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Resolved UnlockSolution.co.ukService paid for - does not work - not able to reach company

I bought the service to unlock my phone - make and model listed on their 'supported phones' page - they sent me an unlock code but the guide they sent did not make sense, I e-mailed them saying as much and requesting support. I have now e-mailed 3 or 4 times, once they replied sending a standard link to the guide how to unlock - the same one I was querying, I have not had any support from them and am still unable to unlock my phone. Never again. DO NOT GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR MONEY. They quote a 'satisfied customer' but you may notice that there is nowhere to submit your own review. Speaks volumes.

Resolved UnlockSolution.co.uk — Misrepresentation

First - I do not believe that this company has done anything illegal. Two clicks away on their T&Cs they had...