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United Magazine ServiceHarassing Phone Calls

I have received at least a half dozen calls from UMS from Adam March saying I am delinquent in paying for magazines from 2004 and I could accept a deal wherein I wont have to pay for the 17 subscriptions that I have already received but pay now for only 13 (I have never received nor did I order any magazines).

I have read many of the other complaints of this company. My question is how did anyone get rid of them? Did you have to sue or what?

  • Sh
    Sharon W. Perdue Jun 25, 2007

    This company contacted me in March and I paid them $72.00 for my Playboy subscription & I have not received it yet. They have cashed my check and I can't seem to find any information on them.

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  • Ma
    Mary Aug 26, 2008

    I have the exact same problem! I have received several phone calls from UMS. They claim that I have been deliquent on my "womens package" of magazines since 2003 and I need to pay now. I have never ordered any magazines. The person that I spoke to on the phone tonight (Jeff - he had a thick Indian accent) could not provide me with a phone number for his company. Since he did not have my correct billing address, only street address, I suggested that I provide him with my PO Box number (perhaps a mistake) so that he could mail me a copy of the supposed legally binding contract that he had. He refused to send me any documentation. This company is illegitimate.

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  • Cm
    CMS2009 Dec 08, 2009

    I have been receiving calls from a Collections Agency regarding UMS from a subscription they claim I had in 2006. I told the Collections Agency that I won't give them any information over the phone and they would need to send me the information via mail. I have not received any delinquent notices from UMS at all in the 3 years they claim I missed payments. When the CA first called me, they claimed that I hadn't paid in 6 months then today's call tells me that I haven't paid since 2006. They also named the wrong bank and threatened me by telling me that they were going to send me to court and I told them to go right ahead. UMS is a total fraud!!!

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United Magazine ServiceIts a scam!!!

* Names changed to protect privacy* While having dinner at my parents one night in March 2008, my dad (who is hard of hearing) answers a phone call. They ask for my mother but only as Mrs. Smith. My dad asked "do you want Jane?" The man on the line never identified himself, only stated he was from United Magazine Service & that it is b/c she is in collections for a magazine subscription she hasn't paid from 2006. My mom gets on the line and tells him she has never had a subscription to any magazine. She tried to get the name of the magazine(s) and all he would say was it was special deal f0r 3 magazines & didn't have the names. Then he tried to convince her to pay right then with a credit card or her credit score would be affected. He said this a number of times and she refuses. At this point, I knew a scam was happening so I got on the line and listened in. WHen I asked him for his name he freaked out and asked" How many people are on this line". He did give us his name, David Johnson. We informed him that he would have to send us something in the mail before we would pay and refused to give our address since they should have it in their file. She never received anything.
But the story continues...
May 2008 I happen to be at my parents dropping off some things while they were out. I answered the phone and they asked for Brenda. I said this is she. He said that he was calling in regards to my unpaid magazine subscription. I asked for the company & his name-again it was United Magazine Service & it was David again. I made sure not to specify my last name or give away anything he could play off of. When I asked for the names of the magazines he again said it was a set of 3 & didn't have the names. When I asked for the address on the subscriptions, he acted like he was looking it up & put me on "hold" but he couldn't provide it. I asked when this subscription was started since I was only visiting and haven't live there in years. He asked when I moved before he answered and i said a few years. Then he said I started this in 2004, which informed him I haven't lived here in over 10 years so how can that be? and also how come i haven't received one magazine at this address then? He was unable to answer any 0f my question and would keep steering the conversation to "are you goingto pay today with a credit card? if not this will affect your credit score when it is reported" I informed him No payment since i never received the product and they can send me the paper work if they want payment. He kept pushing the "credit score" issue and I could tell was getting agitated I wouldn't comply. I finally told him that he can go ahead and do what he had to and I hung up. Later when I told my parents, my mom said someone had called earlier in the week asking for Brenda and she said I wasn't there so it shows how persistant they are by trying to reach me again there.
I am so thankful I had gotten emails about scams that try to get you to give personal info over the phone otherwise parents (who weren't aware of these scams) could have gotten sucked in if I wasn't there and that I was visiting when I did in May to catch them and realize it was the same guy & company as before. Everyone should be aware of these scams!!

  • We
    wen Jun 12, 2008

    I came to this site because on this day, because earlier June 12, 2008 I recieved a call from United Magazine. They called my mothers' home while I was there and asked for me. I came to the phone and I can't remember the girl's name but I remember the company she is representing. She claimed that I had opened a subscription in 2004 for magazines that she could not give me the names of, and supposedly that I failed to cancel it.

    Bottom line she tried to collect $847.00 over the phone. I informed her that I never recieved a bill at my address, and asked why she was calling my mother's phone number. There were too many questions that she could not answer, namely what my actual address is, magazines that I supposedly have subscribed too, and when they tried to collect the money owed earlier than 6- 2008. She told me I had a verbal agreement, I told her only written ones will hold up in court. I am posting this because this company is scamming people.


