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VolvoNavigation outdated

I bought a Volvo S60 in South Africa, Mpumalanga - Mbombela in September 2011.
The Navigation system is out dated and it is of no use for me.
Since I paid good money for it I expect it to work properly.
Volvo in Mbombela blames Garmin for it but that is nonsense because I have an out-dated Garmin that is far in advanced of the one in my car.
To me, this is unacceptable because I paid for a convenience that I can not use and therefor I feel that I lost a lot of money.
Are you going to solve my problem or give me a refund?

  • Ya
    Yak Sep 26, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Never liked Volvo after having an S40. Leased it, the service was weak
    and after the lease expired and I returned the car, the dealership
    failed to inspect the car when I dropped it off. The S40 was
    sideswiped and the dealership claimed it was us. Complete nonsense that lasted almost a year.

    If you have a similar complaint about a company or service visit and share your story, like I did. It's free to
    post and the best part is they send a letter to the company notifying
    them that they were added to the deadbeat list!

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  • Ma
    Mark Sep 29, 2008
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    Had a discrepancy with a Volvo company after leasing an S40. I was able to post on the site below, and they send out a postcard to the Volvo dealership

    Check out this site - When you post a complaint, an email is sent to the accused, and a color postcard is sent in the U.S. mail, notifying them that they have been added to the Deadbeat List. You can post something and hit submit (w/o filling in the credit card info – usually costs $10) and it works

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  • Ge
    George Reed Dec 02, 2011
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    Every time I bring in my vehicle at this dealership I notice a new employee has manhandled my car, once I witness a black an elderly person with a mechanical smock approaching my vehicle to drive the car to the garage station in the back, this elderly man has large sharp nails like a woman, as he opened my vehicle door his nails scratched my door panel.

    This is the dealer where I bought my Volvo originally from located at Hassel Volvo of Huntington, 345 West Jericho Turnpike, Huntington, NY 11743. This is the only dealer I made my yearly round of maintenance schedule since 2006. I could not travel farther or trust another dealer on long island fearing the same shenanigan will be practice with a different dealer. The year I was contemplating which car should I buy from but Hassel of Volvo advertisements said and I quote “buy a car from us with hassle free”?
    The garage area is in the back of the facility, a valet attendant brings my car from the back parking lot to the front; this particular individual is an obese male Spanish decent damaged my car in so many ways I can’t figure out why and what is his vendetta towards me. The driver seat has been obliterated due to constantly punching and striking the seat so many times after every visit to the shop. All this happens while I waited in the lobby of the shop. Once this obese Spanish has become more blatantly brazen at another interval he damaged the driver side by denting a small hole in the outer parameter of the door panel. At that time I complained and the dealer repaired the incident with no charge.

    Not only the parking attendant has sabotaged my vehicle but also someone inside the garage area a mechanics, I don’t know how many are involved? Gradually as time pass by I find newer damages to my vehicle. Nobody uses or drives my car except me. Many damages are not in plain view but hidden inside the vehicles structure. Once I was cleaning the interior rug surface with a vacuum and I had to move the seat recliner all the way forward, to my amazement I found another damage part of my vehicle someone has used a sharp object to cut my vinyl’s cloth about two inch deep. I complain they promise and they eventually rescind their word.
    Another example listening to my radio playing music the sound from the speakers section resonate is distorted after visiting the shop for repair. Someone has punctured a hole in the speaker section that is why the sound becomes vibrates. Also I find many black smudge in and around the linen cloth of the interior of the vehicle what happen they stop wearing disposable gloves in order to save money?

    I am beginning to see an old pattern and it has awaking me from a stupor, I notice service department check-in my vehicle and someone drive the car to the back parking lot and it just sits idle there, after a couple of hours waiting they will bring my vehicle up front from a washed and cleaned but no mechanical repairs has been done. I don’t have any knowledge about automobile mechanical engineer so when the service manager says the problem has been solved I am going to take his word for it. After I leave the service area the noise from the engine is still present.

    I never consented for a washing of my vehicle, this is a way to distract you from the subversion. it practically impossible to judge whether the vehicle was serviced unless it was drive for couple of days and only than you can sense something is off, beside you can’t leave the facility without paying for allege repair work.

