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USA DiscountersCharging with out auth / poor customer service

I called in on the 25th to see why my credit card was being charged, mind you my payment wasnt due until the 1st of the month. The girl was rude and when i asked to speak to a supervisor she got real ignorant. As the supervisor ms. Owens picked up the line she was laughing. . I asked her if something ws funny and the ignorance began all over again. . Trained monkeys could do her job better. . . What a joke. . They refuse to give me my payoff so i dont have to deal with them. Next stop the bbb abd base legal. . . The new ceo is less than stellar so i guess these people take after their ceo. . What a joke. . . I am a retired marine and my husband is a commissioned officer. This company is not military friendly anymore. . .

USA DiscountersExtremely high cost of doing business with company

USA Discounters, a company that claims to serve the military
community, has changed its leadership and course. With its new leadership, Interim CEO Jeff
Feinberg, it has become a slice-and-dice company that is willing to make a
profit off the backs of military service members at all costs. Avoid this company or be prepared to pay for
furniture, appliances, stereos, tires, rims, and jewelry at a very high cost. USA Discounters Board Members, especially
Norman Slone who initially started the company with a handful of employees,
should be ashamed of themselves at the way they have recently changed their
course and are willing to take any opportunity to make a profit.

USA DiscountersBuyer Beware

Purchased piece of furniture for cash. Upon receipt, realized it wasn't what I thought and it was damaged. Immediately returned it. Manager said since it was a cash sale, no refund. Took 15 minutes of arguing to get refund. Then took 3 days for it to be processed. Yet their website says return possible within 72 hours. I returned within 2. I went to Lakewood WA store.

USA DiscountersIgnorant service

I purchased a living set from US discounters last year in September. By the middle of December I noticed my couch was sinking in and making lot's of squeaky noise like the sound of lose bouncing springs from underneath the couch. I called US Discounters and also email the salesman I did the business with. He reasured me he would let the customer service know about my report and that they would call me back. In February I email and also called the customer service department. They send a furniture technician to my home to check out the demaged couch. The service man look at the couch from under and advised me the couch had an internal manufactures demage that couldn't be fix. He advised me he would send the US Discounters a report so they can decide on what to do with my couch. Again I waited a few weeks and when I noticed no one was geting in touch with me I call them again. This time I was advised they had to reorder the couch since they wouldnt be able to fix it. I was told it would take up to another eight weeks before I could get it. I went ahead adn agreed to wait for the time agreed. Today, 7 months later and a recent email to the salesman and no one has contacted me in regards to the demaged couch. And needless to say I am still making my monthly payments on this damage furniture without delays on my part. What would it take for me to get my replacement couch? On my last email to the salesman at US Discounters I advised them if I don't heard from them within a reasonable amount of time that I would contact an attorney and make a stop of payment at my bank. I haven't got any answer from them and it has been about another month since. I am feeling helpless and very discouraged.

USA DiscountersPoor quality of service

This is the store on Bragg blvd fayetteville not go here ever!!

Okay so i go into the store, I see a dinning room table and chairs that i like...oh and a headboard. Once everything is said and done I have a headboard, dinning table 4 chairs and wine rack for under 600 dollars. I pay 400 that day and "finance" the rest (like 240) any way they tell me IT cant be delivered until Monday ...its Tuesday... so I'm looking for a truck. the lady tells me ..exact words... If your needing help with the loading the guy is here until 6, but I'm here until 9.

so i try basically from 3 that afternoon until finally a truck became available at home depot.. it was 750. I proceed to call, T and she tells me that i cant get my furniture because they are bout to leave. so after having it out with the manager and getting the corporate number she tell me its a misunderstanding. Now its 900pm so i arrange for someone to pick up my things on the following day... which is today and guess what? They don't give me ALL my pieces. oh my goodness... I'm at work now i cannot wait to get off to here what excuse they have for this one.

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USA DiscountersPoor customer service

So I ordered a sofa from here a few months ago and I waited all day(took off of work) for them to deliver since they refused to give my an approximate delivery time frame(sheesh-even disorganized Comcast gives you a 3 hour time span so you have an approximate idea of when they will grace you with there presence). So there I sat waiting all day and they never came! Sooooo, I called the store and spoke with the Assistant Manager because I was told the Manager already left for the day. He told me that he didn't know what happened-the delivery was marked in the book but not tranferred over to the delivery log for that day somehow. Ok, so he tells me it is too late in the day for them to add this for delivery the next day and the day after that is Saturday and they are already overbooked so can we make it on Monday!!! I tell him since it was THERE mistake not MINE, I don't think I should have to wait 5 days after the original delivery date to get my furniture. He says he agrees and promises me a discount and tells me to call the next day so I can be credited properly. Guess what? I called the next day and was passed to the Manager who says that the guy I spoke with couldn't make the decision of whether or not I got a discount and he said he couldn't help me with a discount or to get the item delivered faster. I hate this place. Would never go there again and i tell everyone I know to stay far away from here. Thanks for nothing.

USA Discounters — Terrible experience

This company was supposed to be for military, but the minute we missed a payment due to the army not paying...

Resolved USA DiscountersWay overcharged me

We bought furniture from them for $7000 and later found the same exact furniture for $378 at big lots. They are an awful company and if anyone if thinking about buying anything from them, I would definitely think twice about it. We had to pick furniture twice because the first set we picked was unavailable at the time. I really wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. They will rip you off and you will be paying them for many years to come. Go somewhere else and I’m sure you will get a much better deal. Don’t fall for the monthly payments, they are outrageous and after 2 months of paying for the furniture; we could have bought a set and been done with it.

Resolved USA DiscountersOver charges for items

I bought a computer from them. Total was around $3000 dollars. It was a Compaq Presario that I later found out was only about $458 at Office Depot. The monitor quit working. After 6 months of them not returning my calls, I called a different store that put me through on a direct line to Customer Service. They do not send replacements. They would give me a $450 credit for an entire new system. That would put me in debt again for $2500 and I am not willing to do it. I thought I had bought insurance with this system.