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  • De
    Deb Hawkins Jun 18, 2008

    I've been going through the same thing. The first time was a John Stinton who was with USA Collections collecting for United Readers Services. United Readers Services told me that they KNEW this person to be a scam artist when I called and asked them about it. 3 phone calls later from him, a Jacob Andrews from United Magazine Services has started calling. United Magazine Services does not exist as a legitimate company as far as I can find. They refuse to give me an address. They refuse to give me a phone number. And they don't have my address. All they DO have is an old credit card number that expired a few years ago. The first guy (John)only wanted $399.99, but this new guy (Jacob) wants 849.15. And both were VERY rude and informed me that I was a bad person for not paying my debts and that this would reflect badly on my credit score and they would make sure my score was in the toliet when they got done with me. They told me that they would put me down as refusing to pay and take me to court. I asked very nicely for an address to send them a money order and they refused. Against policy they say. THIS IS A SCAM. PLEASE DON'T FALL FOR IT !!!

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  • Do
    Dodd Jowers Aug 22, 2008

    My wife has been receiving phone calls for the past couple of months saying I owed for magazines. One time the call was from USA Collections and the last was from United Magazine Services. They also told me that it was from 2004 and could not tell me what magazines I had 'ordered'. They have told of different amounts of money owed and what they would settle for.We also tried to get them to give us a phone number, but they refused and threatened with court procedures. This is the only website that I come up with after searching 'United Magazine Services'.

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United Magazine ServiceFraud attempt!

I have been approached by a "Collection Agency", informing me that I would have an outstanding debt with United Magazine Service for a subscription which I allegedly failed to pay since 2004(!!!). The only magazine subscription I have (since 1999) is with TimeOut, which I made directly with the publisher and about which I have never had any problem. This is a clear attempt to get money from me on the basis of an alleged service which was neither requested nor provided.

(I have made some inquiries with United Nations colleagues and discovered that UN officials seem to be a favorite target of this company, which is attempting to embezzle money, preferably from foreigners. Anyhow, I have never had nor want to have anything to do with this company. If they insist in harassing me, I'll ask my lawyers to sue them.


  • Ki
    KIM May 20, 2008




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  • Ch
    Chris May 23, 2008

    I also got a call from a collection agency stating that I had a debt with United Magazines. The first call I got a few months ago and I simply stated then that I didn't order any magazines in 2004 and unless they could come up with the names I supposedly did order I wasn't paying. Two days ago on 5-21 2008 I got another call and this guy was more insistent and I again stated that they needed to tell me what I supposedly ordered. He said the company had a privacy policy and they did not give out the specific information. I said I wasn't paying and he told me I had three choices, pay a settlement, pay the remaining 17 payments, or forward to litigation. I told him to forward it on to litigation and ended the call. About an hour later his supervisor calls me and tries the same tactics and this time tells me what the settlement amount is, 499.99, but since I've never had any credit problems in the past and so on he can offer me a one time payoff of 399.89. I told him again to forward it on to litigation at which time he informs me that they will do so and in the meantime my info would be forwarded to the credit bureau and then it would end up in small claims court. I told him to give me the contract number again and the number of the magazine service. Imagine that, he didn't have a phone number but said they shouldn't be hard to find a number for. So looking for a number I ended up here. This must be a total scam.

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  • Bu
    bug123 May 23, 2008

    I also got a call stating that I was 17 payments behind on a magazine subscription. He stated that I was under legal binding to a recorded telephone contract and that the credit card that I originally placed the order with was no longer good and that after attempts to bill me in Jan. 2005 and June 2006 that my account had been turned over to his agency by the billing department of United Magazine Service. He stated that I had an outstanding balance in the $700.00 range and that they would settle for a payoff in the $300.00 range. He refused to tell me the name of the magazine and would only give me a six digit number for a reference. He also avoided my repeated asking of a phone number where I could request more information about this issue. When I asked to talk to a supervisor he side stepped that request many times, said that they would say the same thing as him, and finally said that there was really no one above him. He said that his name was Adam Marsh and his number was 29646. He had mentioned that the only way that I could get a phone number was by being transferred to the verification department and that he could only transfer me if I were to agree to payoff the account. He also threatened litigation and reporting the case to the credit bureau. I told him that I would be calling my lawyer and that I thought that he was in a garage somewhere with other people making these phony phone calls.

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  • Da
    Dan M May 26, 2008

    I just received a call from United Magazine service regarding a outstanding balance of $800 that I could payoff today with a credit card for $399. The key is they could not tell me any information regarding the subcription, to what magazine it or any other detail. Also I could not get a call back number. They agents name was John Wilson and he stated he was in Florida, he threaten legal action and would report me tomorrow. Sound pretty false.

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  • De
    deb May 30, 2008

    I just recieved a call from a ADAM MARSH with United Magazine Service stating I owed money for magazines I ordered back in 2004 (??? it's 2008) . We never got into how much I owed because he never could verify that i was the person he wanted. He would not or could not tell me my social security number. He wanted my credit card number . He was very rude yelling at me telling me he was used to people like me dodging credit collectors. I told him he was not getting any info from me and that he should have info on me if I ordered this US womens group of magazines which i have never heard of and i do not order magazines over the phone. I hung up on him when he yelled at me when I told him this was a scam and I do not give out info to scam artist. The phone number he called me from was 204-480-0432 in Winnipeg Canada.. BEWARE OF ADAM MARSH.. AND UNITED MAGAZINE SERVICE...

