Web Detective Pro Complaints & Reviews

Web Detective Propretended to be a person in State Vital Statics Office

I was looking for my gandmother's death certificate and somehow was placed on their website. The girl I talked to did not mention "Web Dective Pro" and I believed her to be from the Office of Vital Statistics so I gave her the information she asked for including my credit card number. Now I am getting e-mails from Web Detective Pro telling me I joined their membership when I never heard of them before and don't want their service. All I want is my grandmother's death certificate. I did not authorize a charge to my account for $39.95 each month. I did authorize a small charge to cover research to find the death certificate. I want to cancel my so called membership at once.

Web Detective Pro — Their 3-day trial is a fraud!

I tried the site and they said I could do a 3-day trial for $2.95. I signed up and then could not get back in...