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Swap InkAwful company

I ordered a multi pack of replacement ink cartridges. The 1st cartridge worked intermittently. I called and CS (Deanna) assured me it was because with aftermarket cartridges the internal electronics were mis-reading the new cartridge. I kept getting a 'low ink signal' with my brand new cartridge. I was working with that cartridge, getting more irritated, so I tried another cartridge from those I had bought. Same results. I called again, talked with Janine. She did authorize or get authorized an exchange/replacement. I sent one in, they sent me a different cartridge than previously sent. It worked great, when it expired, I e-mailed that I wanted to return the 2 remaining cartridges for the type they sent as a replacement. At this point, they developed AMNESIA.

They had no record of my sales or previous correspondence. They offered my 10% off my next order although I had 2 new cartridges that were not working. Why would I want to spend more money to save 10%, when they had already forgotten me. I e-mailed their Return Authorization along with my original order number, back to them with no reply. Not a word mor an e-mail. Too bad about me, they have the money, I have half filled cartridges, that don't register and print in light gray.

SWAP INK does not do business ethically. I guess amnesia can be a good thing, especially if you don't want to remember.

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    Dianne Mar 21, 2009

    Thanks for the heads up!

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    jjd Mar 31, 2009

    I wish I had seen your post sooner. I have been waiting 10 days for my order and 2 e-mails with no reply.
    This is exactly why I use PayPal for online purchases. They will look into a complaint and/or guarantee a refund.

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Swap InkProduct not delivered - scam

I ordered 6 printer cartriges for my Dell printer from Swap Ink (Swapink.com). The cost of the order was just under $90 and I received free shipping on it. When it arrived several days late, the box had only one cartrige in it. When I called to complain, all Swap Ink ( Swapink.com ) said was, "they must have been there when it shipped" so it was "my problem". I had to finally dispute the charge with my credit card company. These are dishonest vendors. Buy from them at your own risk! Swap Ink is a scam

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    therreid Sep 15, 2010

    I just checked the Better Business Bureau grade/rating for Swap Ink (swapink.com) and I found this company gets an "F" from the BBB. Hre is the link to the full report.


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