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Smoking everywhereFaulty Product / False Advertising

I order the Gold One Kit, and received the wrong product. The company sent me their Poker Kit. The day I received, I unboxed the product and tried to use it. The ecig did not work. I decided that maybe it needed to be charged. After charging, the battery will not work the ecig, and the unit does not make any vapor. The battery has a light that indicates when you are inhaling and that light has never worked. I have contacted the company by email, and left messages but have never so much as received a call back or any communications. These people are criminal. They stole my money, and sent me an unusable box of ecig parts with a couple of decks of cards. I am furious.

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    SirComplainsaLOT Feb 02, 2012

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Smoking everywherecall the Sunrise police!

I posted a complaint last night on this site. For all those who have been ripped off by this company, please call the Sunrise Florida Police Dept to file a complaint with them, against this company. Their number is [protected]. I believe the company has more than one name for the business online. The unauthorized withdrawal from my account has the name of Smoke51anywhere and I see that the list of complaints here read Smoking Everywhere. When you click on a link for Smoke51Anywhere a website pops up that simply says Electric Cigarettes. I called the Sunrise police a few minutes ago and the dispatch person is very familiar with the company because of prior complaints. I was assigned a case number and when the case goes to a detective, they will contact me and begin an investigation. The officer (not a detective) I spoke to was under the impression that this is not a crime. I am sure that it is called internet fraud and I believe that is a felony. The officer tried to insist that I possibly, accidentally processed the order but I absolutely did not! Although I am sure the company will claim that I did. They can retrieve your info simply by you filling out the form... even if you delete it without processing it like I did. I visited the site months ago and they called me this passed Monday to ask if I was still interested and stating that they saw that I had visited their site. I said NO! I was not interested. So they took the liberty to charge me anyway, the ###! We need to swamp the Sunrise police with calls on these people. Please call them now so they will understand how many people this company is ripping off and DO SOMETHING about it!!!

Smoking everywhereCharged for Filters

I paid for smokingeverywhere electronic cigarette & 2 weeks ago when I rec`d 2 boxes of filters the statement said no charge. I looked on my master card statement charged me $17.??. I would like to unsubscribe so I won`t receive anymore filters. My husband passed away 11/13/2009 & I haven`t tried this product yet. Thank you Mrs. Sharon Alspaugh 1390 Wayne St. Apt. C Troy, OH. 45373.

Smoking everywhereUnauthorized Bank Withdrawals

-Update To My Previous Post-

Rarely one to voice a complaint w/o also working to secure a solution, I spent a part of my day off searching for answers...and like a dog on a bone, I can promise anyone who cares to read this, I will reach a solution, even if it means I have to throw a few more dollars at the problem, not to mention precious time!

So, I'm completing paperwork for my bank to file a dispute, and have emailed an attorney re: options. In addition, I've contacted another person on this site who's also determined to stop the unauthorized w/d's on her account and if possible from others' as well.

That's it for today...or until my net post.

  • Mv
    mvalv15 Jan 19, 2010

    I just got off the phone with smoking everywhere. they have withdrawn $17.84 twice now, as well as the $108.00 that they took for my $9.95 trial. I got my E-cig long after the trial with an invoice for the $108.97 saying paid. I called last week and was in rotation on hold with a caller number of 12, it dropped to next caller and back to 27. so i called sales instead of customer support and was told to leave a message, never heard back. So I called today and got a pleasant girl that turned cold when i said I was upset that i didn't like the fact they thought it to be okay to just take what they want from my bank account. I was told to mail the product back and I would get a refund. HOW ABOUT SEND MY REFUND and I'll send back the product. I don't really trust I will get my money back. God I would love to sue them for my time and trouble or better yet a class action and get a large amount just becuase I am so irritated with them.

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  • An
    Anti-Smoking Everywhere Jan 29, 2010

    I have been charged twice - both on my AmEx card and a debit from my checking account - for Smoking Everywhere products I didn't order or receive. When I did order, I didn't receive the products, but that must be where they got my debit and credit card numbers. I called today and told them I want a refund and that I intend to contact the Office of the State Attorney General and the Better Business Bureau. This outfit should be shut down for dishonest business practices - theft. I was told by "customer service" that I was signed up for auto-refill, which I'm not. First, I never signed up for it and, second, I never received cartridges. I am not going to be one of their victims. They have picked the wrong person to scam.

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  • Le
    LetMeSeeYourManager Jul 07, 2018

    Tell your bank you did not authorize any charges from this company and get a new card number. Problem solved.

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Smoking everywhereBank account Theft

THIS IS what they'll post on your bank statement:
(along with their unauthorized charges)

-----------BUYER BEWARE! MAJOR SCAM & CON-ARTISTS AT WORK HERE--------------------

I ordered the 9.99 trial and cancelled within the two weeks as instructed for per their "guaranteed" no further billing policy. They ignored my request, (per their request) and I mean via phone and emails. I have all the dates and times, spoke with "Blondine" # 42328, 2x and most recently with "Phillanna" # 42530.

