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United American Insurance CompanyRip off

This so called insurance company is nothing but a joke and should be shut down. The insurance agent came to my home and told me and my husband that this was real insurance and not a discount program. When the bills started coming in and the insurance company had only paid for an office visit I knew I had been had and the agent set in my home and lied to us! I have filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals office in my state and the case is still pending. Someone needs to do something about these so called insurance companies
that pretend to be real insurance when they are nothing but a rip off. They take peoples hard earned money but they give nothing in return. I would like to join a class action law siut if any Lawyer should happen to file one against them.

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    inevercomplainbut Jun 22, 2009

    I'm all for a class action. My husband and I have a policy with a high deductible to keep costs down because we are healthy people and only go to the doctors for wellness exams which the insurance doesn't pay for anyway.
    Our premium is almost $660 a month and we've been with them for 5 years, with basically no claims. I had tightness in my chest and a shortness of breath so I felt it best to go the local hospital just to be sure. Long story short, I wasn't there for even 24 hours, many test were done and everything turned out to be fine. Before I left the hospital the insurance person there told me that because I wasn't admitted and was "under observation", that United American will only pay $300 towards my visit!!! Listen to this...one of the tests was $7500.00 and the total bill came to $16, 000.000!!! Basically to insults, the insurance rip off and the hospital rip off.
    Something has to be done! Everything related to the medical field is out of control, when even having insurance makes no difference there is something horribly wrong!
    In this country, health care is a luxury item, only can the rich stay healthy.

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    rosimons Aug 27, 2009

    Did you file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau? They show no records for this company for the last 36 months. www.bbb.org

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    Giulia Jan 20, 2010

    Same happened to me! I was sold this insurance by the agent telling me this is the only one that will take people with pre-existing conditions so my husband and I paid out $1, 200 a month and for nothing!! They never paid anything but a miserly $50 for doctors visits, and that was only sometimes.My husband recently fell and broke his wrists, after having so much trouble with United American customer service I knew I would be in for an expensive ordeal. I played everything by the book, even contacted my agent to make sure I did everything right. I didn't take him to the emergency room knowing how expensive it could be. I contacted them and so did my agent. We inquired if the local UrgentCare facility was under their watch and was instructed that it would be covered. Once we got there I stood over the receptionist as she spoke with United American Agent and heard them yelling at her! saying this is not a policy which covers hospital? and that they would only pay $20. It was cheaper for me to go ahead and pay cash!! I am so angry. Found out something interesting researching - We had Cobra coverage with Group and Pensions Administrators out of McKinney Texas and guess what they are the same company. To make matters worse, last week I had a call from an gent trying to sell me the garbage again and when I told her I didn't think much of that particular company she gave me an earful as if she herself had been brainwashed. A rated been in business for 64 years - If that's the case I am appalled at how they actually got away with this all these years.
    Also found out researching that the operate a Pyramid like scheme with their employees who sell, YOU wouldn't believe thing crooked things they do with top salesmen of the year awards Cruises to the Carribean etc, Rotten!!!
    Shame on them for ripping off so many people who are disabled.

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United American Insurance CompanyAwful company

I received a phone call from this company before I received the same email that everyone here seemed to get. The guy on the phone told me that he had seen my resume online and was calling from American Express and wanted to set up an interview. A day before the interview I noticed the emails from a couple different Torchmark corporations, but didn't bother looking at them because I was not looking for a sales job and that is what they obviously were trying to sell me.

When I get to the interview I realize that this is definitely not American Express but decided to stay anyway since I had come all this way, and was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe I had heard the man wrong on the phone. It was not until another lady arrived and said that she had been told that she was being interviewed for United Medical that I realized the guy flat out lied to us on the phone.

When I talked to the interviewer one on one, he never actually answered my questions, just danced around them and drew graphs or charts as explanation. I refused to give them money for the license and I do not think they were too happy about that, but what kind of a company wants you to pay them in order to get hired? I understand about licenses and training purposes and such, but the whole thing smelled like a scam and looking at these testimonials, I can see that it most likely is.

United American Insurance Company — This should be criminal

I am a former branch manager for United American and Liberty National. If you are a United American or a...