did, and i brought it back, and they just jacked me around. I have spent thousands there over the past 10 years, and this simple bag with about one extra pocket cost them probably under $10. But, being unable to analyze such a thing, they just gave me a hard time and finally i just walked out. And, the prices are utterly absurd for the most part. It is now my store of last resort.

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    Martyf32 Apr 20, 2012

    As an owner over a marine repair shop. I have watched West marine go from being one of the most reasonaley priced retailers to the most expensive priced in less than a year and a half. This place defines GREED at it's best. Stay the hell away from them!

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