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11:41 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Twin Peaks Slow service

Weeks ago I came here to watch a sports match. Obviously the place was very packed and had to wait in line (no problem). My boyfriend and I, waited for almost a whole hour before realizing that everyone else was being seated before us. We had provided them with all requested information therefore we did not know why it was taking so long. We had to complaint before being seated after 20 minutes of that. The waitress was very rude, and needless to say that they brought my margarita before my boyfriend's Sweet team. The waitress forgot to bring us our ordered appetizer (charged for) and never really showed up to assist us. She took our order, had someone else bring our food, and drinks, and provided us with our check. I love this place, but by far the worst service I have ever received. Do not go here if you are trying to have good service during a sports event. This is a place you want to go watch a game with little and poor service.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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7:05 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Twin Peaks Cussing at customer

I went in Twin Peaks on 5260 Belt Line Rd Dallas, TX 75254 on July 5 2013. I have been there before and had bad service a couple of times. I went in today and was greeted by a friendly host and they asked how many and I said one. I ask if I went into the room where the golden tee games were, if I would have a server that would serve me, they said yes. The host walked me into the room, handed me a menu, and told me my server would be with me shortly, I said thank you.
Jordan came by and asked if I wanted a nutty brunette or a dirty blond, I said no thanks I would like water with lemon and an order of your cheese sticks. Jordan came back with my water and I was playing golden tee. About five minutes or so, my cheese sticks came out, and started to enjoy them. Jordan was by her other table talking about, "how she worked a double for the fourth and made zero dollars. Then Jordan was saying after work she went out and wore a USA shirt, shorts, anything American and got extremely drunk. Woke up with a Hangover and really did not want to be there", the guys were laughing. I needed more ranch and marinara sauce and a refill on water, but Jordan never came back to me once she dropped my water off. Jordan was too busy talking about how Jordan made no money for the 4th and how Jordan went out and got drunk and how Jordan woke up with a hangover and how Jordan didn’t want to be there working.
I finished with my second game of golden tee and went to use the restroom. Jordan walked by me and said hey you are the guy by the game, and I just ignored her and went to the bathroom. As I exited the restroom to walk to the game room and get my check Jordan walked by me again and was trying to say she was sorry for ignoring and that she forgot about me.
I said I know, and went to the front to the host stand. I spoke with the hostess and said, “I asked if I was in the game room if I would be waited on you said I would” She agreed and then I said, “ then why did my server Jordan ignore me the whole time and didn’t wait on me. Can you please get me a manager and I heard Jordan say to the lady she was talking to, "that I was rude". I said, “ excuse me what did you say about me, that I am rude because you ignored me the whole time I was here and I am going to talk to your manager about it and that’s why I am rude. I then said I will show you how rude I am when I talk to your manager. Then Jordan said to the lady she was talking to, (I guess another manager) that I was an “###” I IMEDIADTLY walked up to her and said, “what did you call me, what did you call me, what did you call me”. I then backed up and Paul the manager started to talk to me.
I asked Paul if we could talk outside because eight twin peak girls were trying to listen what was going on. As Paul and I were outside I told Paul what happened and that I was extremely mad and was gonna try and stay calm. Paul told me that he will look into it and I asked to get the corporate office number for me because I want Jordan fired for calling me, “rude and an ###”. Paul told me he was not gonna fire her then I told Paul that I am gonna post complaints about what happened here today and Paul also told me that if I call corporate office they are just gonna tell me to handle it, so do it if you want to. I asked Paul who should I asked for and Paul said customer service, then Paul said a name I do not recall and then Paul told me that it would not be him maybe his regional manager Adam. I told Paul I knew Adam and I was going to call.
I got a call from Adam and wanted to know what happened, I told Adam what had happen, and Adam told me he was furious and was going to talk to Paul today and talk to the server Jordan. Adam and I spoke for about 10 minutes as we know each other and this is not the first time I had problems in there. Adam was talking to me when I was telling him about my bad service I was getting while he was there. Adam said he would take care of it and we said out good byes.
I am only writing this on here about Twin Peaks because of the name I was called by a server while talking to another manager and to were Jordan thinks it’s ok. So don’t go to TWIN PEAKS on 5260 Belt Line Rd Dallas, TX 75254 because if you get bad service the server JORDAN will call you RUDE and an ### for telling on her.

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Update by Just someone watching out for people
Mar 04, 2014 11:30 pm EST

I think you an idiot, , no one ever said they were sorry. I didn't treat the hostess bad you idiot, no one deserves to be cussed at. Yes I blew up when she did. So I would have done the same to your mother you idiot.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Irathernotsay, US
Feb 23, 2014 9:16 pm EST

First of all, don't ever take your frustration out on the hostess again. She had nothing to do with the way your server treated you. As for your server, yea she sucked but I think not leaving a decent tip would have sufficed. You didn't have to throw a hiss-fit. She's only human, we do tend to make mistakes and at least she apologized. I have to side with the crappy server on this, you were being rude. I mean trying to get her in trouble over water and cheese sticks was wrong especially after she apologized. I think you blew that one out of proportion.

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