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TWX*MagazineMisrepresentation of fees

This is the "Free Magazine" scam. I hesitate to call it a scam because what they do is legal. Their methods rely on the small print and the consumer's inattention to deal details. It may even be buried in your credit card application. Essentially, you agree to 3-6 months of magazines for free, after that they have permission to use your credit card or debit card number to charge you for a years subscription. You may not even know you've been hit because the charge may not show up for four to six months. Once hooked, they make it very difficult to contact them and cancel the order. It usually appears on your credit card as "TWX*??????, where the question marks are some kind of code. Sometimes there will be a phone contact, but good luck with that. I found on this forum that you can go to this website to cancel the account:
Be persistent. They make you guess which magazines you have and really put you through the ringer as you may have multiple magazines split between different subscription IDs. I was successful with the first magazine, but the other two were on a different order. I had to use another browser to start clean and find the other order. They put a cookie on your browser that locks your inquiries into one order. If you start clean you can look for the new magazine. There may be several on one order ID. If so, they will let you cancel each in turn without too much hassle. They will give you a cancellation number which I suggest you print out. Give it a go.

  • Ro
    roofings Feb 05, 2011

    i also had this happen an called to cancel an had a very difficult time doing so as i did not even no what twx was so i called an they wanted ne to give the name of mags to cancel an i did not even know what mags i ordered! it took me some time, but i am also going to the site to make sure its canceled thanks for the web info, and then they try to hook u up again too, i mean come on they do have quite the SCAM going on here hook line =an sinker ya, bull aint never gonna fall for this again i learned my lesson

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  • Sa
    samtoken Jan 18, 2013

    customer service by phone : call 877-813-0320 and keep hitting 0# for a human voice to help

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TWX*Magazine — Theft / fraud

Illehally obtained my credit card information and billed my account for $95. 00 worth of magazines, afte...

TWX*MagazineFraud Charges

TWX*MAGAZINE charges of 46.00 were discovered as a pending transaction on my Debit Visa card! I DID NOT authorize these charges in no way! I called my credit union and got a contact phone number, contacted TWX*MAGAZINE and after a long wait, got a human on the phone, they didn't have any info. on my charges, asked my name, address AND Visa card number!?!?! What the heck?! I decided to give them my number, he found me and said it was charged due to a magazine offer after a survey was submited, witch I never did. he said it was for Time Magazine, 1 yr. sub. ...he said sorry, I will cancel the order and your visa card will be refuned in 1 - 3 statements. fine. we will see. I then called my credit union to cancel my Visa Card ASAP. What a pain. ...Just wanted to share my experence with you all that have fallen into the same trap by TWX*MAGAZINE. I wish somehow they would be put out of buisness, this is fraud and a crime!!! Thanks for your time and comments. Joe - Los Angeles, CA. - 02/18/10.

  • Sa
    samtoken Jan 18, 2013

    customer service by phone : call 877-813-0320 and keep hitting 0# for a human voice to help

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Resolved TWX*MagazineFradulent Charges

I was charged, on my visa card, 4 times on 1/23/09. Charges were $24.00, $18.00, $29.00, $22.00. I tried calling the company at the number I found from the complaints board. I was taken through an automated process that asked me if I wanted to cancel (something I didn't request) I said yes, then it stated that 15 months of magazine would be sent to me and if I didn't cancel at that time charges would be made to my account. At that point I got on the phone with my bank and had to cancel my credit card and file fraud on the account.

I am baffled that there are so many complaints regarding this company yet they continue to operate as a business. My next step will be to file fraud charges with my local police department. Now whether this will be acted on or not we will soon see. Also, I plan to speak with an attorney to see if there is anything else I can do. These people need to be held responsible for stealing credit cards numbers and charging accounts for their magazines.

  • Au
    audrey Feb 25, 2009

    They just made 3 charges on my bank account too and this is NOT cool!! What's the best way to go about getting a refund!!

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  • St
    Student Mar 02, 2009

    If you call the 800 number and press "0" while in the automated machine, you can reach an operator (the machine will try to dissuade you by saying "you may have to wait a long time" and "we can finish this quickly now, if you choose" and then offering three different automated survey's, but if you continue to press "no" you can reach a real person). They were able to cancel the subscription for which I never applied. Sorry to say, I don't know how to get a refund...

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Resolved TWX*Magazine — TWX*Magazine [protected]

This company did the same thing to me. But little did they know i have a familymember that works at my bank...

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