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Resolved TVsDepotliars, scam artists

We ordered a flat screen tv from them on December 2. Their website advised 7-8 day delivery. After 13 days and numerous attempts to get information regarding our order, we were told yesterday that it would be shipping on Monday. Today, following up on this, after being "on hold" for more than a half hour and being hung up when I first started to complain, we were told that the television was "on back order with the factory." This was obviously a lie, as I would be quite sure that there was no communication between the manufacturer and tvsdepot on a Saturdy or Sunday.
Avoid this company regardless of how enticing their prices might be. The fact is, you will not get what you ordered!

  • Valerie Jun 03, 2008

    Ordered HDTV, cables, extended warranty, and was supposed to receive a complimentary HDDVD player. Six weeks and 4 phone calls later I still do not have the cable nor DVD player but instead am being asked (after the 4th phone call) to pay additional shipping. During the first 2 phone calls I was told that the cable and DVD player would be shipped from different warehouse, explaining the delay, and that the item would arrive at my place within a few days. During the 3rd call I was told that I would have to pay an additional $19.xx shipping to receive the player. During the 4th phone call the customer service was very unprofessional (rude and aggressive), while I stayed calm (I am still proud of myself :). I will not buy from TVsDepot again. They are dishonest and not trustworthy.

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  • Valerie Jul 08, 2008

    As many before me, placed an order and then received an e-mail to call the store. I did, and I was asked or pushed into buying an extra battery for $30. I received the invoice for $154.99, but the credit card came to $194.99. Received the camera but not the extra battery. When I called to dispute the $40 overcharge and no battery, I was told that the camera does not come with a battery, then I called again, and a sales person started calling me names, "you are very troubled person". It is my very first problem with the on-line shopping. I guess I was lucky so far.

    Please, please, please do not ever buy anything from TV's Depot, they are cheap but you'll pay dearly for that.

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Resolved TVsDepotAwful company

I am totally unhappy about the orders that i recently placed for a camera. They have added useless items which are good for nothing as a promotional offer and charged about 20 dollars as shipping cost. This is totally unethical practice and i recommend not to shop at this company and rate this a company as worst of all. This company needs to be banned and some legal action has to be taken against this company. I have had the worst ever experience shopping with this company.

Please if it TVSDepot you make it a point not to buy even for free...

Resolved TVsDepotFraud and cheating

I have never dealt with any company as rude and disrespectful as, also known as - They have a sneaky but obvious tactic, they advertise the item you want at an incredible low price - then give you a call within hours to "confirm" your shipping/billing address... RIGHT!!! - What you get is a sale pitch to purchase other items. Bait and Switch at its best!! I'm still waiting for my item in the mail. BTW, if you want rude customer service, call them and you're sure to get a fix... The minute they pick up you get someone who couldn't give two flying fingers about what you're calling them for!! Aggravation comes with a price, and that's what you pay as a discount with these people!!

  • Valerie Apr 29, 2008

    We bought 5 Canon Powershot A 650 IS cameras and TVs Depot. They lied to us many times! They sold us warranties that didn't cover what they said they would.

    They also told us that we would get cleaning kits for all of them and we only got one. We later called them and they didn't have our recorded conversation.

    They won't believe us and said they would send us five SD cards. We will see, ya right. This is a scam we are lucky the cameras work.

    We spent almost $2000.00 and they treated us really terrible!

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  • Tm
    T.Mruczkowski Oct 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was assured that TV is brand new, with factory warranty. When opening box – the content shows badly wrapped TV, tired plastic wrap loosely was hanging over TV. TV was visibly used; there was no Product Registration Card; there were fingerprints on the screen. On left side – frame was not properly assembled – it indicated that TV might be opened and repaired. Manuals were used and pages marked. TV was not factory sealed, plastic covering corners were detached in part and showing dust. Speaker bar is damaged – there is cigarette hole on the front fabric cover. I made pictures of all items as arrived. Shipped TV was in condition completely unacceptable. One hour after receiving – I contacted sale person and he even was not suppressed about shipment condition. He offered extended 3 year warranty for free and insisted on me to keep TV. I have endless difficulties reaching TVsDepot customer service. They start inserting that TV was shipped brand new and i have to pay restocking fee. Be aware of them, never buy anything. Now i have to persuade a legal action, but I think, it is something troubling that low enforcement is not interesting in going after such bad dogs.

