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Universal PowerMisleading contract for Fixed price.

Our restaurant signed a contract with Universal Power for a Price protection plan. The contract says "guaranted fixed price 8.29cents/kw". Actually the price is not fixed when we received the bill. When we asked them. They said there is a balancing charge on top of it. This is not a "fixed price" or price protection plan anymore if the price is fluctuated. We ask for terminating the contract but we have to pay arround $10, 000 dollars to do it. This is totally misleading about "Fixed price" or "Price protection Plan".
Someone has signed this same kind of contract with Universal Power or Just Energy(New name for Universal Power) please check carefully whether your price is fixed or you have paid much more than you should. If you find out the price is not fixed. Please contact us at [protected]@genghiskhanmongoliangrill.com. Because we have hired a good lawyer to sue them and we need more same case to support to win. This kind of fraud has to be stopped and justiced. Please help us and help yourself.

Universal PowerEnery Bill

My family signed with Universal Power back in 2007 and we are now trying to get out of their ridiculous contract. We are paying double then what we would have normally. Plus there are extra charges attached with the bill...like the Provincial Benefit????? yeah, its a benefit alright! and Universal Power gets it all!!!


Thank you!!!


  • Ti
    Tim46 Jul 23, 2010

    Universal Power Complaints - Energy Bill
    To get out turn off hydro. find good friend or relative to turn on with different name drivers license and account number, try it or your son or daughter with different name if possible. Look for there offices on map quest, get enough people to gather there in one day and make news police, road blocks. a few yrs ago there add said say 30% on hydro, if I an paying 5.2 per kiwi them be paying loss than that and save some money, think universal most have there own way to get hydro cheaper, other wise how can they survive giving everyone the discount, can with natural gas I have the printed sheets. The guy said we well protect you from the raising cost of hydro. sounds good so far, gave the hydro bill and he mark the 0 areas and I signed it, ten days later they call and see if I want to continue, mind you haven't got my first bill yet. and them saw a check for 50.00 from them, cool save 30% on hydro and got a 50.00 check. they most have a cheaper way to make hydro.
    Them I got the bill, with a benefit charge and the rate was higher than 5.2 like 6.8 for a while them went higher. hydro didn't move to much but they did, lucky for my I an now paying 7.9 pew kw. hydro is still 5.6 or so. think it is time to call a friend, Find all the people that got scanned and pic a day we all visit there office there is three in the Toronto area. have the police we all on the news and some day probably w.5. Spread this to everyone [email protected]

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Universal PowerLies and cancellation fees

I signed up with Universal Power on claims I was getting "Price Protection". The only ones protected when prices go up is Universal Power. I asked to cancel they wanted $900 on my credit card. The latest insult is the $66 Provincial Benefit fee they added.

The door to door reps will do anything to get a sign up and the companies will do NOTHING to prevent fraud. I am using http://dbrparalegal.com to get out of the stupid contract and ...maybe... my money back in Small Claims Court.

  • To
    TonyaL Oct 22, 2009

    i totally agree!
    I have been trying to cancel with them since forever now...
    not only have my bills doubled.. and i haven't saved not one penny... they want over five hundred dollars for me to get out of the contract! so not only am I out several hundred dollars on my bills.. I will be out five hundred if I cancel the contract!
    so basically.. it's nothing but i fraud.. and they trick you into this...
    this can't be right.. something has to be done about this company...
    I'm sooo mad... and when I called for a supervisor.. it took them almost a month to call me back! guess they have a huge list of people to call... because I haven't heard of ANYONE being happy about this Universal power.
    [email protected]
    Ps.. let meknow if anyone knows a different way to get out of this!
    five year contract too.. and I'm only three years in

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  • Kr
    Kristina F Feb 28, 2010

    I am so disappointed that I did not know about this website before. My family and I are one of the victims of Universal Power as well. For the whole year we did not realize how much money they were ripping us off. I paid my early Termination Fee about 6 months ago however they are so disorganized that they did not cancel the account but rather conveniently were still charging us. After so many phone calls and waiting for the answers the account still has not been cancelled and we are still waiting for it to be resolved. Universal Power is a fraud organization. There has to be a way to stop them.

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  • Kr
    Kristina F Mar 16, 2010

    Here I am again, 16 days passed by and I still can't cancel my Hydro account even though I paid my early termination fee in Aug. 2009. I can’t believe this company how they like to rip innocent people off. Not only after many phone calls and emails I can’t cancel my account they send us to a collection agency. What a joke? Please people do not believe anything they say or will do. This company is manipulative and fraud.

