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The HaircuttersDisrespectful treatment

I visited the "HairCutters" beauty salon for the first time in the month of July. The service by a slender Caucasian hairstylist with a clover (Irish tattoo)on her left arm was terrible.I explained to her how I wanted my hair cut and dyed. She on the other hand did the opposite and bleached my hair in a dark jet black color which the dye won't wash off within the next few months. To make matters worse the salon manager was listening to my complaint and told me she would speak to her employer for her wrong doing. Afterwords my experience got worse she was aggressive on my hair by pulling constantly and washing my face while she took of the hair dye. I should have seen this forthcoming as soon as I entered the Beauty Salon.

The Haircutters did not have their licenses visually posted for customers to see, they also did not wear aprons when cutting a customers hair, or name tags, and did not give me a receipt for the 73 dollars that I paid, two of the employers were also constantly on their cell phones and checking for messages.Of course male customers will enjoy a haircut if the store manager( who is Asian)is flaunting her boobs on the mans face. With this scorching heat I can't wear a wig to cover up the disaster this lady did to my hair.I was never able to get her name. I was given a discount of 10% for her mistake, and a mere apology from the manager and that's it.If people are going to deal with customers my motto is and I learned this from a manager from a McDonalds franchise years ago that the customer is always write! You don't argue with them or go back to the storage room as this lady did and was criticize me for her mistake to her fellow colleges.

If you do a report on the salon please check before hand That I was right. I am not a vindictive person who has ever made a formal complaint, but with the problems that our country is facing a penny is a penny and I strongly feel I was treated with disrespect.

  • Su
    suz0224 Mar 25, 2010

    I absolutely agree. The Haircutters in Corona/Eastvale CA is the worst. The have had three managers in 12 months, they can't keep a stylist employed for any length of time and, most importantly, the salon is a mess!! They need to be shut down by the State.

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  • An
    aniceta Apr 01, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I dont believe everything you just said. I have the best haircut best color, best costumer service in that salon. Maybe you did not explain whatyou want.

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  • Wa
    Walkin around with bad hair Jul 20, 2010

    I went in there about 2 days ago to get a basic color and a haircut. I just wanted a dark brown all over and long layers. how can u mess that up? OBVIOUSLY VERY EASILY. My hair came out almost a muddy green color my layers are uneven just the worse service I have had. I would not recommend to a friend or anyone at that! I wouldn't even bring my dog in there.

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  • Sa
    savman Aug 26, 2010
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    i go to the haircutters, i have always had a good experience.

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  • Oh
    Oh Yea! Nov 19, 2010

    suck that son!

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  • Ce
    Cecelina Apr 20, 2011

    Haircutters in Eastvale !!! A total joke !! The most unprofessional salon I have ever been to .These women have no right in calling themselves stylist, , more like ghetto fabulous, , without the fab, , this salon is straight out of Compton lol,

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The HaircuttersWorst Haircut Ever

Had the worst haircut ever by a "hairstylist" named Mariela. She said she had eighteen years experience in Bulgaria but the cut she did looked like a child pulled the hair out with his fist.

My instructions for the haircut were for her to even out both sides and work more on the left side. She completely ignored me and made so many layers on the right side and totally ruin my great bangs in the front.

The hair is so short and ruined that the only solution is a wig. Stay as far away from that place as you can.

  • The haircutters is the most um professional salon..
    Also is extremly dirty
    The stylists are always gossiping, cusring, using cell phones on the floor, and only have gotten ONE good service when I brought my3 girls in. 2 of the 3 girls had horrible haircuts that were not even, when washed hair was still dirrty and still had soap in it.
    The one stylist who did do a good job and spent as much time as needed and even went out of her way and gave me a profuct she purchased herself that my daughter just loved. AND NOW SHE IS GONE!! SOME BIG BLONDE WITH BLACK CHUNKS SAID SHE WAS FIRED! first of all i didnt think they could give out that information other then saying she is no longer there but then she decided to go on and tell me why!!! I found that to be very innapropraite and disrespectfiull..
    I will never give them any of my buisness again!

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