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  • St
    Steve Jul 24, 2008

    I just received a phone call from the U.S. Magazine Service indicating that I had an overdue balance on the US mens group of magazines. Same thing! I was told that I owed money from 2004 and that I owed like 17 payments or something and they offered me a settlement to pay it off. They kept demanding a credit card number from me. I kept asking him what magazines I ordered and he wouldn't tell me. He mentioned that the US men's group magazines include things about golf, cars, and Playboy. I have never, ever received a subscription to Playboy!! The scary thing is that I was asking him what credit card that I ordered off and he gave me the first 4 digits to the credit card. He couldn't get anywhere with me so he just threatened a collection action and hung up on me. It's got to be a scam to try and get credit card numbers out of people.

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  • St
    steve Jan 23, 2009

    i was receiving over 15 magazines in the mail and i got a call from ums telling me i owe them $2500 in overdue fees so i was shocked but they mentioned if i was willing to make a payment that they would close up my account and cancel my subscriptions for $499.89 so i payed thru my visa and i have never been happier they gave me a 9 digit verification # cofirming that my account has been closed and guess what? those magazines stopped coming in the mail i would give ums 3 thumbs up if i had them for the excellent and professional service the name of the agent i spoke to was michael carter ask for him, hes the best

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United Magazine Service — It's fraud and scam!

I got a call ooon Jan 7, 2007 wanting to renew our subscription to Autoweek. They sounded as if they were...

United Magazine ServiceNever received Discover Magazine

I received a call from United Magazine Service the end of March, 2006 to renew may Discover Magazine. Since I am suspicious of any business over the phone, I asked them to send me the info in the mail, which they were very reluctant to do, but eventually agreed to. After receiveing the info, I sent them a check for $39.60 on April 3, 2006. In June, $154.00 was missing out of my checking account on a day that I happened to go to the bank twice. Since I caught it early, my credit union coperated with me to find out what happened. Guess who they traced it to! United Magazine Service! I called them and gave them hell and told them that I thought their company was out to scam people and wondered about my magazine. They told me the were sorry about the "mistake" and not to worry about my magazine. When I started receiving cancellation notices from Discover, I called United Magazine Service again in September. Again they told me not to worry, everything was OK with my Discover subscription. It is now November 16 and my subscription has been cancelled and have no Discover magazine. I cannot call them since their phone number has been disconnected. But what really gets me angry is their use of the American Flag on their letterhead of their original letter they sent me. Have they no shame?

Thank you

Bruce Tremblay

  • Do
    Donald W. Bales Jul 20, 2008

    Someone from this organization called me asking if I wanted to pay a cancellation fee for a subscription to Fortune magazine. The man said he was in Massena, N.Y., but there was no pnone listed in that town for United Magazine Services.
    The phone number given answered with a recording referring to Customer Service. A recording there suggested calling during regular business hours. My call was made on a weekend.
    The scheme was to offer a subscription at a decreased cost, but the fine print gave only ten days to cancel without a penalty.
    Have others had an experience with this organization.
    They wanted payment only with Mastercard or bank draft.

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  • Bj
    BJ Aug 06, 2008

    We have received calls for about a year claiming we are someone who owes the magazine money. We do not even have the same name as they are looking for, they swear, call us names and refuse to give their phone number or connect to a supervisor. It has to be a scam. We do not and have never owed money to a magazine firm nor do we have the right name and they threaten us each time with legal action. We could probably sue since we know we are not who they are looking for but you can't get any phone number or names or any info from the caller. When you keep asking they hang up.

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  • Br
    Brenda Aug 27, 2008

    I got 2 phone calls from this company claiming that I owed a debt for some subscription from 2004. First, I would like to point out that my caller ID said "private caller" which is illegal for a Collecion Agency to block their name so right off I was pretty sure it was a scam.
    They said that I had agreed by phone to make 20 payments, that I had made 3 then quit. The payments were from a "First National Bank", pretty generic bank name, no city or state and not one I have ever used.
    Both calls were a "last" courtesy call to allow me to settle for 399.98, but for today and today only, otherwise they would turn it over to the legal department and I would have to pay the 1200.00 (800 + interest) and they would ruin my credit, which they both mentioned several times.
    They could not tell me the magazine but that it probably included a watch. They also said they had the recording, I know, why does it not tell which magazine I was supposed to have ordered. They were both very nice and friendly at first and then very ugly and threatening when I insisted it was a mistake. I eventually was sure it was a scam but at first just thought it was a mistake. I hope I didnt accidentally give them any more information. One refused to give me any information about the company until I had made the payment, but the other did give me an 800 number and a Better Business Bureau number, both turned out to be bogus.
    Hope this helps!!

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