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11:46 am EST
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Talecris Donating plasma

This Place Is Unreal...
After Several Times of Donating. I went in and They said I was "Flagged".
So I went into a conference room where they informed me that in screening my last donation, I tested Positive For Syphilis!
I informed them that this could not possible. I haven't had sex!?!
Then they Placed my Personal Information on the CDC "Prism" Database for Infectious Diseases.
I went immediately to my Primary Care Doctors and was tested. It came back NEGATIVE for All Sexually Transmitted Diseases. So we tested a second time... Still NEGATIVE For All STD's .
So I took this information to Talecris on Mayport. They told me that I could never donate for them again because they stand by their results.
So they cause me Problems with my Girlfriend, Money for the testing, Three Appointments at my Doctors Office. Being put on a CDC Watchlist.
And Loss of income for donating.
All From An Incorrect Screening Test From Internal testing Dept.


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5:40 am EDT
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Talecris excessive wait, hygiene issue is plasma center

Excess. Wait, Hygiene, Unable to Donate on First Visit (Waited 14-days. If this complaint results in any kind of deferral you will be reported to external agencies. Also, I do not wish to discuss this with center staff.
Donation exceeded over two hours on Sunday, 4/27/14. On my second visit last week, the screener changed his gloves but then checked his cell phone twice and pick something off the floor during the screening. You have [censored]ed my finger. Body touching, sweat wiping, touching the equipment, bumping, handling multiple donors without a glove change...all of that should be kept to a minimum. By the way, I do not enjoy sending this nor do I need any more examples. Engaging in "unsafe" conduct does not "help" anyone. I am a regular plasma donor of five years, I am just donating plasma.
After waiting 14-days from donating at another center, where there are clearly problems, I spent two hours in your waiting area. Finally, after being shuffled in and out of the screening area, my fingers were scanned. It was still showing that I donated at another center and I could not continue. Two hours? Why didn't you scan when I came in? When I asked on the phone if I should come in a few days early to start an external check, why didn't you say 'yes?' I told the staff person where I had been donating. Just scan the fingers first. Again, I waited over the 14 days. If ees are using donors to improve your process, causing intentional delays and annoyance, this is extremely inappropriate. I am donating plasma as a healthy donor who meets your requirements. You are expected to service all of those in a confidential and respectful manner.

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Gilbert White
, US
Oct 14, 2018 12:40 pm EDT

Can you help me with this problem.?

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