Was told 2x by Blondine I'd receive a refund of my money within 48 hours, which by the way continues to be withdrawn without my approval in the amounts of $99.02 on 10-14-09, then $49.99 0n 11-16-09, and $17.84 on 12-15-09. Now today, Philanna tells me I "should be getting an email within 24 hours re: the status of my refund." Say whahh...??

I have sent all of their unopened products back at my expense with confirmation upon delivery receipts, and yes, they've received them! This company is unscrupulous, and I am contacting my states' attorney as soon as I'm finished typing this, in an attempt to end this nightmare!

Perhaps a great idea, but what a shame to ruin it with unprofessional rip-off personnel or maybe it's the actual owner behind the scam, who knows.. Either way, shouldn't he be accountable for his employees actions i.e. theft from other people's bank accounts?

If anyone else knows of any other recourse please chime in ASAP.

  • Jo
    john_displayname Dec 16, 2009

    I have the exact same case.

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  • Jo
    john_displayname Dec 16, 2009

    I ordered on line for the trial . I sent it back on 10.22/2009 via USPS using my own money one day after I
    received it. (I keep the USPS receipt of it.) However I was charged $99.02 on 11/06/2009.

    I called 800-613-0337 many many times since then for refund. I was always told I will get the refund within next 24 hours. However they have never done that.

    Smoking everywhere, is this the way you do business? get my money back!

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  • Wo
    wonder19 Dec 18, 2009

    Same happened to me. Join with me and send an email to the Florida Attorney General.

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  • Op
    optimisticONE Dec 27, 2009

    I bought the $99.02 kit in Sept. 09 on the agreed condition that no automatic refills would be sent or billed. Everything was fine until Dec. 04 when I spotted a charge on my credit card for $17.84. I hadn't ordered anything nor had I received anything. My query to 800-613-0337 was answered with a case number and a follow up email saying the charge was not refundable. I responded to the email explaining that I was not enrolled in the monthly refill program, and had never received a cartridge refill. They responded back with an apology, granting a refund within 24-72 hours. The 72 hours expired Dec 24 without a refund to my card. I have disputed the charge with my card issuer and they have credited my account. What's next?

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  • Lo
    Lora A Robison Jan 04, 2010

    I never bought the kit, I tried the 14 day free trial for 9.95 but returned it the eighth day and sent it so they would have to sign for it so I know they received it and the next month (Nov. statement) I was charged the 99.02 anyway. I have been trying to get them to take that charge off my credit card but I have been unsuccessful.

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  • These people have somehow migrated into Washington State and are ripping people off daily in our malls by overcharging on sales tax, and hiding the receipt in the box that says "all sales final" and then giving you a different copy that doesnt say that on it. During your purchase at their kiosk, they don't tell you that there are no returns and there is no sign posted. I attempted to get my money back when i returned the product 3 days after purchase because none of it worked at all. They told me they didnt offer refunds, only exchanges. The workers at the kiosk even admitted that they felt there was something wrong with the "company" they were working for... I asked them for their managers number and they claimed they didnt have a manger. It took me about 30 minutes to finally get the manager on the phone, only for him to repeat the same nonsense of "no refund" to me. I called the main "corporate" number on their website that said "30 day money back guarentee" and they said they werent responsible for issuing refunds to customers who bought from their kiosks, which are apparently "managed/owned" by individuals. This whole thing STINKS of scam artistry and I would advise anyone not to do business with this company EVER. While one the phone with the corporate office they continuously said the same B.S about a case manager contacting me within 24 hours. That was over 48 hours ago. I am calling the better business bureau tomorrow. The people need to be stopped. A class action lawsuit NEEDS to be filed. I would start one, however i lack the legal knowledge and funds to do it. We need to band together and take this company out before it can scam more honest hard working people out of their hard earned dollars.

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Smoking everywhereBuyer beware

Ordered free trial online and it was promptly billed to my credit card for shipping.well, nothing sent for over 30 days, so I guess my 14 day free trial went away!!! I called and cancelled my order after going thru a looping telephone system for an hour.So now my product arrives almost 45 later and they billed me the full price 99.95 after I had cancelled.

I called my credit card company and is in dipute and once agin called cigarette company and went thru the loop onl;y to get hung up on. I still have the package, unopened, and refuse to even think about paying for return shipping.What a scam...buyers beware..

Smoking everywherephony charges

I decided to try the smokeless cigarette for a trial period in which I paid 9.95, I immediatley sent it back when it read that if you try it you buy it after I recieved the trial product. Since I sent it back several weeks ago I have been charged $99.02, 49.99, 49.99 and another 49.99 on my credit card. I have tried to contact this company and have had no success. In the meantime I have been charged for over limit charges to my account. I have tried to stop them from adding anymore charges. Any advice on how to get my money back would be greatly appreciated.