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  • Du
    DunninLA Dec 05, 2008

    I did a google search on a Casio Ex-v8 camera. TVSDepot and Photoconnection both came up at $159.99 vs. about $200 elsewhere. It is a discontinued camera as of nine months ago, so I figured it is just being marked down.

    After placing the internet order on their website, I got an immediate email asking me to call "Sam" at ext. 2051 to confirm the order.

    I called, and the conversation went like this:

    Sam: "Oh hi, yeah, well, about your order, you forgot to buy a battery for the camera”.

    I said: “No thanks, I don’t need a battery”

    “Sam” then said: “OK, well you also didn’t pay the $20 for shipping insurance”

    I said, “No thanks, I don’t want the shipping insurance”.

    “Sam” said: "Well, that’s required".

    I said, “I don’t want the shipping insurance”.

    “Sam” then said: “OK, what do you want me to do, cancel the order?”

    I said: “Yes, cancel the order. Thank you.” Click.

    I then twenty minutes later I received an email informing me that the order could not be completed without me taking steps to verify the credit card.

    So, not only did I request the order be cancelled with “Sam” by phone, but the email below told me it could not be completed if I didn’t verify the card. That’s TWO cancellations.

    I received an email two days later informing me the item was shipped, with the UPS tracking #. I called MasterCard and was informed that a charge for $174.99 wass on my credit card from one of the many names your company goes by.. digital discounters, or something like that.

    I called that morning Again to ext. 2051. I spoke to “Sam” and asked him to cancel the order. He asked “why?”, and I told him because I had asked for it to be canceled on the day we spoke. He said: “But I threw in a 5 hour battery for free”. I said “But I canceled the order. I don’t want a camera at any price from a company that practices intentionally deceptive add-on charges for a “battery you forgot to buy”, or “required insurance we didn't mention but that you are required to buy”.

    I called the credit card companyagain and filed a dispute. The package is scheduled to be delivered by UPS today and it we be refused.

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  • Ol
    Oliver Jan 06, 2009

    Terrible to do business with. No customer service after the sale whatsoever. TV broke down and I was informed that if we dont have the box (after 6 months) they can not repair the unit. Then tried to sell me an Extended Warranty ?? This only after 20 calls and ZERO call backs from them. Can you say sleazy?

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  • Sw
    Swayz Mar 31, 2009

    I am currently in the process of dealing with TVsDepot (aka Foto Connection) and I wish I had viewed the comments and postings on this complaint web site before I allowed myself to be entangled in this shamefully woven web of deceit with these slimy, disrespectful, conniving excuses for sales professionials that I have ever had the misfortune to make their acquaintance. I ordered a 52 inch flat panel HDTV for what was easily the best advertised price anywhere (or so I thought).

    The total price included free shipping and no tax. Just as some of the previous complaints have mentioned, I then received a call within hours to "confirm" my shipping/billing address, which in reality was a sales pitch to purchase other items and upgrade my shipping to a charged service rate. After several assertive attempts by the customer service/sales rep and an equal number of declines by me, the rep finally continued with the order placement. A few days later, I received an email that there were issues with my order shipment and I needed to call them.

    Upon the placing of this call, I encountered "Bobby", who is absolutely, hands-down the unequivocal reigning champ of "PISS-POOR" Customer Service. He informed me that the order had been damaged in transit to him and he was not going to take any further chances of shipping another order without upgrading the shipping to a different method, which would cost $249.00, but he would do it for $99.00. When I declined and advised I wanted to receive the item I ordered, in the new condition I expected, for the price that was advertised, I was told it could not happen and then "Bobby" continued with about 15 minutes of bantering rapport in which he basically talked down to me and my wife, laughed at the mere notion that we would go elsewhere to purchase at this price and basically told us if we didn't like it, he would cancel the order.

