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Sunridge RVWarranty - BUYERS BEWARE!!!

Stay away from this "company". More like a gang. Absolute crap when buying, don't trust their advice, they will make you tow illegally. Warranty is horrible, lies after lies. 3 months in the shop and NOT fixed! Was told it is ready, took the day off for pick up and when I got there the trailer was not even started! TWICE!!! Unreal. When they finally "fixed" it I could see the part was not replaced as promised but rather improvised. Did I mention we agreed on a price and when I was going to take delivery they wanted to hit me with $900 in PDI papers? They backed off when I said I am not paying anything and not taking the trailer. What a bunch of sharks! BEWARE!

Sunridge RVnot returning our money

We bought a generator from this company when we bought our trailer from them..we had to take it back because it didn't work and that was in November it has a warranty on it so they replaced it with another one...we went out to camp o the May long weekend and the new one would start but not charge.We went to Sunridge and they said they would do nothing for us and we would have to go to the company for the warranty...we did that and the company said to go to Sunridge and my husband got upset and he picketed the RV place and the war is on...they said he spit on an employees car and he didn't we have a witness because the first time he picketed he took a friend who has some video on his phone from that results and then my husband went again on Stampede weekend and picketed again I was dropping him off and they didn't know I was in the vehicle and two of the sales men came out and started pushing him around and trying to take the sign away from him his arm was scratched up and I said I was going to call the police and they left him alone..they say they would give him his money back and my husband put the sign down and after 2 hrs no one cane out and he put the sign up they are saying he refused the money...he is not allowed on the property so he couldn't go find out what was happening..I as his wife have been trying and the owner Mike says he will do nothing...we ar at our wits end and this is beyond stupid it is $800 dollars and we want it back to get a new generator...What else can we do????

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    AgGuy Sep 12, 2012

    Been There. They treated us like absolute idiots as well. Not once could they not lie to us or tell us the same thing twice or follow through with what they had promised us. And in the end when they decided to not honor their sales agreement on a trailer that we ordered in, they did not follow through on returning our deposit as they said they would either. We tried AMVIC and BBB with no luck at all. It was VISA in the end that was able to get our deposit back for us 4 months after we originally made it. Thanks VISA. I wonder how this company could be voted #1 consumers choice when customers are treated in this manner.

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    123Brandon Mar 26, 2014

    Sounds like your husband has anger issues ! pickketing for a generator! lol. it funny reading these reviews sometimes!

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    scotty289 Apr 09, 2014

    Similar situation happened to me and my wife. We went trailer shopping just to look around. We still had to discuss whether we had the budget to buy a trailer but wanted to look anyway since it was our first trailer. We found one we really liked so decided to see what kind of financing it was going to be. They said we had to put a deposit down to do that, but I hadn't agreed to purchase the trailer. I asked if we could think overnight. She said to pit down the deposit to hold and if we decided to not purchase they would refund our 1000 dollars. Well that turned into a blatant lie. After several rude phone calls with the manager I gave up trying to get our money back. Straight up con job they did to us.

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    Jenerator Aug 28, 2014

    Worst purchase experience of my life. Would have went elsewhere, but they are the ONLY dealer of the RV we wanted in thousands of miles. Sales staff wouldn`t give us the time of day. Then were rude and pushy. Asked for my drivers licence before we had even talked price, when I asked why he said ``do you want to go camping or not`` Laughed at us to our face. Over heard them talking about other people looking and advising each other on whom not to waste their time on. When we called back to confirm out pick up, were put on hold for 25 min. Then when we hung up and called back the receptionist said she could not take a message. Whom, by the way was dressed like she was there to audition for a porn flick. When we went to pick up the trailer, parts were broken, the walk through guy flipped out because he decided we were late...which we weren`t. They charged us $500 for a walk through. There was no battery included with the RV...really. When we got home the black and grey water tanks were`s supposed to be new. I could go on and on. DON`T SHOP HERE IF YOU CAN HELP IT! You will be treated like CRAP!!! The ONLY pleasant thing about this place was the finance guy. Really great guy. YOU PEOPLE AT SUNRIDGE ARE RUDE and don`t deserve any business.

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    saoidhvuanoiauhgouadg Jun 08, 2015

    Service absoulty sucks they cant fix anything right - dropped my trail off for warrenty work and when i got it back there were two holes on the sidding that was over two years ago - still they havent fixed every time i ask about they say ill talk to my super visor!! well just fix it already . dropped my trailer off for hail damage 9 mounths ago and i still havent got it back, I thought it would be faster to get it done at the dealer where it come from cause they can get factory parts boy was I wrong, and i had to call them 7 months after i dropped it off and they said it kinda fell off the wagon and they dident even have all the parts in yet. Talked to my neighbor and he took it to a shop 5 min from my house and he got his trailer back in 2 weeks like WTF!!!. everytime Also every time I drop it off for warrenty work when I have a booked in appointment with they only manage to fix half of what needs to be done, and say sorry sir didnt have time to fix it all again, well whats the point of making a appointment and then only doing have the job! its like taking your car to a mechanic to get your brakes done and they tell you sorry sir could only do one side of the car like how the beep does that even make sense

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    Chase Culpan Dec 06, 2015

    Sunridge should not be in business
    Everyone who works there is black balled in the industry and knowingly can not be trusted and the business model they go off was built to fail, I know some big spenders looking to close the doors on this so called company.

    Everyone in the industry agreed having Sunridge gone will make more sense and less problems for people that deserve a true experience buying an rv.

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    Christina Keller Mar 14, 2016

    I took my [email protected] trailer in because the plug in cord to my van was to short .They stuck a cord on my trailer off another rv on the lot so of course its not going to fit.I go out to pick up my trailer to find it damaged but no one told me .I did not find this out till i could not hook it up to the ball.The whole front part of the hitch was bent and twisted.When i demanded to know what happened it took them like 20 min to explain that they dragged my trailer with a chain instead of putting it on the tractor.Could not take it home because i could not attach it to my van.The next day they call me and tell me they cant get a part to fix it .So they told me i would have to find a part or bring it home on a flat bed.My trailer is unique you can not get parts in canada .I found this amazing parts person at little guy trailers who put me in touch with a guy in sugar creek Ohio.So back and forth with sunridge rv and they finally decide to pay for the part and it is shipped to them .It cost over a thousand dollars, I have never went back to this place they are a bunch of crooks.

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