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Also known as "Software Made Easy", the TweakPC product line is basically free software that they sell as their own. They have a really nice but simple web site and they have done a good job with showing boxes (which they don't sell) and screenshots (which don't really match the actual software). Under the guise of being unique software created by them, they have aquired software that is freely available which you don't discover until you have already made the purchase. They keep the software cost low enough to deter people from othering with disputes, as that can be very time-consuming.

The "TweakPC Partition Manager" is actually "Parted Magic", software that is freely available from the author. He only requests donations.

Purchases for TweakPC software go through

There is only an email to contact the "vendor" - no phone numbers.

I have filed a complaint with my bank.

I am hoping that this complaint gets indexed by search engines for those that research software titles so that other people don't get scammed like I did.

TweakPCRip off

Never responded to emails after buying copy to disk or even till now. Took a chance and used the simplistic program. Halfway through it bogged down causing the computer to reboot to a fatal error bluescreen. It was unable to reboot until I tried 'SafeMode' which didn't work but at least allowed the checkdisk to function. After that (with no help from their techs) the computer booted up with all my icons intact.

Unfortunately none of the programs worked since Tweakpc had thrown dll's all over the place, got 'image doesn't match' errors as well. Tweak didn't just copy the c drive but messed with it to the extent that both c and f drives were screwed up.

I've had to take the computer to a local tech ($200) to try and get the operating system re-installed. He chastised me for my error in not researching and not using Norton Ghost.

I've learned my lesson.

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    paprichaat Feb 25, 2009

    Downloaded what I thought looked like a bona fide site and software to partition my new laptop HD.

    It failed to recognise the disk, so i emailed support and have never received a response. Looks like I have been ripped off, good and proper.

    one to avoid !

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    SAY NO TO TWEAKPC Oct 07, 2009

    I too am stuck with software that does not work and the only way you can get in touch with this company is through email that I have to assume goes somewhere in China due to the characters that show up on the mail.

    They have refused to give me an actual person to talk to. After 3-4 days of trying to get something working, I have been trying to request a refund. Guess what, now they do not even answer my emails. This has been going on since July 2009.


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