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UBIDDo not use this company

Two months ago I purchased a laptop from Ubid. The laptop was nice, but the charger was missing. I contacted Ubid customer service immediately but no on answered. I tried to contact them many times but their phone was always busy. Them I tried their live chat option, but it was not working. I also sent them many emails, but it also did not help. Later I finally received a message from Ubid. But it was only a computer generated response. I'll never order from them again! Products they sell are nice, but they often make ridiculous mistakes. And the lack of customer service makes me angry. These people are unprofessional and their business is very poorly organized.

UBIDAccount Deactivated

I purchased a refurbished computer keyboard from UBid and got an email the next morning tell me my account had been deactivated with no explanation as to why. I checked my bank account and they'd already taken the money out. I have tried to contact them through their webform to be met with automatic responses.

Does anyone have any suggestions with pursuing legal action against this company and what to do next?


I placed bids on Ubid and won the items listed; item 2. 3.00Ctw F SI1 Round Diamond Ring (bid won on 08/26/2010) and item 1. .50Ctw SI2 Princess Cut Diamond Earrings(bid won on 09/01/2010) after 3 e-mails to Ubid they refunded the money for item 1. It appears that the seller gives shipping info. and never actually ships the items.

Today it is 09/23/2010 and they gave a fed ex shipping number for the second item won but once again have not shipped the item.

Beware when you bid on Ubid it looks like they are running a scam the sellers seem to never intent to produce the items that are won.

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    uBidAmanda Sep 27, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Upon further checking this issue we have found that these items were both coming from the same location. We made several attempts to contact the Certified Merchant who was responsible for shipping the item and did not receive a response from them. Instead of keeping the customer waiting for a product that may/may not come we found that it would be best to refund their credit card so that they may search elsewhere to purchase the product. We do take these issues very seriously and make sure that our vendors are reviewed by our Account Management team on a regular basis.

    uBid's Customer Service team is available Monday - Friday from 9am - 4pm CST at 866-946-8243.

    Thank you,
    Amanda McDonald
    Customer Service Supervisor

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UBID — Scam and cheating

I purchased a MP4 Player that was advertised as new. Yet the player I received was defective and included an...

UBIDYou have to hold their feet to the fire

This company can zap a customer's credit card immediately for a purchase, ship a DAMAGED product necessitating a return (it was supposed to be refurbished), incur a major undertaking on customer's part to get an RMA issued, and then in so many words tell the customer that it will take a massive technical operation to properly refund the customer's funds.

Unfortunately, this has become a way of life in dealing with so many internet sales companies.

This company IS a member of the Better Business Bureau (don't laugh). According to the BBB, uBid has had 201 filed complaints over the past 36 months and 63 of those were closed over the last year. (They have still managed to maintain a satisfactory record with the BBB but of course those reports don't tell you how much time and trouble customers had to incur in order to receive rightful service.)

After some weeks of monkeying around with uBid (and getting the run-around), this customer finally got their attention by threatening to contact organizations including, but not limited to, The Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General's Office of customer's home state, the Attorney General's Office of Illinois (uBid's domicile), The Federal Trade Commission, and other regulatory agencies having jurisdiction over internet abusive sales practices. It also helps to tell them you will file reports on them with various consumer complaint boards (such as this one) and report them in applicable trade journals warning others of their shenanigans.

After convincing uBid it would be in their best interest to act on my return without further delay, they finally made due and proper refund. Of course the refund directly from uBid finally posted to my credit card account AFTER I had already officially disputed the charge directly with the credit card company. Then I had to go to the trouble of getting the credit card dispute reversed.

Such a shame customers have to work this hard and go to this much trouble to receive due and proper service.

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    Susan May 10, 2009

    My first order from ubid was a Blutooth with no volumn and this spring I ordered two plants advertised as Arundo donax 'pepermint stick' and the plants just put out leaves and I have no idea what the folks sent me but now I have to dig them up. There is no one at ubid to contact about this problem and to try to send the plants back would end up costing me more of my hard earned money and precious time.
    How on earth do folks like ubid keep getting away with scaming customers?

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