    I mistakenly thought I could call the customer service number provided on the website and report "Bobby" because I was certain he was a representative of some outsourced, third-party shipping company and not a direct representative of the 2009 Gold Award for Customer Satisfaction recepient (TVsDepot). Imagine my surprise, when I finally got through, to find out they are one in the same. This time I spoke with Vincent (who no doubt sits in the cubicle next to Bobby) who basically continued on the path Bobby had previously set ablaze, although with a little more tact and poorly disguised "I want to help you" attitude. After several attempts by me to cancel the order and several attempts by Vincent to add-on HDMI cables for free and his guarantee that I will be totally satisfied with the order or I can just call him and he'll take care of me, I finally gave in to give Vincent a shot to salvage this thus far horrible experience.

    Well, my order is scheduled to arrive on 04/02/09 and we'll see what arrives and in what condition. Vincent has already failed on one part, as I was only supposed to be charged $99.00 for the upgraded shipping and it turns out that I was actually charged $161.00 (so much for the free add-ons).

    Upon completion of this transaction, I will never, ever-ever-ever-ever shop with this company again and neither should you. They are as crooked as a barrell of snakes and I would rather walk through a cage full of lions while wearing a pork chop suit, than do business with them again. They should be ordered to cease and desist their business operation in the U.S.

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  • Do
    Dont like being duped Sep 13, 2009

    I had a similar problem. The verification process was almost too careful, almost legal bound conversations to make sure that this is what I ordered and once placed there was nothing I could do to get out of it. All the steps they did to have me call them was not typical protocol when ordering something online. Of course, they laced these verification calls with other merchandise they were trying to get rid of. It came with a free deluxe cleaning kit and mini tripod that I had to remind him of. They also tried the sales pitch of buying additional products (like another battery)for a Canon camera I was replacing. The price was good but that came with more hassles than what I was expecting. The camera that I had ordered was a black camera with silver trim. It was different because I wanted to differentiate between my camera and my daughters new camera. I had the silver one and she wanted the black one. The rep called me and said that the black one was "temporarily" out of stock but he had the silver one and that he would send that one out immediately. I said no, I would be willing to wait for the black model and that it would be fine because I was in no hurry. So... as if this conversation never took place, several days later, I received the silver one in the mail. Not only that, the packaging resembles a factory second as it was in a white box. This is something that refurbished items get packaged in. I have no problems with refurbished items whatsoever. However, I do want to know that up front when I purchase an item that is a factory second or refurbished. The price needs to match as well. Speaking of the price, I did not get charged what was originally advertised. The camera arrived with an invoice that had an extra $38.00 added on to the unit price. I tried contacting the company via email and miraculously all the emails I had would not accept any emails I sent back. I tried calling and gave up. It only the color that was an issue and the extra added $. The camera does work and keeping that in perspective I did not press the issue. I do know that if I purchased anything else from this website, I would be risking another run around like I got with this purchase. So, I take this experience as a learning lesson and will not buy from this company again. This is clearly how NOT to run a legitimate business. These clowns need hearing aides.

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  • Cu
    CustomerServiceDept Sep 14, 2009

    Did you sue?

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  • Do
    Dont like being duped Sep 14, 2009

    Who is sue? Give me her last name, I might be able to tell you better. Am I Sue? Oh no! You must have me mistaken for someone else.

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  • Cu
    CustomerServiceDept Sep 15, 2009

    You know what I mean. How much did you win?

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Resolved TVsDepotStay away from them

I attempted to purchase a Panasonic camera from TVsDepot. The website disclosed that the camera was in stock and would ship within 1-2 business days. Three days later the status of my shipment still said "order received". I called and was told the camera would ship "today" Two days later I called and was told that since the camera I ordered was the "Chinese model" that it was backordered. I told that representative that I needed the camera for a gift and wanted to cancel the order. He promptly said OK and hung up on me. Two weeks later, I still trying to get my credit card credited back!!!

Beware...There are too many reputable companies that do business on the web to deal with, rather than using TVsDepot. Saving $5-$10 is not worth the risk!