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Vox Trail Ltdunaurthorized billing

They billed me thru Hawaiian telcom for $44.85. I have never heard of, or ordered any services, from this company - VOX Trail Ltd. Must be some kind of scam.

  • Me
    Melvin J. Paris Oct 27, 2008

    Me too.. and Verizon has taken money from my bank, I closed the Verizon account 2 years ago. Fox told me a Mike Aron incurred the charges. Never hear of him.

    Verizon told me 3 times already they will send a refund check; Aug., Sept., and now late Oct. Nothing after about 5 calls asking for my money. Promises and nothing else.

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Vox Trail LtdUnauthorized billing

Vox trail ltd has been billing my phone service for 14.95 i did not order any such service and upon calling the 800 number they refused to help me with this problem stated that they were not a part of vox trail and only did billing services? I refuse to pay this bill and have had no luck finding out how to stop this rip off they are clearly a scam company that is on the internet to take advantage of unsuspecting people.

  • Ri
    Richard Wharton Oct 31, 2008

    I just discovered this month that I had been billed by vox trail ltd without my knowledge or consent! It is about time someone put a stop to the illegal tendering they are doing.

    State's Attorney General should be contacted. Florida that is.

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  • Fr
    Frances Wallace Nov 20, 2008

    I called the 800 # on my phone bill and someone from the company tried to tell me I signed up for it online and that the charges would be removed and that I would be discontinued as a customer. I never signed up for anything, and I had my Telephone company place a No 3rd Party Charges block on my account.

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