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Universal PowerDeceiving cost savings

Over a year ago...a very friendly young man came to our door at night. He was so convincing about the governments plan to increase hydro rates and managed to convice us that by going with a protected rate with Universal Power we would be in a better situation.
A year later; our hydro bills have more than doubled. The protected rate offered to us was only in place for 2 months and since then I have discovered, from speaking to a friendly associate at Ontario Hydro, that Universal power is also adding on the Provincial benefit (charges) to my bill. With the government the provincial benefit is also paid but it is covered within the rate (kwH).
When I called Universal the service rep referred to me to my brochure and started talking about the Provincial Benefit REBATE and how that is an added charge...pretty sure that the word REBATE means return of funds, not extra charges.

So I am actually paying almost 12cents / KwH for my hydro in this latest reconcilation bill. ...compared to a cost of around 6 cents with the government!!!
I am going to get out of this contract...I am appalled that any company can be deceitful and allowed to charge for energy at this price.

DON"T sign with them...they obviously are using lies to attract customers and are not conducting business with any kind of morals.

I am currently waiting to hear from someone from the company to discuss my contract cancellation, and am certain that will be a fight. Since I don't believe they have lived up to their contractual obligations by charging me in excess of the guaranteed rate...does anyone have any advice on how to best approach this challenge.

  • An
    angry1 Jun 29, 2009

    I agree, something needs to be done. We have had the same thing happen to us. We call them about once a week . They tell us to get out of the contract it will cost over a thousand dollars. That wasnt in the copy of the contract that they sent to me when i requested a copy because they didnt leave me one. But then again I guess they didnt want us to know that the gentleman a the door lied. He said he was representing Veridian.My hydro and gas doubled. How much can two people use? Especially when they are gone all day. I agree something needs to be done. But at what cost? I know they are not getting a thousand dollars or more from me to break a contract, to witch they were deceitful about in the first place. I will give it to a lawyer first.

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  • Jc
    Jcap Sep 01, 2009

    Ditto here. I'm about a 10 months into my 5 year contract. I just called them and they quoted $626.64 to cancel.

    I just took a look at the historical rates going back 5 years for the provincial benefit (www.ieso.ca), and in that time there have only been a few times on a given month that there was actually a rebate (barely). In the long run, it just makes sense to cut my losses now and break the contract.

    I talked to Veridian and they said they are receiving a lot of complaints about Universal but can't do anything about it.

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  • Pa
    Paul William Sep 13, 2009

    I am also dealing with the bull ... with universal power. They quoted me $814.00 to get out of the contract. I don't know here to turn. The provincial benefit last month was $89.00 alone. Help, this is making me crazy.

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  • To
    TonyaL Sep 24, 2009

    i agree with everyone's opinion here! We too, , , were fooled with signing up with Universal Power... Our hydro bill has doubled.. and I have never had a reasonable bill since! I tried to cancel.. and when I did they sent me a notice saying I had to pay $700 to get out of my contract... this is because they supposively bought hydro for me... and so I could get it at the fixed price.. and to get out of the contract... and I would have to pay them back for that...sorry if this doesn't make much sense.. but I am so frustrated!
    I feel so helplesss...
    if anyone knows how to get out of this contract asap... PLEASE LET ME KNOW!
    Lindsa, Ontario

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  • To
    TonyaL Oct 22, 2009

    does anyone know if you can call the actual hydro company.. and ask THEM to take universal power off your bill?? they want five hundred from me to cancel!!!
    please help
    thank tonya
    [email protected]

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Universal Powercancellation charge to cancel contract

a guy came to the house to offer a good deal for hydro .he made my wife believe that he was with hydro which was incorrect. At the time we asked if we moved or rented an apartment that we could cancel the contract. he said yes no problem. we were so wrong. In April we sold our house and informed them that house would change hands in may 9. They said that no problem cancelling contract just fax sale of house, morguage paid, agreement to rent, and all other information done...$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ big f...

We got notification that they Did not receive it, we gave them verification of faxed infocost 10.00 to sent .Couple of weeks later we got a call if we did not send documents again we would go to collection roughly 1400.00 with penalty and cancellation. so like good people we resent info again $10.00 PLEASE . GOT A CALL AGAIN RESENT INFO. CALLED SEVERAL TIMES HARRASSING MY WIFE AND MAKING ME MAD.. QWE STATED WE SENT INFO TWICE AND THEN THEY STOPPED FOR A month then IT STARTED RIGHT BACK TO COLLECTION. AGAIN WE TOLD THEM WE SENT ALL INFO THAT THEY REQUIRED.

WE GOT A CALL THAT WE HAD TP PAY A PENALTY TO CANCEL CONTRACT AS WE DID NOT INFORM THEM IN TIME. we are good people who pay our bills and have never been in collection.this has been a bitterpill to swallow as this is ### $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ we finally paid them to get rid of them. IF THEY TRY AGAIN IT WILL BE HARASSMENT...

