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Resolved VocalocityMisrepresentation

On July 10, 2010 I entered into a contract with Vocalocity to provide not only my telephone service but also my fax service. After discussing my needs with Nikki Karminskas (sales) and being assured by her that the fax service was unlimited (this was a very important issue for me) I signed a contract. The contract states "Unlimited US Fax Number" $14.99 per month. The Vocalocity website states (as of 4/11/11) Fax to Email - Vocalocity's unlimited faxing service makes it quick and easy to send and receive faxes...

However yesterday 4/11/11, I received email from Vocalocity stating that my usage was excessive and based on their terms of service, section 4.2 I had exceeded my alloted 500 pages per month but they were going to waive the additional charges of $183.60 and that this was just a warning.

I have reviewed the terms of service which show as having been revised March 2011 and 4.2 does stipulate that vocalocity reserves the right to terminate service based on fax broadcasting, etc. (none of which does my business participate in) and states that there is a 500 page limit. I have requested a copy of the terms of service as they were in effect in July 2010 when I signed my contract as this was the FIRST time that it was brought to my attention that my "Unlimited" plan actually had a 500 page limit.

I believe that this is fraudulent advertising by the company - ALL OTHER REFERENCES TO FAXING STATES IT IS UNLIMITED - except for the fine print buried in the terms of service OR perhaps they realized that offering unlimited faxing was costly and because they could not afford to do this any longer they are now changing the rules. Either way, this is just BAD BUSINESS and if I did not feel that ultimately my business would suffer from changing things around rather than paying a higher fee to vocalocity I would do so.

In case anyone else is interested, they also advertise that the minutes for the extensions at $39.99 per month is UNLIMITED, but I found once again buried in the terms of service that there is in fact a 3000 minute limit on this as well - while this does not affect me I am quite sure there are others that will be caught by surprise by this. My contract does state "Unlimited US Extension - $39.99 per month.


1. Having no restrictions or controls: an unlimited travel ticket.
2. Having or seeming to have no boundaries; infinite: an unlimited horizon.
3. Without qualification or exception; absolute: unlimited self-confidence.

Vocalocity service is NONE of these things and they should not be allowed to continue to advertise and use this verbage in their contracts or their website - only referring to the TOS with a website address which takes you to the TOS page that can be changed to suit their needs at any time.

Resolved VocalocityService and Sales Related. Bad Experience

When I first signed up for Vocalocity and sent them my signup information they established my account fast. It was prompt. The signup process along with the speed I received my first quote was impressive. After that Vocalocity could not do one thing correctly. I am serious, they even screwed up when it came to charging my credit card! Some months they charge me the correct the amount while other months they do not. Moreover, if you call them they say they will follow up - which they do not do. On the call quality side, they suck. I switched phone companies and everything works fine.
When I was using the Vocalocity VoIP phone service, they would blame the problem at my Internet. They were great at pointing the finger at other issues.
Even when I ported my numbers to them, they blamed the other company. They dont care about customers and hate to address problems. Instead of tackling issues and complaints Vocalocity blames others.
Learn from my experience and do not use Vocalocity.

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    seanuo Dec 30, 2009

    Vocalocity phone service stinks. When I say stinks, I mean it. They don't care, and the support sucks. I'm glad to see Im not the only person with issues using Vocalocity. I know other Allstate agents that experienced hell with the service.

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Resolved VocalocityBad service

I started using Vocalocity's phone service because my friend recommend switching to VoIP. She was using Sunrocket for her home phone and I decided to use voip for my business.
Across the past 2 years my business has gone from having 3 employees to 19 and I've given all my business to vocalocity.
This is no longer the case. I am writing this vocalocity review because they had a network outage and they continuously blamed the problems on my network. I've been paying them over $700 each month and they do not care at all. They just say that everything is my fault and that I need to buy new phones.
Well...I setup a test account with another voip provider and everything worked perfectly.
They refuse to cancel my service and continue to give me a hard time. I have filed a complaint with the FCC and my Chamber.
Vocalocity does not care to help their customers and their service sucks. I've been burned by them and will be so happy once they let me take my numbers to another provider.