  • Wo
    wonder19 Nov 12, 2009

    I have had the same problem with them. They keep say a refund is coming but it never does. [email protected]

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  • Je
    Jebrolis Nov 23, 2009

    Now what, I have the same situation. Obviously this is an agressive, in your face get rich scheme by some group of investors who are using Gorilla Salesmanship. I have a registered return recipt that they recieved the item back from the USPO and they are still billing me. I have gotten hold of my credit card company and am having them dispute it. they have told me that the charges will be removed. but Who knows this is one tough gang of sales-thugs..!

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  • Ye
    Yehudah Dec 08, 2009

    I ordered the sample online in early November and was billed $9.95 for the shipping and handling. After not receiving it in 3 weeks, I called back and told it was being shipped. At that time I decided to get a sample of the mint flavored low nicotine sample and was charged $9.99.

    As of today, December 8, 2009 I have received nothing. I checked my online checking account because I had used a debit card and found that on November 30, 2009, they hit my account for an additional $99.02 tWICE and an additional $17.84 TWICE. I called them and got nowhere. I called my bank and found that they have since charged another charge of $99.02 that hasn't even hit my online acount yet. My bank told me to go to my local bank and have my debit card cancelled and a new one issued so that they can't charge me any more!


    CONTACT ME AT [email protected] if this has happened to you too.

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  • Mi
    mike budzanoski Dec 09, 2009

    you need to get them online and tell them your contacting higher powers and they will but it back or in your account immediatly they have a good product but the online is in florida and there the scammers ive been using for 3 months and got it through the mall if you have any questions feel free to email me at [email protected] ive been through this and got my money back from them when i used a mastercard feel free to email me at [email protected] or call 7246781467 ill be happy to help anyone out

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  • Ho
    HONEYBEEBIT Jan 05, 2010

    I just need to get my money back and my membership canceled. This has been going on for almost a year. I am homebound with a limited income, I cannot afford this nonsense. Can someone tell me what I can do? I desperately need help. Please email me at [email protected], I can call anyone that can help. Please, I BEGGING YOU!!!

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Smoking everywhereFraud Charges

Do not buy from this Company, not only their product does not work, they will scam you.
They say 14 day trial, but they charge you $9.95 If you want to canceled you need to wait until you received the product, and that takes over 3 weeks, Then they tell you the 14 days is up, they start counting, when they confirm your order. So then they bill you $99.95
And you need to cancel any subscritions, (which until now they can not explain what it is) because I call them and canceled. They say no more charges, one month later another charge of $49.95 and I have not order anything else from them. You call them and they do not know why was you charged again. You ask for refund and they say 3 to 7 workings days, after they find out why you were charge, which can take 3 weeks. I'm waiting for the lawsuit against this company to join in.

  • Cr
    CRM Nov 13, 2009

    I canceled my monthly shipments on October 23, 2009 and wrote down the date, the representative's name and ID number that I talked to when I cancelled. I asked if there was a confirmation number for my cancellation and was told by the representative that another department would handle the cancellation, that she wrote it up to be submitted to her supervisor at the end of her shift. She assured me that she would submit it and I would be cancelled, with no more charges.

    On November 11, 2009, $49.99 was deducted from my account. I called smokingeverywhere and got some "no answers", some busy signals, voicemail, and hangups. I finally got a representative that told me that she could not see where I had been charged for any monthly shipment, nor could she see where I was cancelled. She asked me to email her at her address and send her a screenshot of my account with the charge on it, to verify that I had been charged the $49.99. I did that, limiting the view to include only that charge. I called my bank and was informed that I could file a dispute once the item is posted. That still locks up that money from my access. I am considering closing that account and opening another, if that's what it takes. That's a real hassle, since I have other things attached to that account. LESSON LEARNED!!!

    SCAM!!! BEWARE!!!I would like to hear about a lawsuit, too, because I would like to join in on that!!!

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  • Sk
    Skitt Dec 21, 2009

    Totally agree. I did get scammed also. Boy, I feel like an idiot. I contacted the attorney general's office. Don't know if they can do anything, but there is always hope. OH, by the way, they think the BBB is a joke!

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  • Cg
    cgregory67 Apr 22, 2010

    I sent this letter with my contact information and have heard nothing, looking for a class action lawsuit.

    Email Sent To: [email protected]

    I paid approximately 10$ for a free trial and my credit card has been charged hundreds. This is fraud and I am going to take legal action unless I am refunded in full. I have all products sent unopened and called to cancel but never received a call back for return instruction.

    I do not want this product and this is a second request to remove me from this deceptive program.

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Smoking everywhere — Scam

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