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On 2/26/2007 I searched the internet for a new HDTV, Samsung 56". This company marketed a factory sealed new set with a one years factory warranty. I called the company and spoke to a sales rep to confirm both the details of the product and the price. I also purchased an entended warranty. Both were air freighted. After opening the shipping carton I suspected a problem as the interior packaging did not look original. I called Samsung CS and provided Ser #. They reported the set was not new but a factory reconditioned product and was without warranty. I called TheNew Connection who denied sending a reconditioned product and began to back track and require all kinds of supportive documentation before any return would be discussed. Not even close to an I sorry... So I disputed through American Express. They were great and able to recover all but my return shipping costs. This merchant refused to cover a return cost hoping I would not out of pocket this expense within the 15 days they gave me. This operation is bogus and sells reconditioned for new. Complaints with FTC and Better Business Bureau filed as well. Litigation now under consideration. I have all of the evidence needed to verify the facts as presented.

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I ordered a Fuji F31 from them on December 22. The price when I ordered it was $309. The shipping was going to be $14. I didn't notice at the time, but when I printed out the invoice, nothing came up but the order number (172577) and all their return and replacement policy. On the 26th I received an email, asking me to call to confirm. I did. The salesman...

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