    I been doing this since 2006 I parked my car off the street surrender my plate to the DMV. I leave for five to six months’ vacation; it saves me plenty on insurances bills and avoids vandalism. In November 2010, Just before I left on vacation I had my vehicle maintenance done and it cost me $_______.
    Someone is instigating and/or inciting these people to inflict damages to my vehicle on purpose.
    Every car built after 2005 have are equipped with advance computer chips planted in all vehicle, these chips monitor the speed, the temperature and mostly monitors mechanical condition of their vehicles on the road. These vehicles make it very easy for mechanic to pinpoint and diagnose the source of disrepairs. I keep a close eye on my vehicle in order to avoid future costly unnecessary repairs.
    After contemplating and observing maintenance visits, reviewing past mechanical bills and I have come to understanding what have been transpired up to this occurrence. The Bits and pieces of the puzzle have starting to fit together. It is my reasonable explanation as following:

    How and why the service department sabotaged my vehicle so they can siphon more money from me. The vehicle computer chip was altered first and then a mechanical service personal has loosen the mechanical belts on my car, if mechanical failure occurs it would not register on my dash-board. For almost two and half years I been complaining about an odor sipping out from the engine, in order to mask the original source someone placed a small pieces of plastic nylon on the engine and when the engine heats up the nylon would melt and releases an odor similar to an engine failure. I also would explain to the service clerk beside the smell I heard a noise that was not there before, again they would say the same thing “it nothing there or we repair the problem” which they never do.
    So after returning from my six month vacation in 2011 I took my car in at Hassel of Volvo for mechanical failure on the road. Steve Janicek ran a diagnostic check and in conclusion he estimated that my car needs two replacement parts (enclosed copy of the document). The total cost for the two parts including labor and taxes amount to around fifteen hundred dollars.
    A brief history of auto mechanics in New York State, you can’t find a decent and honest auto mechanics because habitually all are in on the rackets. And most of all they have the power to turn your good condition car into a junk within the matter of hours, either pay up or suffer the loss on your investment.

    Why do you suppose consumers rather than having their vehicle for the shelf life they opt for a newer cars. Nobody wants to deal with the racket machine forcing customer to ditch the old car and buy brand new vehicles.
    I rented a vehicle from across the street, returned the next day and wouldn’t cha know it my car is still parked in the back parking lot nothing has been done. i wanted to cancel my repair service at first but Steve refuse to return my vehicle and we had a loud argument than I said “show me the two parts you order yesterday” Steve had no answer and that’s when I exploded in a rage, I demanded my car back but before he handed my vehicle key he force me to pay $129.00 for diagnostic check.
    I took my car to another state, for another diagnostic check and in conclusion my vehicle only needed a new battery and the total cost was less than three hundred dollars. One problem solved now I wanted to be sure about my preceding suspicions about the smell sipping from the engine I took the car to Volvo of Stamford in Connecticut. I was correct the engine had a failure and it was not registering on the dash-board the engine needed replacement with two tensioner belts. This was not a normal of wear and tear; in fact this was incapacitated by the mechanic’s from Hassel of Volvo in New York to exponentially deteriorate the vehicle value.
    As I was double-checking the new part on the internet I stumble upon a new data from Volvo recalls, it turns-out the parts Steve Janicek was issuing me was in fact a free of charge due to Manufacturers recalls.
    Do you now understand why no one trusts a mechanics anymore? I feel sorry for the owner of the establishment because people like this are allowed to have a position by chasing good customers away.

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VolvoVolvo's break at 100 000 kms

I took my car in for a 100 000 service. At 106000 there is a major fault that is now costing me R2900.00. I drove up to volvo and without even looking at the car or asking me what the problem is the service attendant could identify the problem. So 6000km after a service then a major fault.Warning to all volvo owners insist that the oil seal, that breaks after the 100 000 km mark, be replaced while your car is still under warranty.
Their response is that this is normal. you just do not know what is going to break next. and the fault could not be identified at the previous service HOWEVER the quick diagnostic made is an indication that the car has a flaw with regards to this oil seal.

My issue: if they know this happens why not proactively replace the part at 100 000. Sadly disappointed in a Brand and Service i.e. I hate Volvo!

Volvoc70 engineering design failure on the turbo

Be aware the the design of the reliable 5 cylinder engine becomes unreliable when volvo added the turbo to it. They recommend 7500 mile oil changes but the turbo will fail and your engine will develop sludge and possibly fail shortly after you repair the turbo. You need to change the oil every 3000 miles. Forget the lies they will tell you. Do not get the t 2.5 urboor you will find out for yourself.

  • Ri
    ripped off by volvo Sep 19, 2010
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    Ask the dealer or salesman, or mechanic which engine is volvo not having trouble with.
    stay away from volvo now that were bought by Ford!

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  • Re
    Reviewer37441 Jan 20, 2016
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    My 1 year old brand new car driven for 40.000 km had a problem in the engine. I will never buy or recommend Volvo again. Volvo doesn't stand behind of its product. I was expecting to get same customer service as German brands have.

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VolvoVolvo parts

Is Volvo the new Yugo? We replaced the SRS sensor module in our Volvo in 2007. We purchased a new Volvo part and the shop that did the work was a well-regarded and highly-rated Volvo-only shop that has been in business for 22 years. The part failed after two years. Both the shop and we contacted Volvo regarding replacement of the defective part (the part alone is about $550 and installation is another $150). Volvo refuses to stand behind its product. How can a $550 part be good for only two years? We are appalled. Next time, we buy a Honda or a Toyota.

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