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Tv Addicts — Wrong dvd's received

I ordered a couple of dvd's from TV Addicts. My ordered was confirmed by them and the money deducted...

Tv AddictsThey got my money but I got nothing

TV Addicts is an online company that sells DVD sets of television series, etc. Or, I should say, they make you THINK that they are selling you something. Six months ago, I ordered $277 worth of DVD's from them and charged it to my Visa account. Needless to say, I've received NOTHING from them. And it's evidently impossible to contact these thieves--phone calls aren't answered, messages not answered, and the links they provide to cancel an order don't work.

Guess I can take this as a "live and learn" experience. But the word must get out to everyone: TV ADDICTS IS A RIP-OFF SCAM!!!

Tv AddictsFraud and cheating!

Ordered DVD's on their "Secure" website. Within hours, someone got a hold of credit card information and began charging items to my credit card to the sum of over $300. E-mailed and called company. No one was available. No response. Finally canceled credit card. Everyone would be well advised to stay away from this "company". Credit fraud from bank is looking into the matter and hopefully they will catch these crooks.

Tv Addicts — Read this if you have been ripped off!

If you have been ripped off by this company ~ or their sister companies: DVD Avenue, DVD Donkey or...

Tv Addicts — Does not honor orders, returns, ignores customer inquiries

I truly wish I had investigated this company before ordering the "Centennial" mini-series from them in mid...

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Tv Addictsitem paidd for never received

Bought the Red Green show entire series for 158.99 plus 28.79 shipping; total of $187.78. three days later my card was charged 192.42.

Nothing happened for three weeks called them and was told that it would be another two weeks. That passed as well.
Now the customer service line is never answered. I tried the live chat and was told that my item shipped that very day was given some canadian post tracking number but the canadian post has no record under that tracking number.

Now it is to the bank and fill out paper work.

Tv AddictsGarbage dvd's

I ordered the complete set of Chip's in late August. What i received was a poor quality video, in which the voices sounded like the chipmunks talking.

I contacted them and they were to send out a better quality set, but IT NEVER ARRIVED. I am trying to get the charges taken off of my credit card.



Tv AddictsBad DVDs

I ordered a dvd set of the "Johnny Cash Shows" and when I received them most of them did not work. I contacted thru e-mail and phone and was told I would receive a new complete set. They have put me out on a limb for tens months and can not get the new set or even a refund. Their respond time is very poor. I rate this company as "BAD NEWS". All I wanted was a good set. And now I have just ask even for a refund and can not get that either.

Thank you,
Carol Johns.

  • Ga
    Gail Smith Dec 29, 2007
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    Verified customer

    What a nightmare! Tried to cancel when I had doubts about this company-Was disconnected, no one available to answer calls, e-mails went unanswered. I received my shipment-poor quality-& overcharged on my credit card. Trying to get an address to return the DVD's... yeah, sure!

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  • La
    Larry D. Dec 03, 2008
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    The main question I have regarding these people is; why can't they be arrested for copyright infringement? They are selling unauthorized copies of copyrighted material and paying no royalties, I feel sure!

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