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Resolved vatsal joshi & co.poor doctors

my friend and his wife have been in canada for the last 2 years.
6 months before, his wife was pragnent and she had a time for the delivery in one of the hospital.
we drove the car immidiately to the hospital and rest her there becouse we could fill up some formalities.
believe me, my friend's wife was not at all in a condition to wait anymore and there was no doctor ready.!
nobody had feelings for a pragnent woman. she was crying being not able to suffer anymore but the doctors, nurses were not human. they wanted us to fill a form first.
so we have a request to canadian govt. to feed well to the doctors.
they are still hungry. they need extra money. otherwise they are not going to have an interest in any of the critical situations.

Resolved vatsal joshi & co.poor management of manpower

i was registered in manpower employment agency which is established since a long time and considered to be one of the best placement agency. but it's not.
the efficiency and effectivity of any company is not considered only keeping in mind it's objective and work operation. but also it's organisation and management, reliability and customer satisfaction.
i have been laid off by one company. so in order to apply for the employment insurance, i asked manpower to give me a record of employment letter. frankly speeking, no one was responsible and was interested in getting me that letter. i mean i ask the service centre first and it guided me to inform the local agency to put the request.
everytime when i call there, i speak with different representative. and every single time i had to request them to put a request for ROE letter. i still haven't recieved it. i mean it's worthless if we have to call there everyday and to beg there.
most of ladies are there. who are irresponsible for the mismanagement of that organisation since they are only interested in looking saxiest and hot. that's it.
my request to the govt. is to hire men. otherwise the scenario will be reverse after a few years. the ladies will be upper the body of a man and man will be down.

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    dashwood95 Aug 25, 2009

    No employer is required to give you a letter stating you were employed, and many are not inclined to for various legal reasons. We were told as Manpower recruiters not to write any letters for associates and to have them direct all inquiries into their employment with "" or it's corresponding 800 number. I can't imagine Canada is that much different. Your complaint is baseless and offensive. Because a woman dresses nice for work she's only interested in being "Sexy?" You better hope Manpower doesn't sue you for defamation of character.

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Resolved vatsal joshi & co.cheating by canadian govt.

i am vatsal joshi, a permanent resident of canada. i have been here with my family since last 1 year.
when we applied for the permanent residency for canada, we were guided by the immigration law that canada needs people with high skills, education and qualification.
this is a cheating by canadian govt. for the last many years and poeple are fool who get cheated as well just for coming in canada in order to make money!
at the time of applying, there is a point system which is calculated on the basis of the education and experience we have got in our home country. the canadian immigration policy also gives us points for those back ground. but after coming here, that experience, qualification and education is not of use. which means that canada just want skilled and educated labour.
it means that just for standing in a store, working in a factory, swiping the floor canada ask us to gain a high level of education. i have so many doctors, advocates, school teachers, professors working with me in a factory without talking with his neighbour and without recieving the phone calls!
some poeple regret that we are trapped now. and i always ask them that "did you ask or listen to anybody before coming here??" and they say no. and it's natural. who deosn't want to fo abroad?
everybody is facing problems here. some of them have bought a house and now paying a mortgage and huge amount of bills! some of them have quit eating good food and given up enjoying lives just for saving dollars. and when they come to india, oh my god! they show like they are (poor) filmstars!
inshort i have a complaint against canadian govt. and its immigration policy which needs to be changed. or everyone should be given a proper job based on their previous field. i am waiting for someone to help me fight with this.