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    jsfl Mar 24, 2009

    I signed up for vocalocity two weeks ago and got everything setup with them. I provided them with the info they needed to transfer my numbers and they told me yesterday that my number couldnt be transferred. It would have been nice if they told me this earlier

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    BadVocalocity Jan 14, 2010

    It took our company a while to decide which provider we're going to use, and decided to go to Vocalocity. Vocalocity activated our account and charged our credit card. We are a very transparent company and we asked them what recommendations they could provide to make sure there will be no disruption of service because we are going to receive a high volume of calls. We even clarified with them if there's any add-on service that we need to get from them just to make sure we're not going to appear as if we're abusing their service, especially the unlimited plans. They said, NO, we don't need to add anything because they will just shoot us an email once they see that we're going over our limit. The next day, they canceled our account for a claim that we went over the number of minutes that we can use, and worst of all, charging us 6 cents per minute for the overusage, and yeah, it's in their terms and conditions and our company made sure it was read before using their service and that's why we tried to ask them before using the service if there's anything we need to set up to make sure we will not be penalized or what not, but they just let it happen and they're just very happy to charge us big time. Now, the worst part is, they canceled our account, so the business number is not working after we have informed the number to all our affiliates and customers. Worst service I have every used. This happened in just a period of 16hours, if you come to think of it. They're growing very quickly because they know they can simply ruin a business if things won't go their way.

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  • Rd
    rdev Nov 21, 2011

    Careful with Vocalocity. They bought Aptela during the summer and promptly fired half the company, including a lot of good people who were hitting their numbers and had been there for many years, simply because their VP of Sales wanted his team to be in Atlanta. They gave nothing for years of service, did not pay earned vacation, and still charged-back commissions on sales reps they fired on accounts that quit after the reps were fired. Insanely evil people. Why get rid of producers with client and agent relationships?!? I hope they all burn it a fiery hell for as long as they caused grief and unemployment all of my friends who got fired for no good reason and could have been top reps at Vocalocity if they had been given a chance to fight for their jobs. Stupid. The rest of us in the support are hating life and wonder when our day is coming.

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    regularjoe2 Jan 17, 2014

    Yeah vocalocity sucks and has questionable business practices

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Resolved VocalocityVocalocity VoIP Customer Review - Problems

Vocalocity was not as good as my sales representative played it out to be. When I did my research I was quite confident I made the right move but I was very wrong. The support does not care and they have no problem with users canceling. I have my own business and would do anything to keep my customers. This is not what I noticed with Vocalocity. They let me leave and did not have any interest in keeping me as a user.
My problem with Vocalocity is related to their reliability. The service has been way too shaky for a business class phone service. I've have toooo many problems with them and Vocalocity has had no interest in fixing the issues I've had - so I left. I was a customer for three weeks and they were not willing to refund my money even though the sales representative told me I would get my money back if I was unhappy.
I do not recommend Vocalocity. Their service is horrible and not worth it.

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    bentlebee Feb 05, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Can you explain what exactly the issue was. I'm looking to change from my current provider and was checking into this company as well as other providers...

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    bentlebee Feb 05, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Can you be more specific why you weren't happy. We are looking to change with our company and were actually considering this company...

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    Xpress May 16, 2011

    I've been with them for almost 2 months.. and I've had 2 entire mondays where my phone system and "their" phone system went down..I couldn't even get in touch with support to know when it would come up.. I lost a lot of business (out of all days.. on a monday it goes out.. comon)
    First full day failure, they say it was an entire network failure, never happened.. they will fix etc etc.. 2 weeks later, same thing..

    I agree - it is very shakey for business class if you do phone sales...
    We are saving big money from the landline verizon and ATT rip off.. .so im sticking with it just because its a bad economy...

    Not sure if other providers would be better for VOIP or if they are all the same... but its nerving when the provider cannot even be reached because they are out of business with you when the system is down...

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