  • Ja
    jane23 Jun 23, 2009

    Universal power is a scammer. We moved from Canada last year to the US and later when I got laid off was back in ontario living with my inlaws.

    We did inform Universal last year that we were moving and they said fine and told us that the service was cancelled.

    Today we received a collections notice at our new address asking for $450 stating that as per the contract we were locked in for 5 years and even if we moved we have to pay a penalty.

    Does this mean that when we sign, we agree to pay them for 5 years no matter if we r subscribing to the services or not? How could the legal systems allow them to operate in such a manner.

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  • Md
    MDawson Jul 02, 2009

    Absolute scam... I just sold my house and cancelled all utilities etc only to get a letter from Universal Power...they want upwards of 400$ for early termination fees. I am not purchasing another house nor will I be renting anywhere and they are still expecting the termination fees. Absolutely ridiculous! Do not sign on with these robbers. If anyone knows how to get out of this...please share.

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  • Aj
    aj_19799 Jul 30, 2009

    Same deal here. I signed on and they told me there'd be no charge for canceling if we sold our house.Guess what? They want to charge me over $400.00 to cancel my hydro. I really can't believe this is even legal. I have no idea how to get out of this, but I'm going to try.

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Universal PowerDeceiving new customers

Universal power agent came to my home and asked for utility bills. I gave him and was told that I am not signed to any protection plan and that is fine to sign with them. After couple of phone calls from Universal power I agreed to sign with them. Two days after that I had another phone call from Direct Energy claiming that i agreed over the phone with them and have to pay early cancellation fee. I talked to Universal power and they said that it is fine that that they had meeting and won contract to Direct Energy. Now I have letter from collection agencies that I have to pay fee to Direct Power. Universal Power forgot about our talk couple of months ago.

I was not told truth twice first on my door step and second dealing with them over the phone. Do not sign anything with them

  • Ji
    jim john Dec 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree they are currently tryin to collect a insane amount for disconnect fees after i sold my home!

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  • Ch
    Chrislynn Feb 19, 2009

    I know, I signed on with Universal Power July 2008, and I'm the kind of person who doesnt really take a good look at what's on my monthly utility bills. This month i received a HUGE Hydro bill and I called to find out why. They reminded me I signed up with them, which means I had to pay an extra $150 to Universal Power. I looked on their website, and they still had the B.S. promises like "November 2008 rates are going up 12%, sign up now to save, lock in at 7.99..." umm. It's Feb 2009 and the rates are 5.6. What a big lie. Also, the guy who came to my door explained I'd be guaranteed to save so much money, and I asked about cancelling, he said no problem, you change your mind, call us and we'll cancel it no charge. Well I called yesterday to cancel and they're demanding a $650 early termination fee! Wow, what a crock. I'm going to find a way of this, I have to! It's too much B.S. to be valid.

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  • Do
    donotcomeknocking Feb 27, 2009

    I am also the victim of this B.S. scam - October 2007, I moved into a rental townhouse - the next day, 2 young girls of Asian/Philippino descent came knowking at my door, offering"Price Protection" - when I asked them what it was all about, they told me that they are collecting consumenrs names to take to the government so that they will "NEVER" be an increase in hydro bills - I advised them that I just moved in the day before, and not yet in possession of any bills - another set of 3 Asian/Philippino girls showed up again knocking at my door 3 weeks after, to follow up on "the commitment" I made to them, which I refuted, because I never made a commitment with them, since my landlord just faxed a request to Hydro to create an account for me.
    To make a long story short, I finally gave them a copy of, y bill for their review, later, received a check of $25.00 in the mail - when I asked them for the reason of the check, and for the mention at the back of the check, I was advised not to be bothered with the mention, that I could cancel the plan any time - WHAT PLAN? I never agreed to any plan with them, and to my surprise, 3 weeks later, they send me a "contract" with an increase of hydro charges - I send them a letter advising them that I never agreed to anything, send a letter to Hydro Mississauga that I did not agree to anything with Universal Power, and to my surprise, the january 2009 bill came with a charge of almost 90.00 for Universal Power, and I expire the account.

    The next week, I received threatening letters from a collections agency, as well as from Universal Power employees, to pay $650.00 for early termination fee.

    I am moving back to Africa - this is worse than the worse conditions we experienced in Africa, and I do not care about my credit - i will come back to Canada after 5 years, and it will no longer show on my credit report, as the statut of limitation is now only 2 years.

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Universal Power — direct energy

A few days ago a Universal Energy seller come to my house and I foolishly gave him a copy of my gas and...